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About The Steakhouse

There’s a single-mindedness about The Steakhouse that you’ve got to admire. Clarke Quay is a corner of Singapore’s dining map glutted with edible options, but only The Steakhouse can claim the crown as the city’s singular steak specialist, serving prime cuts of Australian Angus beef almost exclusively. Filet mignon, cote de boeuf, ribeye, chateaubriand, tenderloin, sirloin, and porterhouse – take your pick, take a cut, and let the skilled steak maestros in The Steakhouse’s River Valley Road kitchen cook it to your liking (to absolute perfection, that is) on the charcoal grill. And don’t forget to settle your steak down next to a fine wine, long drink or cocktail – The Steakhouse has a very well-stocked bar, too. A stylish, intimate steak restaurant, it’s recommended you book to avoid the stampede.


The Steakhouse
3B River Valley Road #01-14 Clarke Quay
Singapore 179024

Menu Highlights



Seasonal Oysters (1/2 doz.)

Red wine mignoneotte

Pan Seared Foie Gras

Port wine jelly, seasonal stone fruit, brioche

Prawn Cocktail

Jumbo prawns, cocktail sauce


Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb

Mustard cream sauce, lamb fat potatoes, pomegranate, parsley, chestnuts, honshimiji mushrooms

Roasted Kampong Chicken

Roasted brussel sprouts, carrot cream, fines herbs, rich chicken jus

Grilled Spanish Pork Collar

Apple coleslaw, pickled onions, sweet and sour pork jus



Sirloin Angus Nebraska (8 oz.)

AUS Cote De Boeuf (for two) (approx. 42 oz.)

For two (approx. 42 oz.)


Donald Russel, Irish Beef, Sirloin 8 oz.


Warm Valrhona Dark Chocolate Cake

Sweet sherry, vanilla ice cream, berries

Warm Pistachio Tart

Lime cream, candied pistachios

More about The Steakhouse, Singapore

One of the best ways to enjoy The Steakhouse’s brilliant culinary focus is to book out the raised area close to the open kitchen, where you can see the chefs work their magic over the charcoal grill. This particular section is ideal for private dining and parties, accommodating up to 18 guests. But eating here is just as much fun for Singapore’s casual diners, too, and we advise all comers to browse the floor-to-ceiling wine collection tucked away in an alcove towards the back of the restaurant to get a measure of the mettle of what has to be Clarke Quay’s best restaurant for committed carnivores.

Perhaps due to Singapore’s proximity to Australia, the Black Angus steaks, grain fed for for a whopping 150-200 days, are the most popular cuts available at The Steakhouse. But being an avowed steak specialist, the restaurant’s Clarke Quay kitchen is well stocked with premium beef from other sources: corn-fed sirloin Angus from Nebraska and ribeye steaks from Brant that have been raised on corn for at least a year, grass-fed and three-week dry-aged Irish beef from Donald Russel, and a weekly import of Japanese Wagyu (just ask). It’s not all steak at The Steakhouse, true: there’s actually a wealth of hearty mains, sides, and salads to indulge in here, just off River Valley Road towards the water. Book now!

38 The Steakhouse Reviews

38 Reviews
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Kate L.2 years ago · 1 review

Excellent service and ambiance. Great for quiet dinners. The food is also amazing, steaks cooked the way i always liked it. Keep it up ya.

Amber T.2 years ago · 1 review

Food was great, atmosphere is great, was surprised the place was not more busy when we went at 6pm on a Sunday evening. No problems with service.

Tove K.2 years ago · 1 review

Vert god food and service,We will come back sin😊And vi have recomentid your resturant too our Norwegians and over friends in Singapore .have a Nice day😊

Phil P.2 years ago · 2 reviews

It was a very pleasant experience. Food is great. Service from Chandra was excellent. A couple of new service staff may need help from their seniors. I will return for another visit.

Harrison P.3 years ago · 2 reviews

Was a little disappointed in my 2nd visit to the restaurant. I recommended and ordered the Cote de Boeuf 42 oz for medium rare to share but the steak came in dried and tough. My friends rated the steak as average. As for the wine, when we asked for something " cheap and good " and "Chan" came back with a poor choice of 214.3 Clairault CabM which was far lower quality than the Shiraz my 1st group of guests ordered in our 1st visit on 11th Dec. The price between the shiraz and CabM was only $4, i.e. $89 vs $85 but the CabM . Few times, we asked if we could reject the wine and the waiter / waitresses just gave us the smile. We felt that "Chan" could do much more by trying to offer something better for wines in the $90~$120 range and let us decide ..

Yueh Wai T.2 years ago · 1 review

We have AUS Cote De Boeuf (for two) with red wine and mushroom. Side dishes are garlic bread and grilled green asparagus, Béarnaise. The steak is good and portion is too huge for most couple, meat is tender and fat that melt inside your mouth with nice aroma. We were not impressed with the side dishes. I think the seat we have with street view is a bit too warm for me, however I think my partner is ok with the temperature. Conclusion: Great steak and huge portion :)

Harrison P.3 years ago · 2 reviews

well, I am very satisfied with the steak. Bravo. Average waiting time was about 35~40 mins, but what came after the wait , the 42 oz (~1.2kg) Cote du Boeuf , for 4 sharing was all worthwhile. would highly recommend this place for Steak to all steak lovers .. But do come with some snacks before hand. Area of improvement : 1. More staff to speedup the customers response 2. Price of wines are high. 3. Bigger serving of side dishes

Merle S.2 years ago · 1 review

The steak was good and the service was good, but their wine prices were too high (in common with most Singapore restaurants) and the fact that you had to pay for water, when I asked for tap water also was not good. If we return to Singapore it is a restaurant that we would go to again.

Michelle L.2 years ago · 8 reviews

Accharcoal-grilled steak that is tasty, tender and so finely textured that it melts like butter in your mouth. The ideal beef, premium cuts. With a high (but not too high) marble score, it’s perfect beef for a thick cut steak experience. Medium rare was done perfectly with the juicy centre to for a full-flavoured steak that strikes the ideal balance of taste, texture and tenderness.

Fong Yan L.2 years ago · 6 reviews

Went to this restaurant for the celebration of my best friend! Venue was quiet and peaceful for us to chit chat. Food was great. Arranged for a birthday cake to be served for celebration. Birthday song was played in the background as well. Surprise was a success!