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About Suki-Ya - Heartland Mall Kovan

Synonymous with the finest shabu shabu cuisine in Singapore, Suki-Ya in Hougang’s Heartland Mall continues to impress diners with their innovative and flavourful take on the Japanese hotpot craze. We can’t get enough of this fantastic restaurant, and with several outlets throughout the city, Suki-Ya is there when you need them most. Found on Hougang Street directly at Kovan station, this hotpot restaurant makes Japanese dining a fun and interactive experience.

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Further Information

Found inside of Heartland Mall on Hougang Street, just steps from Kovan station, Suki-Ya is one of Singapore’s favourite hotpot dining destinations. Known for providing diners the ability to design their own meals, Suki-Ya features an all-you-can-eat buffet so that hungry diners can pig out and fill up. Best for communal dining, Suki-Ya invites guests to bring along the entire family for a Japanese dining experience in the Hougang district that won’t soon be forgotten.

With a simple concept, Suki-Ya at Heartland Mall in Hougang just makes sense. Start off by choosing your soup base – go for shabu shabu, kimchi, sukiyaki, butaniku, or tonyu miso broth – then fill up on as much beef, pork or chicken as you can handle. Be sure to add in as many vegetables as you can take – they’re fresh, crisp, delicious and of course, healthy! And make sure to get as many soft drink refills as you can possibly quaff, or go for something a little more buzzy (there’s plenty of alcohol on the menu, too). Reserve ahead for a fantastic dinner at this Singapore favourite!

88 Reviews

Kenny G.2 months ago · 1 review

Execellent and friendly staff. Go the extra mile explaining the current promo to us. The meats are fresh and nice. We visit them again soon

Valerie N.5 months ago · 2 reviews

Staff was friendly and helpful. Willing to go the extra mile to make sure that we were having a great dining experience. I would recommend this place !

WILLIAM L.8 months ago · 1 review

Restaurant staff were polite and helpful. Food was served fresh and prompt. Tables are slightly more spacious as compared to other Branches. Overall dining experience was very good

Jake G.a year ago · 1 review

Service and food very good! Not crowded on weekdays. 1 for 1 deal by OCBC card was a great deal. Broccoli and other vegetables were fresh.

Anne H.a year ago · 1 review

I read the reviews and mostly were bad. Was hesitant to go for the buffet at first. However I decided to give it a try as there is a 1 for 1 promo going on. I went to kovan branch today at 12.40 It was not pack and we were served with a sit within 1 min. The food we requested came promptly. Service is ok. Not as bad the review I read. The variety of the food is limited. But what do you expect if you are paying about $12 per pax for 60 min?? If you were to ask me if I will go again? Yes. If there is a promo going on.

Sandra L.6 months ago · 1 review

There was a one-for-one offer but the cashier charged us the full price. When we enquired, she said that we did not inform her. We clarified and she later agreed to give us the one-for-one offer. I find this arrangement very weird. Why have a one-for-one offer and if the person did not mention he/she is taking the offer, you charge the person the full price. If there is a one for one offer, this should be automatically known that the customer would opt for this offer. I think it is a very silly arrangement or there is another ulterior motive for such an arrangement.

Sihui W.2 years ago · 1 review

I arrived earlier than my boyfriend for dinner so I went up to ask if my reservation was made (paranoid oops), the manager said yes and invited me to take a seat inside first while waiting. When we didn't have enough cash on hand and the place didn't accept NETS payment, the manager didn't even complain outwardly and agreed to wait while I stayed behind and my boyfriend went to withdraw money from an ATM nearby. The waiters were a bit slow though, but I guess it's fine because I believe it must have been busy and it seemed like they were short on staff. Overall good service! Two thumbs up for that!

Mark H.a month ago · 18 reviews

Meat portion seems to have increased, so go easy on the number of boxes you order to avoid wastage. You can always add on since meats are free flow :) Overall a satisfying meal at Sukiya Kovan. Not too rowdy and reasonably fast service. Can see they are a bit shorthanded; plus that senior guy -- is he the manager? --there today is kinda impatient and rude to customers who asked about various deals they have on offer.

Sam L.a year ago · 2 reviews

Service was pleasant, except for the part while settling the bill after the meal, as it was advertised on their website for the weekday lunch time buffet, however the cashier did not automatically accord the promotional discount to the customer until being prompted to do so. They had initially intended to charge the original buffet pricing. Just feel that staffs should be aware of the promotional discounts & accord directly to customers without being prompted.

Yan Ling C.a year ago · 1 review

The food was great. However service was not good. The servers preferred to stand around and joke rather than work. Items like desserts ran out quickly and we're not refilled. When we wanted to refill soup we had to call them a few times before it was done. There we're definitely enough staff but very few of them actually working. At one point the cook/ someone from the kitchen came to help us refill the soup. Don't know what the servers are doing.

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