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There’s something about a reliable local sushi joint. It’s a familiar comfort, a fall-back for convenient, homely satisfaction that won’t break the bank or spoil the diet when things get tough. That’s something – but Teru Sushi is a whole lot more. Sure, the sushi is all of those things – satisfying, comforting, healthy and affordable – but this funky spot on Tiong Bahru Road makes much more of an experience out of eating than the majority of casual Japanese restaurants in Singapore. For starters, there are Teru Sushi’s famous fresh oysters and the ever-enticing fresh catch of the day that seriously boost the seafood resume of this Tiong Bahru favourite. Add to that Teru Sushi’s great Japanese bento boxes, mentai, wagyu beef sets, foie gras creations and the like (not to mention refreshing beers) and you get the picture of a perfectly well-rounded Japanese eatery. Be sure to reserve a seat or table before you go, because Teru Sushi has a loyal clientele!

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12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
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Teru Sushi
50 Tiong Bahru Road, #01-01
Singapore 168733

Menu Highlights



Pitan Tofu


Shiromi Cappacio

thin slice white fish with truffle sauce

Small Plates

Crab Chawan Mushi


Kinoko Tofu

Homemade Mushroom Tofu

Foie Gras Chawan Mushi


Ara Butter Yaki

deep fried rock fish with butter and truffle sauce


Teppanyaki Fried Rice


Teppanyaki Tenderloin



Salmon Belly Aburi Sushi


All time favorite Shiok Maki



Japanese Yuzu Sorbet


Ume Shu Jelly


Main Menu

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141 Teru Sushi Reviews

141 Reviews
Noise levels:Pleasant
Waiting time:Very good
Value for money:Good value
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Thiamseng S.4 days ago · 11 reviews

The food is consistently good and fresh and the ordered food was delivered to the table fast. Service is good and the waitress was attentive in topping up our cups with tea and clearing the table fast when we finished the food.

Jennyfer T.a month ago · 2 reviews

The food is always so fresh and yummy. I like most is their oysters. They are so big and fresh and is $1 per pc. Great price! I have visited the restaurant many times with my hubby. Will drop by soon..

Jennifer L.2 months ago · 1 review

The $1 oyster is awesome. It's fresh and it's all day! Shiok maki was a good order too.

Melvin H.2 months ago · 2 reviews

The oyster is really cheap at $1 per piece. The shiok maki is fantastic as well! Thumbs up!! Would definitely go there again with my family and friends!!

Cedric Elijah T.2 years ago · 1 review

The ambience wasn't that fantastic. After 7pm, the crowds came slowly to fill up the restaurant. The service was ok only as the service crew weren't attentive to customers. At times we have to wave at them to clear the table each time; as the seat allocated to us was at the corner and the table was a small square table!!! The food was just ok and palatable. There's nothing impressive in the menu coz we been to some fabulous restaurants before. But the price for the food are on the high side and quite a few aren't justifiable! We thought one thing they did right was the Canadian oysters @ $1.50/pc. That was good and glad that we ordered a dozen! The drinks list wasn't appealing; we had no other options besides wines but to choose tea! Coz basically their drinks list are sky high prices! We didn't proceed to the dessert after our main course as we found the place too pricey for a restaurant like this. In short, if one is seeking for a cozy and quiet (come early before 6.30pm) environment then this maybe the answer of a hideaway where one can dine and have a decent conversation over meals. And if one's pocket is deep enough then pricing shouldn't be an issue; the pricing on the menu is nothing short of extravagance! But to say having quality food at affordable price; i dare not vouch for it! I think there are other better restaurants with better quality food at affordable pricing and with better quality service out in Singapore; that will keep customers coming back without regrets.

Sherrie W.2 years ago · 20 reviews

Sushi was really good. We had the uni, salmon aburi, hotate sushi, and the shiok maki. The shiok maki was slightly too wet, but the others were really good. White fish carpaccio with truffle sauce was a very interesting and daring fusion dish. And of course, the $1.50 oysters were very fresh, and goes well with lemon juice and the sauce on top. We don't even need the tabasco. Service was good - my tea cup was never empty because the wait staff was very conscientious in refilling it. Price-wise, let's just say you cannot come to Teru expecting sushi chain prices.

Elsie L.a year ago · 2 reviews

Teru Sushi has always been awesome to me, I'm a frequent visitor of the place and food has always been perfect! the $1 oysters are so fresh and succulent you'll be coming back for more!! I absolutely love this place!

Iris L.10 months ago · 8 reviews

Service was meticulous, with the sraff quickly refilling our tea cups when they were half full. They were also eager to recommend popular dishes to try, or ongoing promotions. However, the only downside was that the batch of raw oysters we had were very disappointing. Perhaps due to it being not fresh, it left a bitter aftwr taste despite eating it with lemon and tabasco. We did not finish ghe oysters ordered. Other than that, they have an interesting fusion concept which marries Singapore local flavours with japanese cuisine

Cecilia L.2 years ago · 1 review

I called to reconfirm reservation and was told that oyster was not available but half an hour later, someone called me again to say that it has arrived hence that was excellent follow up service. Service at the restaurant was fast and quality of food was good but though we state that we were celebrating an occasion, there was no mentioned of that when we were there. I am not expecting any freebies or fuss but a simple wish would be nice. It is all about experience...

Jaime C.a year ago · 1 review

They served our group of 4 with complimentary salmon sashimi (3 slices per pax) as we were one of the first 20 customers of the day. Together with the $1 oysters and value lunch sets, it totally made our day! Saba fish bento set was only promo for $10 including miso soup and chawanmushi, but the saba wasn't good. Everything else was great though.