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4.9 /6 Excellent 165 Reviews

Original Sin

Holland Village Mediterranean $$$$$ +100
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About Original Sin

Legend has it that Eve didn’t pluck an apple from the tree of knowledge, share it with Adam and let loose a Pandora’s box of evil upon the world, but that she actually committed the rather righteous act of heading up to Holland Village’s Original Sin, with her Edenic partner in tow, to order up a smorgasbord of divine Mediterranean food, unleashing instead a culinary voyage of Odyssean proportions. This fruitful Mediterranean restaurant tucked down Jalan Merah Saga at Chip Bee Gardens is all about guilt-free, healthy dining with dishes made from ethically-sourced ingredients, putting the good back into Singapore’s crowded restaurant scene.

Opening Hours

  • Monday 11:30 - 14:30, 18:00 - 22:30
  • Tuesday 11:30 - 14:30, 18:00 - 22:30
  • Wednesday 11:30 - 14:30, 18:00 - 22:30
  • Thursday 11:30 - 14:30, 18:30 - 22:30
  • Friday 11:30 - 14:30, 18:00 - 22:30
  • Saturday 11:30 - 14:30, 18:00 - 22:30
  • Sunday 11:30 - 14:30, 18:00 - 22:30
Original Sin, Jalan Merah Saga Holland Village #01-62 Blk 43, 278115 Singapore

Further Information

One way into Original Sin’s Mediterranean restaurant paradise, besides booking your table and checking your coat at the door to their Holland Village premises down Jalan Merah Saga, is to opt for the set lunch menu. This introduction to light and airy, colourful and healthy Mediterranean cuisine in one of Singapore’s certifiable dining hotspots starts with the soup of the day or a green salad, moves into Mediterranean tortilla wraps with chickpea and pumpkin spread, grilled eggplant, feta and salad, veggie burgers made with brown rice and chickpea patties or Italian spaghetti with zucchini, olives and cherry tomatoes tossed in a tomato and basil sauce and topped with parmesan. Finish with warm chocolate cake and, holy Maria, you’ve just indulged in one of the city’s freshest and best vegetarian meals.

Original Sin’s a la carte menu takes in cuisines from all the nations that encircle the Mediterranean, bringing peerless colour and flavour to Singapore’s Holland Village community of restaurants . Choose a starter like the classic pomodoro, go Middle Eastern with the sublime mezze platter for two, or get really divine with the magic mushrooms! Main courses follow the same pan-Mediterranean pattern: Italian pizza, lasagna and strozzapreti (strangled priest) pasta, Greek moussaka and spanakopita, and more. There’s even vegetable tandoori and Kashmir-style pizza – not a crime against nature by any means!

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View Restaurant Menu


165 Reviews

4.9 /6 Excellent 165 Reviews
Noise: quiet
Atmosphere: entertaining
Quality/Price: reasonable
Service: friendly
Food: delicious
Waiting Time: short
58 6
64 5
23 4
13 3
5 2
2 1
1 review so far 6
20.06.2017 19:59

Original Sin's amazing vegetarian mediterranean cousine offers lots of options of delicious dishes. It makes many of the vegetarian recipes of that region, without trying to reinvent vegetarian versions of meat dishes. It is authentic, well prepared and nicely presented. Service is very attentive and the location is excellent.

1 review so far 6
15.06.2017 09:18

Great food and good service. Excellent ambience. What I love is the veg food since I am vegetarian. This is my third time to restoring and I enjoyed it

1 review so far 6
12.06.2017 07:06

Love the food, nice ambient. Staff is very helpful food is delicious especially the magic mushroom. Will recommend this place to my friend and family for sure.

1 review so far 6
10.06.2017 22:37

Excellent vegetarian food! The food never fails to please and service is always great. The restaurant offers a choice of both indoor and outdoor dining.

1 review so far 5
29.12.2015 18:23

This was our first visit to Original Sin. The online booking worked without a hitch. Parking was no hassle with public parking lots nearby. Cozy place, nice décor with the tree of knowledge of good and evil reinforcing the "Original Sin" theme. No intrusive music. Choice of indoor and outdoor seating. Staff helped by explaining the menu and suggesting items to try. Food was tasty and wholesome. Being vegetarian was no limitation to the restaurant's Mediterranean cuisine. Service was prompt and attentive without being fussy. Glad we picked this restaurant for our special family dinner on Christmas day. We will definitely go back to "Sin", though the premium pricing does not encourage it to be next week.

1 review so far 6
14.05.2016 14:29

Took my former boss to Original Sin since she is a vegetarian. She loved the food. I am not a vegetarian but I like Original Sin as well. Very good vegetarian food in a casual setting.

1 review so far 5
16.06.2017 18:21

Original Sin was excellent as usual. The food was very good, service excellent. Ambiance was a bit noisy. The biggest issue was that they did not have my reservation. Lucky they still had a nice table. I showed them the email that I received from Quandoo confirming my reservation. So there's a problem somewhere.

1 review so far 5
18.02.2016 08:37

Been there quite a few times throughout their 18 years of existence. Always enjoyed their food very much. The price of food has gone up quite a bit since the last time I was there (have not been there for the last ten years). We had five dishes for four persons (without dessert or drinks) and the bill was around S$160. The last time I was there, the aircon was not working well. One of the two was spoiled. I think the two aircon is insufficient if the restaurant is full, hope it can be fixed.

1 review so far 6
16.01.2016 07:22

Great food, service and setting too. A vegetarian restaurant that isn't really a cafe is quite rare in Singapore so Original Sin is certainly a good choice for a social evening meal.

1 review so far 6
19.12.2015 16:41

Original Sin offers a great ambiance, with great food and friendly service. A vegetarian restaurant with class and elegance, I would recommend the spot for a great evening with good friends.

6 reviews so far 5
21.06.2017 19:47

We are not vegetarians but Original Sin is our go to restaurant for taking out vegetarian visitors. Sometimes we even go there by ourselves as we always enjoy the quality of food and service.

1 review so far 6
25.02.2016 17:00

Excellent service would recommend this to anyone I also loved the food in Original Sin it was easy to book and we got exactly what we asked for.

1 review so far 5
02.07.2016 10:12

Like the food and service! The Vegetable Tandoori is superb!!! It's a catchup session with friends and we literally forgot their closing time but the staff didn't chase us and patiently waited for us before they close for the day, nice dinning experience! However, it's a small place, so tend to be a little cramped and in between seats are too close. Overall ambience still fine.

7 reviews so far 5
26.11.2015 10:51

Have been a few times to original sin. Lovely restaurant with freshly prepared vegetarian dishes. We went for the set lunch it's around $35 incl. of services and taxes. Food taste fresh and service is really good. What I find they could improve is , they should leave a bit more time in between the courses as you feel a bit rushed. Overall nice experience.

1 review so far 6
09.06.2016 21:39

Lovely food, good and friendly service! 3 of us shared a pomelo salad and 3 set lunches. Pomelo salad was fresh and delicious, not too spicy. Set lunch - wrap was very good, so was the veggie burger. Ended our meal on a sweet note with chocolate lava cake and vanilla ice cream!

2 reviews so far 6
01.08.2016 08:56

I have been eating at Original Sin for 4 years. I have never had a bad meal or bad service. Give it a try. Highly Recommended.

1 review so far 6
19.06.2016 10:15

Table was reserved in the requested area. Staff was courteous and service was excellent. The food was delicious. I would love to visit Original Sin again.

1 review so far 6
27.04.2017 10:13

I always have a good time at Original Sin. As a vegetarian there aren't many options of restaurants that really prepare tasty options. This one does!

1 review so far 6
25.01.2016 07:43

I have been here many times and each experience is amazing. Completely, fresh and delicious vegetarian food each time. This time I took our servers suggestion to try the Bosco Misto and it was the most unbelievably delicious dish! It is an absolute "must try" and now my favorite dish!

1 review so far 5
20.12.2016 14:34

We had been there on a weekday. Unlike our expectations the restaurant was pretty crowded indicating its popularity. The food was delicious just as we had heard from others. The quantity was pretty good although the prices are on the higher side (in comparison to the moderate ambience). It's a must visit place for vegetarians craving for continental/Mediterranean food.

3 reviews so far 6
03.06.2016 22:44

A lovely little restaurant on a neighborhood street - lots of locals - good for groups. Delicious vegetarian food - carnivores will not miss out on anything here. Everything is fresh and well prepared. Professional and friendly waitstaff - a special little place for a nice evening out.

10 reviews so far 4
19.03.2016 11:06

The food was wholesome and flavourful. We each had a soup of the day (tomato, capsicum & basil) and ordered the Mezze Platter to share. Too much bread between the two of us! But we wiped out all the dips. We then had a chocolate brownie and a hazelnut chocolate cake. The cake was just right. The brownie will appeal to those who like rich and intense chocolate!

1 review so far 5
17.03.2016 09:08

Good food, great ambience, very friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommended. It is particularly enjoyable on a cool evening when one can sit outside and enjoy the breeze. The other bonus is most people who come here don't make a big noise, talk loudly or disrupt the peace. That really is a plus factor!

1 review so far 6
08.06.2017 07:28

It was different experience to search for the restaurant and after finding this site it was so simple to book the reservation where we went. And when we reached there to our surprise they named us and took us to our reserved table Thanks!

2 reviews so far 3
09.11.2015 01:47

Nice ambience and food visual but taste wise, it's so so considering for the price of it. Staff was quite nice though... might give this place a second try again in future. hopefully the the taste improve... We ordered : mezze Platter(appetizer) - 3.5/5 Strozza Pretti - 2/5 Bland Absolut - 3.5 / 5 - not too bad,because we ask them to make it spicy Cannelloni Verde - 4/5 Lagsana Rossa - 3/5 Boccocini Pizza - 2/5 not worth for the price of it..

2 reviews so far 6
23.01.2016 21:31

Pleasant restaurant, with a great service crew. Food was decent, though the mediterranean flavours could be upped a notch. Is a pretty upmarket restaurant, but the prices are decent and the service staff will never make you feel out of place.

1 review so far 4
23.08.2016 07:44

On the plus side, great ambiance, nice food and friendly staff. For improvement, however, are the over-obsession of staff with removing cutlery, glasses and plates almost before you're finished (never any thought to letting everyone finish before clearing!). Also, staff didn't offer ground pepper or other seasoning additions - we had to ask. And one salad ordered came with no dressing.

2 reviews so far 5
08.11.2015 11:58

For a vegetarian restaurant, the selection was beyond my expectations. The fusion and blend of choices paired quite well. The ambience was very quaint, and suitable for a quiet night out. Staff were attentive, and serving of dishes was well timed. Regret ordering too much food though.

1 review so far 6
27.12.2015 09:39

The restaurant environment was very good. Love the ambience of this place. Staff provides good customer service. The vegetarian Mediterranean cuisine was so fantastic and all my colleagues love it. They hope to come back again soon!

1 review so far 6
28.07.2016 10:39

Nice place to spend your evening with Friends on the weekend. Good Food. Do try the starters. The place is a bit pricey but it worth it. Located right next to the Holland Village MRT Exit A.

1 review so far 6
12.03.2016 18:41

An old favourite of mine for lunches and dinners. Very pleasant congenial environment with nice decor. The staff are attentive but not intrusive. The food is always well presented and tasty. It is always a good experience!

3 reviews so far 5
25.03.2017 19:38

Nice and quiet ambience all set for one to savour Mediterranean healthy food. Though the place is near to Holland village mrt and shopping mall, yet its far away from the hustle bustle .The menu offers varied healthy options with adequate portion size.

1 review so far 5
23.02.2016 11:04

I liked the food (beverages are standard for a fine restaurant nothing outstanding) and ambience however my rating excludes the consideration of cost which I found expensive for a vegetarian restaurant honestly. With price I will give a rating of 3. Thanks

1 review so far 5
12.05.2016 07:18

Reservation all set, great Chef willing to accommodate special requests, excellent that became very good because of so so service. I am not sure the so so service was intentional, more just amateurish. At these prices, one should not expect a trainee.

1 review so far 3
29.11.2015 10:48

I do understand that they need their table back at 8pm due to the "crowd" they are expecting. We were informed beforehand. But was shocked when their waitress decided to clear our plate, with food, without asking whether we are done at 745pm? How rude. Really spoilt your dining experience. Their were other customer that arrived earlier than us still around. And the place was really empty at that time.

2 reviews so far 6
08.05.2016 12:12

Superb food. The Penna Pasta is awesome as is the Halloumi starter. We went for the Free Flow WIne with 3 Course Set Dinner. 2pax $209. Can't arugue with that! Will be going again soon!

1 review so far 5
10.06.2016 18:05

Very nice ambience and food was really good.Service is really fast and the place is ideal for business conversations and meetings. Kindly include vegetarian cheese as well then it would be easier for vegetarians to try out some of the dishes

7 reviews so far 5
12.08.2016 13:23

Really good food, full of flavour. Just wished that I knew it was a vegetarian restaurant as there's no mention of it. Service could be a bit better though. The noise level gets a bit high if you're sitting inside.

1 review so far 6
28.03.2017 08:46

Food is excellent and fresh. Normally vegetarians who love cuisine have very limited choice on the menu card but this place is really good. Just wish serving can be made a bit quicker.

1 review so far 4
10.01.2017 11:19

The menu was amazing - lots of great sounding options. However, the service was poor - polite but slow to the point where it felt like they were understaffed. The food itself was average - but when you consider how pricey it is, I would not be back frequently.

1 review so far 6
14.11.2015 06:24

Great service excellent food extensive wine list. Recommend for romantic dinner or dinner with friends. We had the risotto was great. Choice of indoor or outdoor seating. Staff very professional and friendly.

4 reviews so far 6
01.11.2016 10:37

Good food and fantastic choices of various vegetarian/vegan good. Nice ambience and outdoors area. Staff is attentive and quick. After I accidentally toppled my red wine glass, it was quickly replaced FOC.

1 review so far 6
13.10.2016 10:59

Food was damn good. Really worth the money spent. Surprisingly, the starters were way nicer than the mains. Recommended to eat. Quite pricey so go there if you are willing to spend.

1 review so far 5
28.03.2016 10:04

The staff were very attentive and friendly. For an old time favourite, this place still rocks and is a great option for visitors who are vegetarian, offering a choice outside of Singaporean vegetarian choices eg Indian and Chinese.

1 review so far 6
08.06.2016 08:29

This is an extremely easy way to book an appointment with the restaurant of your choice, while earning additional points for future visits. Will definitely using this again for future bookings.

1 review so far 3
25.06.2016 08:58

After hearing so much about this restaurant, I was expecting great things. I was disappointed when they said the pizza wasn't available as the oven had broken down. A couple of other items on the menu weren't there which was disappointing. We ordered the corn fritters which were very average. All in all, the food was quite forgettable but the prices weren't

1 review so far 6
27.12.2016 09:22

Excellent food and great ambience. I went to celebrate my wife's birthday party and we're not disappointed since our last visit 3 years ago when we celebrated our wedding anniversary dinner.

2 reviews so far 5
13.11.2016 18:49

The food was nice and tasted fresh. We had ordered the mezze platter, the pasta and the stuffed aubergine from the special. For the desserts, the lava cake was good. The only downer was the unclean toilet.

1 review so far 3
26.12.2015 10:02

Original Sin did not have the booking at all...thankfully the restaurant was not crowded and we got a place. How can I rely on qua door with booking next time?

1 review so far 6
01.05.2017 11:13

Their Portions are on the small side, for the price, but the food quality is excellent! Really enjoyed the haloumi and falafel. Great staff as well, very responsive and helpful.