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About Megumi Japanese Restaurant – Upper East Coast

Dear diners, tables booked online are available for 90 minutes only. To enquire about a lengthier booking, please contact the restaurant directly.

Please be aware that reserved tables will be held for 10 minutes only.

The Asian cuisine options in Singapore are myriad and diverse, from the specialities of Little India and Racecourse Road to the Eastern offerings in Chinatown, as well as countless hawker centres that serve up delicacies from all over the continent. Japanese food is always a popular choice, and for locals on Upper East Coast Road towards Changi Airport in Bedok, there is one option above all others: Megumi Japanese Restaurant. The menu is replete with the fresh fish dishes that made Japanese cuisine revered around the world, and they fly in sashimi direct from Japan, so you know that the quality is impeccable. Book a table now and enjoy some of the best Asian food in Singapore.

Chef's Choice



Salmon Tofu Salad

Salmon and tofu salad (organic)

Soft Shell Crab Tempura Salad

Soft shell crab tempura salad

Mixed Sashimi Salad

Assorter raw fish salad


Tori Ten Bento

Bento set with fried chicken, tempura, salad, chawanmushi and miso soup

Temaki Bento

Bento set with handrolls, sashimi mori, salad, chawanmushi and miso soup

Megumi Bento

Bento set with sashimi mori, mixed tempura, grilled saba, rice and miso soup

Rice Dishes

Una Jyu

Grilled eel

Fukai Sushi Don

Assorted raw fish with sushi rice

Kaisen Sushi Don

Assorted raw fish with sushi rice

Further Information

Japanese cuisine is known around the world as being fresh, healthy and full of flavour, and when looking to indulge in this delicious cuisine in Singapore, without a doubt Megumi Japanese Restaurant is the best spot in the city to do so. With two locations, these Japanese specialists certainly know what they’re doing, and they do it well. Their Upper East Coast location, just along Upper East Coast Road has locals buzzing with their extensive menu and premium quality sashimi, delicious noodle dishes and tasty rice options.

When dining at Megumi Japanese Restaurant, it’s hard to simply stop at one of their delicious dishes. Of course it’s imperative to treat yourself to their premium sashimi – it is flown in fresh all the way from Japan after all – and the mixed sashimi salad is an ideal place to start. Megumi Japanese also offers a range of bento boxes perfect for your lunch time fix, filled with sashimi mori, handrolls, mixed tempura, rice and salad for example. For the brave and adventurous their una jyu with grilled eel is a true delight and their fukai sushi don will leave you feeling fresh, healthy and content. This East Coast Japanese haven certainly has a loyal following however, so we do recommend making your reservation at Singapore’s Megumi Japanese Restaurant ahead of time.

87 Reviews

Weesan C.2 days ago · 1 review

Good service, as always! Love the food there and the selection and how fresh everything is. And the staff is always friendly including the kitchen staff.

Wei Qiang L.11 days ago · 1 review

Good service. Sashimi was very fresh and has reasonably good selection. Ambience was cosy. Hence would highly recommend to all to give it a try.

Yah chow P.19 days ago · 1 review

Great place with parking right outside the restaurant. Small restaurant with excellent and quick service. You order from a Samsung pad and the food is served shortly. Good food.

Li H.a month ago · 2 reviews

Good food. Good service. Good japanese food. Good place. Nice ambient. Minimum 25 words aiyo forced to say more. What kind of attitude is this

Justine M.a year ago · 4 reviews

A great neighbourhood Japanese restaurant which serves fresh, delicious dishes. Like many Japanese restaurants in Singapore it flies in its own fresh seafood from Japan. The menu is varied and there are the usual favourites but also so much more - everything I've had there has been really amazing. Check out the bentos, also the UFO Maki and the Ebi Gyozo which are superb, The sashimi melts in your mouth, and the agedashi tofu is perfectly cooked and full of flavour. You book via an iPad, and there's also a board on the wall stating airflown seafood dishes. I have been a few times and everything I've ordered has been delicious - worth a visit, but it's usually quite packed so make a reservation and they hold your table for only 10 minutes after the time you booked.

imgPauline C.4 months ago · 5 reviews

Always had difficulty making phone reservations for this popular restaurant. Online reservation made dining experience much more pleasant and enjoyable. Special fish of the day flown from Japan, prepared 3 ways definitely worth the premium price and a satisfying 3-course meal on its own.

Ai Ling T.a year ago · 15 reviews

Small restaurant, service is just OK. Table is small and the seating arrangement not comforatable. Nothing Fantastic about the food, price is resonable for the quality of the food. Not suitable for dinner gathering of 4 people or more, as the table is small and not suitable for food sharing.

Beatrice C.a month ago · 1 review

Restaurant was busy when I visited but service is okay. Salmon don - while the cuts are thick, there was nothing to shout about. it would be better without the flakes on the rice . Miso soup is a tad too salty. Overall, okay service but I don't foresee another visit anytime soon. Green tea cheesecake was a disappointment

pishu w.6 months ago · 4 reviews

food as usual was fresh and good. place was very empty with only two tables occopied. very pricey restaurant as we found the price to be very high comparing to others japanese restaurant. we use frequent this place once a week now will probably dine at this place once a month unless they review their prices.

imgNicole P.6 months ago · 2 reviews

first time there and the food was good. sashimi super fresh! loved every bit of my meal there! most important was the good service from the staff. totally from the heart! will definitely be visiting there often!

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