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Bringing the feel of a traditional Japanese izakaya to Singapore, ShuKuu Izakaya on the buzzing Stanley Street offers bar food unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Utilising the best Japanese ingredients, including a special type of rice that’s flown in directly from Hokkaido, the Telok Ayer restaurant pays close attention to what’s in each of its recipes, all the while using traditional cooking techniques. The atmosphere at ShuKuu Izakaya is stunning, and will make you feel as if you’ve just landed in Japan. Best of all, the prices at this amazing restaurant are incredibly reasonable. So what are you waiting for? Book a table now.

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ShuKuu Japanese Izakaya & Sake Bar
8 Stanley St
Singapore 068727

Menu Highlights




Lightly-salted Japanese green peas

Potato Sarada

Semi-mashed potato salad mixed with hyuri, carrot and Japanese mayonnaise

Agedashi Tofu

Deep-fried tofu in dashi gravy

Shirasu Ponzu Capsicum

Whitebait with diced capsicum in ponzu sauce

Tokusei Sarada

House salad with sesame dressing


Oden Soba

Dashi based soup with assorted Japanese fishcakes. Served with Soba

Oyaku Don

"Parent and child" rice bowl. Simmered egg paired with Yakitori

Gyu Don

House recipe of sweet & savoury Japanese beef bowl

Buta Shogayaki

Pan-fried pork slices in flavourful ginger sauce. Served with rice.

Buta Katsu Toji

Pork loin cutlet & simmered egg on Japanese rice

Iberico Pork Jowl Chashu Don

Slow-cooked pork jowl ricebowl with sweet sauce

Kushi Don

Assorted Japanese charcoal grilled skewers, served with rice & onsen egg

Kurobuta Spare-ribs

Wafu-marinated Iberico black pork served with braised radish & egg on rice

Kaisen Don

Shukuu's speciality sashimi rice bowl. Features Akaebi (Red shrimp), Maguro (Tuna), Hamachi (Yellowtail), Hotate (Scallop), Salmon, and Ikura (Salmon roe)


Omi Wagyu



Bacon Cherry Tomato


Bacon Asparagus


Kurobuta Tontoro

Iberico black pork collar









Bacon Scallop


King Prawn



Yaki Gyu Tan

Premium grilled beef tongue

Tatami Iwashi

Dried baby sardine sheets

Ei Hire

Dried stingray fin

Iwashi Mentai

Japanese whole sardine, stuffed with spicy mentaiko

Surume Ika

Grilled Surume squid

Hokke Yaki

Grilled Atha mackerel


Hot Soba


Inaniwa Udon


More about ShuKuu Japanese Izakaya & Sake Bar, Singapore

Telok Ayer is chock full of restaurants and bars worth a visit for lunch or an after-work hangout, and if the idea of ambrosial food and drinks in a traditional Japanese setting sounds right up your alley, you’ll want to check out ShuKuu Izakaya on Stanley Street. Founded by four young Japanophiles with the intention of recreating the ambience of Japanese izakayas in the heart of Singapore, the menu here is bold, creative and expressive with deep roots in Japanese flavours and a hint of Western influences.

Drop by ShuKuu Izakaya to enjoy flavourful options like the gyu don, a Japanese beef bowl, or the oden soba, a dashi-based soup with Japanese fish cake, daikon, eggs, soba noodles and plenty of vegetables. An assortment of baked, grilled and deep-fried side dishes complete the experience – try the crispy baked parmesan chizu chips and any of the charcoal skewers – which we highly recommend washing down with sake since this is, after all, one of Singapore’s top sake bars. The secret’s out about Shukuu Izakaya, so book ahead of time to secure a table at this Telok Ayer hotspot.

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Yvonne T.a day ago · 2 reviews

nice place with good food. just alittle difficult to find. but its worth the walk. good for gathering with friends and catch up over the meal,

Bryan L.16 days ago · 8 reviews

Been here for multiple repeat visits already. Food is excellent as always, and staff are very friendly and helpful. Lunch and dinner have different menus, so it's worth visiting for different meals.

Hilary Jane T.a month ago · 2 reviews

Delicious food, great ambience and good deal! The service crews are friendly and initiative.

Fel T.a month ago · 1 review

Reasonable range of food. Wide range of sake and shochu too. Great service with Mario going an extra mile. 3 cheers to him.

WN L.10 months ago · 6 reviews

Very nice food and good service! Quite disappointed that they ran out of sashimi though. And the staffs look busy all the time so our glass of water was never refilled... but still, doesn't really matter because the food were really good! I love the tsukune most! So soft and fragrant! I also really like the mentai rosti. Their potato shreds were not the soft kind you get at Marche but a bit... how do i put it? Fresh and crunchy? And the mentai sauce was just the right amount! Not too much to the point of overpowering the rosti and not too little that i don't taste the mentai. Will definately be back for more!!

Charlene T.a month ago · 1 review

Excellent place to satisfy your mentaiko cravings with at least 5 dishes on the menu containing mentaiko. Servings seem slightly small but every dish was consistently good. The beef tendon was very well done, although reminded me more of the Chinese style of cooking tendon. Had two servings of mentaiko rosti between two people which was quite filling. The mentaiko sardines contained a generous portion of mentaiko. Overall, slightly pricey for the serving size but excellent food and would recommend if you’re willing to spend.

Karen T.10 months ago · 70 reviews

Good foods & great lively atmosphere! We had the onigiri, sashimi platter, chef's skewer selections and grilled makerel to share among two. Sashimi was sweet, fresh and love the generous cut. Skewers were delicious especially the Tsukune, it was juicy and packed with flavours. The only downside was we found the sapporo draft beers were not as fresh and pungent. It was not bad but just not the best. Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience, definitely a place we will return!

Samantha L.10 months ago · 1 review

Service was slow, guess they were shorthanded. We were seated but menu was not passed to us. Service staff were just zooming past everyone and it was really hard to get their attention, and even if we did, they would ask us to wait. We eventually got the menus ourselves at the counter. Waited really long for the food to come, more than 1 hour and our dishes were not served completely including the potato salad which was supposed to be the appetizer. We got so tired of waiting that we cancelled 2 dishes. Food was ok. We had the buta don, spicy salmon don, aburi mackerel, rosti mentaiko but overall, I wouldn't visit again because it's just not worth the wait and money.

WN L.10 months ago · 6 reviews

Love the food and service was good too. Despite the crowd, the staffs tried their best to attend to our needs. I also like that food ar ein small portions because we can try larger variaty. With a wide selection of food, my favorite is the meatball!!

Julia N.10 months ago · 1 review

Food was good, but the service was excellent. The waiter went to great pains to explain the menu to us and offered recommendations and seemed very enthusiastic about his work. They have a penchant for many things mentaiko and cheese-related, so you might want to mix your orders up to savour a wider range of flavours.