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Pasta Brava is the definition of good pasta. It’s been on the block down Tanjong Pagar’s Craig Road for over two decades now, and this family-run Italian restaurant in Singapore shows no signs of slowing down, except to offer guests attentive service and a relaxed, intimate and all-Italian dining experience. Pasta Brava ‘s homely restaurant is split over two levels, necessary when the weekend’s hordes of diners clamour for tables – this is one of the city’s most beloved Italian joints, a restaurant whose classically-structured menu is as seasonal and colourful as those you find back in the old country.

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Pasta Brava
11 Craig Road
Singapore 089671

Opening Times

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12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
6:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Always closed
12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
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Chef's Choice



Affettato Misto

Cold cuts of mortadella, prosciutto, bresaola, salame and provolone cheese

Prosciutto Con Melone

Thin slices of prosciutto served with rock melon

Antipasto Della Casa

A selection of fresh grilled vegetables with olive oil and herbs


Bistecca Angus

Australian angus beef rib eye (300 grams) 200 days grain fed

Salsicce Stile Contadino

Homemade Italian sausages flavoured with white wine, served on a bed of spiced lentils


Gamberoni Con Prosciutto E Mozzarella Gratinati

Oven-glazed king prawns with prosciutto and mozzarella, flavoured with white wine

Branzino Al Gusto Di Limone E Menta Fresca

Pan-fried sea bass fillet with lemon sauce and fresh mint


Tagliolini Con Aragosta

Tagliolini with half lobster, cherry tomato sauce

Fettuccine Alla Carbonara

Fettuccine with bacon, onion, egg yolk white wine, cream sauce

Rigatoni All' Amatriciana

Rigatoni with bacon, onion, flavoured with white wine in tomato sauce

Further Information

In Italy, a meal begins at the beginning, and is liable to continue for a good few hours. Relaxed, lugubrious and epicurean is the tempo and mood that presides over Pasta Brava’s Craig Road restaurant, a neighbourhood ristorante well known to Tanjong Pagar locals and aficionados of Italian cuisine from across Singapore. Start naturally, naturally, with Pasta Brava’s fresh anitipasti platters – olives and grilled vegetables, cold cuts and cheeses, fresh baked Italian breads – a sociable way to share in the beginning of an authentic Italian meal with family and friends.

Salads are next, some of which can suffice as a fresh and healthful meal all in themselves, others best picked at alongside Pasta Brava’s delicious and generously apportioned pasta and risotto dishes and main courses of meat, fish and vegetables. Making the most of Singapore’s easy access to a wealth of seafood, we recommend the mixed seafood linguine regina del mare, with prawns, clams, scallops, squid and crayfish. Other delectable maritime delights can be found in the simple prawns sauteed in butter and brandy with plenty of garlic and parsley, or the oven-baked scallops in a variation on the French bechamel. Squid ink spaghetti with vongole, clams, is another striking addition to this Tanjong Pagar Italian restaurant’s offering. As always with Italian restaurants in Singapore, we like to recommend, if we can, the house tiramisu as an endgame-measure of the overall dining experience. Here we can confidently declare, bravo, Pasta Brava!

274 Pasta Brava Reviews

Kate W.3 days ago · 2 reviews

Great ambiance, and awesome food!! The pasta were really authentic Italian, as good as those I've had in Italy. Perfezionare!! The staff were really polite and attentive. I would visit again!

Nicholas L.3 days ago · 4 reviews

This restaurant has excellent service with top quality Italian hand made pasta. The sauces used are very refreshing and unique. The wine menu also has an extensive range from various countries.

Jace T.7 days ago · 2 reviews

It's always a delightful experience at Pasta Brava. Food was delicious, service warm and attentive, wine and desserts on point. It's our favourite Italian place in the city!

Sohleng l.a month ago · 3 reviews

the tiramisu is a must try! service was good, there was also some crayons to doodle on the place. ordered wine, pastas and tiramisu for dinner.

Amy T.a year ago · 5 reviews

The food at Pasta Brava is always comforting and on point. I had the Pasta Special which was a squid ink tagliatelle with scallops in a tomato basil sauce. Delicious! But service doesn't seem as good as i remember. We made a reservation for 6 at 7.30, but half of us arrive early at about 7.05. We ordered a bottle of wine and a starter while waiting for our friends to arrive. At 7.35, one of the wait staff asked if our friends would be arriving soon - were they trying to chase us away or hurry us along? In any event, it was only 5 minutes after our reservation timing. I was perplexed, but left happy after my satisfying meal.

Terry M.a year ago · 2 reviews

We have been going to Pasta Brava whenever we are in Singapore for at least the last decade. It is such a welcoming restaurant and the food is always tasty and well presented. It has a really authentic atmosphere, a good, well priced wine list and very attentive staff. A guide to how nice it is can be seen by the clientele who are predominately locals and ex pats. If tourists discovered it then it would be impossible to get in without booking well ahead. If you like Italian food then I would thoroughly recommend paying a visit.

imgClare Y.2 years ago · 1 review

Very good service - my request that I put on Quandoo was conveyed to the staff in Pasta Brava. We had the Prosciutto con melone as an appetizer, Stracci Al Gamberi Homemade pasta and the and the Ravioli Con Carne. The ambience was very authentic and the menu brought me back to Italy. The food was good pasta for Singapore, but doesn't even come close to the offerings in Italy. That said, don't miss the tiramisu :)

Sean D.8 months ago · 1 review

We booked the restaurant using your app but when we got there it was closed, it did not mention this on the app "why"??? not happy very happy experience as we were looking forward to having food hear as we had heard from friends it was a good place to eat. I still wish to eat at Pasta Brava so hopefully Quandoo can resolve this issue for the next time we book.

Yvonne Y.2 years ago · 2 reviews

Extremely impressed with the service staff and food. Truly authentic gelato, just like the ones I had in Italy. My daughter requested for apple juice but they don't have that on the menu. The service staff actually went out to get it for her. Really enjoyed my dinner at Pasta Brava. Will definitely look forward to going back.

Zane C.a year ago · 19 reviews

Have always heard good things about Pasta Brava, and having finally tried it ourselves, we concur. We had 2 starters, 1 home made pasta, and 1 dessert, all of which were good. Special mention to the starters.. Although they set the expectation really high for what was to come next. In a nutshell, lovely food, but more warmth from the service staff would make it an even better experience.

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