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Please be aware that bookings must be made at least one day in advance and tables can only be held for 15 minutes after the reservation time.

For group reservations of more than 4 pax, kindly contact the restaurant directly.

Seafood has never been treated so simply, and with so much respect – both in terms of non-mainstream, sustainable fishing practices and in terms of each ingredient’s natural flavour and expressivity – than at Ken Loon’s restaurant The Naked Finn. Easily ranked as one of Singapore’s premier fish and seafood eateries, the term naked refers here to Loon’s philosophy of unadulterated simplicity and commitment to honest food. Here at The Naked Finn’s Telok Blangah address, down Malan Road at the Gillman Barracks, you can really appreciate the value of top quality, reasonably priced seafood.

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The Naked Finn
Block 39 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks
Singapore 109442

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The lean, pared-back food philosophy at The Naked Finn is evident in the great lengths that the committed core team go to in order to source the finest fish and seafood in Singapore. Ken Loon and his team have found that while many restaurants crow about their sustainable seafood, really sustainable seafood must come from smaller fisheries that focus on non-mainstream species. In order to fight what The Naked Finn’s team see as an endemic dishonesty in the traditionally huge market for seafood in the city-state, each item on the menu is listed with its official FAO plus the scientific names of the species used. Here, in the beautiful surrounds of Telok Blangah’s GIllman Barracks, transparency – as a mirror image of the unadorned simplicity of the dishes on offer – is priceless.

Singapore diners are often landed with a premium price on mediocre meals, but The Naked Finn are refreshingly honest about the value of the food you order, and this is one place you know for sure you are eating the very best. Changing the way diners think about seafood, dishes like the wild-caught yesso scallop, Mozambique lobster, locally-farmed barramundi (and the non-seafood items like the Japanese Toriyama umami Wagyu A4 tenderloin) are given the simplest treatment – usually just olive oil, sea salt and, occasionally, unsalted butter when cooking with the most basic of citrus dressings. Basically, if you’re a fan of seafood, you need to seek out this five-star restaurant down Telok Blangah’s Malan Road. However, be sure to book ahead – the cosy size of The Naked Finn is a big part of its charm, but it does mean the restaurant fills up quickly!

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Sheryl S.4 days ago · 1 review

Top notch food and top notch service. I love the nice nature inspired decor of the restaurant too! Makes me feel right at home whenever I visit!👍🏻

Kevin C.17 days ago · 6 reviews

I’ve been to the Naked Finn a number of times. The food continues to be fresh, tasty and the service crew are friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.

Esther L.17 days ago · 7 reviews

Good food with great service. Love the selection of fresh seafoods and also the drinks selection. Reservations was fast, easy and convenient. Will be back.

Allen L.a month ago · 1 review

Good and knowledgeable staff made the dining experience so enjoyable! The recommendations on the food specials and wine were spot on. Definitely will come back again.

Ru Shin L.2 years ago · 1 review

I thoroughly enjoyed lunch at The Naked Finn. Had the famous lobster roll and shared a bowl of hae mee tng with my friend. Lobster roll was done just right - buttery bread roll warm and soft inside, with generous chunks of European lobster and a generous heap of fries with a side salad. Every bite was joy. As for the prawn noodle soup, we ordered the version with somen and it was very good. We were informed by the staff that the broth is made with 3 types of prawns and it did taste very rich and aromatic. Full of umami goodness! We slurped up every drop. Also liked the trio of condiments on the side which elevated the taste profile of the dish. Will be back again for sure.

Nick P.2 months ago · 2 reviews

I’ve been to The Naked Finn a few times with friends and colleagues but this time I brought my wife to celebrate our anniversary. He food is excellent and deserves multiple awards. The service staff knew not only the ingredients but also how the dish was made and what wines to pair it with. To top it all, the waitress serving us remembered I came with a few guy friends a few months back and where we sat. They even commented on my Instagram post when all I did was a location tag. Well done. A must for anyone wanting great food and great service.

Michael G.8 months ago · 1 review

The Naked Finn is a seafood restaurant with a cuisine all of its own, emphasizing the natural flavors of the seafood and not drowning them in sauces. We had a set starting with water spinach topped with something fried and crunchy, then slightly vinegary cold noodles (which stayed on the table instead of bread), sautéed tiny whole squid, clams, amazing baked barramundi, tiger prawns that were steamed and served with a buttery dipping sauce. Hidden in the back of Gilman Barracks it is not the easiest place to get to, but as M. Michelin would say, "vaut le voyage."

Chew-Mee K.a year ago · 2 reviews

The Naked Finn almost always delivers on its mission of serving very fresh seafood with very little embellishment. However, I don't seem to have good luck with ordering carabinero prawns. On Friday, 14/4 I ordered a carabinero for my main course and found that the prawn was not in tip top shape. The prawn was about 160g and it was large but did not look totally fresh; the large hear was sort of collapsed and I did not find the roe and essence in the head to be as tasty as a fresh prawn would have been. Because it is not always possible to have a carabinero, I decided not to return the dish.

Amy T.3 years ago · 5 reviews

In general, food quality was good but presentation could be improved. We got the two person set for $138. First dish was a blanched kang kong topped with shallots, dried shrimps. Simple but refreshing and tasty. Second dish was a scallop carpaccio drizzled with olive oil, garlic and chilli. Star dish. Third dish was beehoon topped with sakura ebi. Um it's not bad but it's really just beehoon? Fourth dish was grilled sotong kia. Grilled to perfection. Very reminiscent of seafood restaurants in the east. Fifth dish was lala with some minimal topping. Bland and forgettable. Also, they served 11 pieces for 2 people. Why? Sixth dish was barramundi. Crisp on the skin was great. But because of the size of the piece, some parts were overcooked Seventh dish was grilled prawn served with salted egg yolk dip. Hated the dip. So minus the dip, you're left with the grilled prawn. Which is just grilled prawn. All pieces were fresh save for one which was marginally less so.

Sebastian Y.6 months ago · 1 review

We ordered the ala carte dishes, and each dish completely exceeded our expectations. The mussels were fresh and sweet, as well as the razor shells. “Orh Jien” was a pleasant surprise, I loved it! For people looking to pig out and eat large portions, this isn’t the place for you. But if you want to enjoy good seafood in a chill environment, you’ve got to try The Naked Finn.