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Handlebar - Gillman

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75 Reviews

About Handlebar - Gillman

The former Gillman Barracks in Telok Blangah have suddenly become a whole lot cooler, because Singapore’s favourite gang of lovable bikies-cum-foodies – the dudes behind the original Handlebar joint in Sembawang and chilled out little brother Kontiki on the waterfront at Marina Bay – have moved in and set up shop. Not grease and pistons at this shop, though, rather cool, grungy vibes, rivers of refreshing beer and some lip-smackingly good American food.

Opening Times

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12:00 pm - 12:00 am
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Handlebar - Gillman
10 Lock Road
Singapore 108938

Chef's Choice



Bad Attitude Stuffed Jalapeno


Blossom Onion




Mac & Cheese


Spicy Cocaine Wings



Cheese Burger


Portobello Mushroom Burger


Bangers & Mash


Slap Yo Momma Pork Chop


Silence of the Lamb


Satan's Beef Short Ribs


1%er Tenderloin (200gm)





Nutella with Marshmallow


Spinach with Egg

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More about Handlebar - Gillman, Singapore

Building on the muscle of the original Handlebar in Sembawang, the old Gillman Barracks outlet is back in black and better than ever before, returning the rusty vibes of the famed biker-themed watering hole to Telok Blangah and a more central Singapore location. Set your sights on Lock Road and guide your Harley or, if you must, scooter up the hill to order up some American biker eats and a hard house pour, cue up some pool while you wait for anvil-sized chunks of prime US steaks to wing themselves your way in more ways than one.

You can go for the Righteous Pork ribs or Satan’s beef short ribs, among others, depending on how pious you’re feeling. If you’re looking for a decent burger you’re in the right place here at Gillman Barracks in Telok Blangah, because Handlebar serve up some of the juiciest, most gut-busting burgers in all of Singapore, accompanied by perfectly crunchy fries and of course plenty of cold beer to wash it all down. Handlebar is a cool, edgy place decked out with all kinds of biker paraphernalia and Americana – just remember, whatever you do, never take off your shades.

75 Handlebar - Gillman Reviews

imgHeng Y.2 months ago · 8 reviews

Nice restaurant. Went when it just opened on a Friday lunch and was pretty quiet. Nice view from the table I was sat at overlooking outdoor tables and greenery. Biker themed which was different. Saw two huge smokers/BBQ pits (?) so will keep an eye out of any special events. Will prob go back on a weekend to check out restaurant crowd. Friendly staff who greeted me when I arrived. Reservation sign on table with my name on it. Good choices for lunchtime specials. Overall a enjoyable experience!

imgBeatrice W.2 months ago · 2 reviews

unique location with huge portions, great for a chill night with friends

Xinyi C.4 months ago · 2 reviews

Staff were prompt and quick even on a Friday evening. Makes us feel welcomed and sat us down really quick. Order taking and food served promptly. The decor at Handlebar is one of its kind and great music playing, not TOP 40s.

imgChuanling F.5 months ago · 4 reviews

the place was great for a casual catch up with friends. ample parking space and convenient to walk in from the main road - so no worries about transportation. The staff were very friendly and drinks are decently priced.

Abel G.a year ago · 1 review

Delicious food and great atmosphere! Had the most tender beef short ribs (the meat/fat amalgamation just melts in your mouth) and the juiciest pork chop! They were both tasty too! Besides the food, I was I impressed by the overall decor of the restaurant. I love how they paid so much attention to every detail that makes up the whole customer experience over there. Waiters and waitresses were friendly and prompt. Good music playlist too. Totally enjoyed my xmas eve dinner over there. Highly recommend this place since their branch at sembawang has closed down already. A really good place to chill too! Oh! They have a good selection of beers too! Thanks for the lovely evening, Handlebar!

Iris L.4 months ago · 6 reviews

The service was prompt and friendly, although a tad bit difficult to call for if you are sitting at the far end of the area. Vibes are comfortable and homey, though it can be hot sometimes because they offer outdoor sitting, so do dress appropriately! We tried the Satan Beef Short Ribs, Pork Chops (both grilled and fried), Chicken Mumba (?), Tenderloin, Broccoli Fritters and Death Wings. The mains were satisfying and well cooked, with special mention to the short ribs and pork chops! Chicken mumba was in too small a serving size in my opinion. Their famous death wings were seriously very spicy, so order with caution! I would say that the spice, despite really living up to its name, was not the sort of flavourful spicy you get from a well marinated wing. It is more like a really spicy sauce poured atop the wings designed to massacre your taste buds. Fritters were not amazingly tasty, just broccoli and alot of flour. Verdict: Satan short ribs and pork chops are the star.

andy s.a year ago · 1 review

Confusion with food order. Was it possible for half portion of ribs for kids, one said yes. As a result of ordering 1 full portion and 1 half portion ended up with only 1 portion which we thought was the kids. Had to order more. One of our party ordered a mushroom burger. She was disappointed as she expected a meat patty with it, but only a mushroom. Maybe this should be made clear when ordering. One drink ordered never arrived by the time we left. We have always had a good meal when it was previously at Gillman.

CHEN-WEI C.a year ago · 3 reviews

They have really done up the place very nicely this time. The decor is amazing! And they also maintained the outdoor bench seating with the giant projector TV! Food was absolutely delicious as usual, with several new dishes to tryout. Service was good too. Definitely worth bringing friends for a meal outing. Highly recommended.

Lee B.a year ago · 1 review

They were very helpful. We had a large group and everyone paying separately. So we asked up front and no problem, they just asked which name each time they took an order and in the end, everything came out fine.

Thomas G.8 months ago · 1 review

It is an unique restaurant compared with those that I have visited. The atmosphere is fantastic and the decoration is beautiful. The huge TV screen is one of the attraction. I will recommend most of my friends to visit Handlebar.

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