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Themed Restaurants in Singapore

✪ Curious cafes, blind dining, dangerous diners and riverboat restaurants ✪

Got a yen for something different next time you dine? It’s lucky you live in Singapore, a city whose world-famous restaurant landscape has spawned some of the oddest and inspired dining destinations known to mankind. From furkid-friendly cafes (what’s a furkid, you may ask? Book a table and find out!), to dangerous diners and biker bars, revolving, retro, and riverboat restaurants and places to paint over plates of pancakes, places to satisfy both boredom and hunger with board games and hamburgers, where you can eat from a cup or dine in the dark. This Collection gathers together a sideshow troupe of themed restaurants in Singapore – some that put playing with your food back on the table, some that are simply set to stun the imaginative gourmet within.
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