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Cuisine: Russian
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1 Restaurant in Singapore: Russian

Choose from the finest Russian restaurants in Singapore

Russia is by far the largest country in the world, spanning a vast distance from the Baltic Sea to the Bering Strait. Its cuisine is as varied as its landscape and its people, incorporating influences from Central Asia, the Middle East and Central Europe. Russian gastronomy can also be divided into the traditional cuisine and the Soviet cuisine. Anyone looking for a delicious borsch or a tasty pelmeni in Singapore can find Russian restaurants serving up a wealth of modern and traditional dishes here on Quandoo.

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Buyan Restaurant

Buyan Restaurant
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    Enjoy mouth-watering Russian cuisine in Singapore restaurants

    Perfect for those of you who are curious to try Russian food, the Singapore restaurants serving it up are of an eminently great quality. A number of dishes come highly recommended, including pelmeni, a kind of dumpling which is stuffed with tender beef or mutton, Cheburek, a deep fried puff pastry dish from Uzbekistan stuffed with onions and beef, and mimosa salad, with its layers of salmon, carrots, eggs, potatoes and mayonnaise. And for dessert, why not try blini? It's a traditional pancake served with condensed milk. Or for the very sweet-toothed diner, the honey cake is a real delight! You can find all the Singapore restaurants offering Russian cuisine on Quandoo.
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    Russian fusion in Singapore

    Whilst most of the dedicated Russian restaurants in Singapore are downtown in Padang, there are also several other places in the city which sell Russian cuisine alongside cuisines from other countries, meaning there's something to suit everybody. Singapore also has restaurants which serve Russian dishes with an Asian touch; Borsch with a Hainan twist, or herring done Singapore-style. Russian cuisine lends itself perfectly to fusion and the results are truly a taste sensation. Ideal for foodies and newbies alike!
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    Unforgettable nights out at Singapore restaurants - Russian style!

    Whether it's a dinner for one, a romantic meal for two, or a slap-up feast with friends or family, dining at one of Singapore's Russian restaurants makes for a great night out. After your meal, some authentic Russian vodka makes for a great digestif. Or you can accompany the food with a fine Georgian wine, an apple or pear cider or some famous Ukrainian Obolone beer. Eat and drink your fill and have an unforgettable night dining at one of the many Russian restaurants in Singapore.