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4.4 /6 Very Good 109 Reviews

Lan Ting Cuisine And Wine

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About Lan Ting Cuisine And Wine

Enjoy Lan Ting’s dim sum from 8am to 5pm, their a la carte menu from 12pm to 3pm and dinner from 6pm to 10:30pm.

Singapore is a great place to eat Chinese food – the city is almost 75% Chinese, after all – and the number of restaurants to choose between is staggering. Chinatown is a hotbed of Chinese cooking, of course, but it isn’t the only place to pick some up: if you’re in Bedok, you could do far worse than to head to Lan Ting Cuisine and Wine on Springvale along East Coast Road. They offer a huge range of classics – bao buns and glutinous rice balls, anyone? – as well as tea and desserts. Reserve yourself a seat and head on over to Lan Ting Cuisine and Wine for a superb Chinese meal.

See below for Lan Ting’s special menus!

Opening Hours

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 11:30 - 22:30
  • Wednesday 11:30 - 22:30
  • Thursday 11:30 - 22:30
  • Friday 11:30 - 22:30
  • Saturday 09:00 - 22:30
  • Sunday 09:00 - 22:30
Lan Ting Cuisine And Wine, East Coast Road, #01-02 SpringVale 907, 459107 Singapore

Further Information

You can find Lan Ting's Dim Sum menus here and here.

Celebrate this new year at Lan Ting - check out their Chinese New Year menu here! Available from 29th Jan to 12th Feb.

There is no one Chinese cuisine, and thus no one Chinese cuisine in Singapore. China is such a large country, and there is such a diversity of tastes within the nation, that the number of dishes available under the banner of Chinese cuisine is countless. At Lan Ting on Springvale in Bedok, they offer just a small sample of the huge number of specialities, but their take on Chinese cuisine is as authentic as it comes, with a range of favourites that will delight both newbies and connoisseurs. Take a trip out to Singapore’s eastern coast – close to Changi Airport – and try them out.

Lan Ting have a menu that is packed with surprises, so let us talk you through a few of the Chinese morsels that few others can offer. Their Volcanic Lava Mushrooms may look like dim sum, but further inspection reveals something altogether different. They are in fact two bao buns arranged atop each other, shaped like mushrooms and filled with salted egg custard. Fried Japanese aubergine is also a delight, with egg yolk batter and a side salad. Don’t just take our word for it though: make your own journey to Kembangan station and wander through Bedok to take your seat at Lan Ting.


109 Reviews

4.4 /6 Very Good 109 Reviews
Waiting Time: short
Service: friendly
Food: delicious
Noise: quiet
Atmosphere: entertaining
Quality/Price: cheap
21 6
45 5
21 4
11 3
4 2
7 1
1 review so far 6
27.06.2017 22:05

Went for the dim sum buffet, though the choices are limited, the quality and options aren't your usual dim sum menu but are of good quality restaurant type of dim sum. Nice, highly recommended to try!

1 review so far 6
11.06.2017 14:35

great service & great food. dim sum buffet on weekdays are worth every dollar too. family and in-laws are looking forward to another great dining experience again

1 review so far 6
15.05.2017 10:14

Lovely restaurant. Excellent dim sum. And Ben, the owner, is extremely customer focused. The moment he heard that it was my bday, he organised a surprise dessert treat for me. Highly recommend Lan Ting for special occasions!

1 review so far 6
15.05.2017 07:27

Had Mother's Day celebration w my family and aunty. We were all impressed with the service and good quality of food. Will definitely return again. Thumbs up!

1 review so far 5
16.04.2017 00:08

This is our 3rd time here. The 1st time, we had dim sum as our morning breakfast. The quality of food is exceptionally caught our surprise, their specialty Volcanic Lava (salted egg) Mushroom buns and not forgetting Red Bean pancake. We also had porridge, har kou, siu mai etc...I found they are the best ever I had in Spore - I rated them 6 at that point of time. We had dinner the 2nd time. We had Peking duck, the price is reasonable. The duck meat was used to fried noodle, which I think the noodle is a bit oily. We tried new dishes, Mango prawns and cod steak. We still like the quality food. However, when we visited the 3rd time, we found there was a drop in the standard. The volcanic lava came out on 2 out of 4 mushroom buns that we had ordered. The noodle used to fry the duck meat is a bit too less. The deep fried cod steak was a bit burned. The prawn roll was a bit pricy and it was not worth the value. It was a disappointment that we could not have their dim sum as they were fully sold out. We noticed that they change their menu and this is good for consumers. I believe Lan Ting will brush up to continue to serve us quality food.

6 reviews so far 6
18.12.2016 22:33

The staff service was excellent! There were four to five of them taking turns to serve up our dishes and taking our numerous orders and requests, and ALL OF THEM were just so courteous, smiley and patient! EXCELLENT SERVICE! Their Peking duck was thumbs-up! I love it that they serve all-day dim sum. They also made my Sister's birthday celebration all the more memorable by giving her complimentary mango moochi which was freshly made according to them. I will definitely come back here again to satisfy my Cantonese cuisine and dim sum craving!

1 review so far 6
26.03.2017 07:09

1st visit & it's a "Thumbs Up"! RESERVATIONS REQUIRED & as long as customers honors timely arrival, I don't see much of a problem with waiting time. Compliments to the chefs for timsum was delicious, tho serving portions were a tad inconsistent, due to demand exceeds kitchen speed of supply. And compliments to the service staff who were attentive, trying their best to attend to your orders & requests with smiles (tho most of them were obviously new). I will return again.

1 review so far 4
20.06.2016 20:51

4 pax we ordered 1) Xiao long bao : skin was thick and soup in it was not that tasty 2) liu sar bao: the skin is very chewy , the filling is very little in proportion to the skin and not fragrant. 3) fried carrot cake: ok 4) xiu mai: meat very minced, no texture 5) fried rice: wok hei, quite fragrant 6) deep fried soft shell crab: unable to taste much of a crab at all, disappointing 7) deep fried taro with meat in it dim sum: ok 8) congee: quite tasty 9) glutinous rice meat ball: meat again too minced, no texture, glutinous rice covering very thick 10) salted egg brinjal: not too oily but no salted egg taste

1 review so far 6
13.10.2016 14:36

No offence to crystal jade but Ian Ting cuisine is way better. Every dish is fresh n tasty without MSG. Love the warm ambience n decor. If you love salted egg yolk custard bun, order the volcanic lava mushroom bun, unbelievable generous amount of salted egg yolk filling. I plan to visit Ian Ting more often as reasonable price, ambience n great food are so hard to find these days

1 review so far 3
23.10.2016 20:39

Reviews seem overrated and service was slow and messy. Waiter took at least 15 mins after our orders were placed, to tell us that they had ran out of the lava mushroom and xiao long bao. This was surprising, considering we were there at 1pm, and the restaurant should have catered for peak hours. The food took very long to arrive (our chilli crab mantou took at least 30mins and it arrived warm at best). We enjoyed the asparagus and prawn dumpling, char siew bao and chilli crab mantou (albeit the puff pastry is a lil too thick). The guotie, abalone dumpling and congee were so-so. To top it off, we were asked to pay by nets because they ran out of change. Definitely a lot to work on!

1 review so far 5
16.10.2016 00:38

It's a small and new restaurant but the food is as good as THW. I like the Hong Kong feeling because they start serving from 8am. And have a good range of steamed dim sum which is served piping hot. Learned a little tip from the waiter. Although the dim sum come on little baskets of 3, you can order additional pieces for your party.

1 review so far 4
23.04.2017 17:44

Had dim sum for lunch. The wu tau Kok (deep fried mashed taro filled with minced chicken ) & Xiao long Bao were delicate & good. Pork meatball congee was ok. But the fried shrimp rolls had too much batter which made them heavy & unappetising. Was expecting a more refined level of dim sum so I was disappointed. Had dinner here recently & enjoyed that more, especially the fried udon which had excellent wok hei.

3 reviews so far 5
30.04.2017 20:46

The dim sum is definitely the best that I have eaten. Interesting and delicious twist to the normal dim sum. Other food are well cooked too. I love the modern decoration and ambient of the restaurant. It is modern and contemporary. Service is average. The house wine is good and reasonably priced. Overall a very good neighbourhood restaurant.

1 review so far 4
04.10.2016 19:33

Food was generally good. Price was reasonable. However, Xiao Long Bao was below standard - every piece of two baskets were sticking to the paper and broke when lifted. Waiter who took order did not come back to ask for alternate choice when the soft drink ordered was out of stock. Only learnt about it after waited for till mid course. Service consciousness was not up to expectation.

1 review so far 5
08.08.2016 17:47

Finally a Dim sum restaurant in the hood ! Not a huge selection , but the basics well done. I especially liked the mushroom shaped salted egg buns and the snow mochi dessert. Attentive staff and nice Chilli (Chilli sauce + bean Chilli oil). Online reservation is great too (I hate phone reservations).

1 review so far 5
07.12.2016 23:41

Food was good and reasonably priced, will definitely come back again and try the dinner. This time round we had dim sum andoye ordered roasted pork and char siew as well. The char siew melted in my mouth.. right amount of fats and meat. Roasted pork skin was very crispy, loved it!

2 reviews so far 4
28.12.2016 23:49

Lan Ting Cuisine And Wine offers some unique flavours for their dim sum and some are pretty tasty. There were some hits and misses but generally still quite value for money.

1 review so far 1
31.08.2016 07:16

What can I say... This was the 3rd time visiting. 1st time was take away and we were happy with the quality of food. 2nd time was a quick morning dim sum breakfast and their dim sum was really not bad. So we came here 3rd time, and it was my mom's birthday. We arrived at about 7pm, ordered at 720 and the first dish came abou 750pm. Still ok, except the first dish was coffee pork ribs instead of the appetizers (which were dim sum platter - I believe you just had to warm up the dim sum from the morning, not make it from scratch right??) We request to have appetizer first and the food later. So dim sum came 15 mins later and finished. Then the pork ribs were served immediately. Followed by a looooooooong wait for the next dish which was chicken cashew. Another looooooooong wait for a toufu dish then finally, our rice came (steam lotus rice - again, dun tell me u have to prepare from scratch??) So from the time of order to the servicing of last dish was more than 1 hour. We asked for refill of water and tea at the same time. The server refilled the tea..... and left to do something else. We asked again, she noted and will do so right away. Again she went to do another task. Finally with the 4th request she finally quenched our thirst. You think I would return?

1 review so far 5
11.09.2016 23:08

Our party of four had an enjoyable lunch meal today. Volcanic Lava Mushroom Buns was an interesting way to shape and present. The Wok-fried Udon with Seafood was wok hei flavored and the whole dish was enjoyable. We already made plans to return, testimony of good food here.

2 reviews so far 5
17.09.2016 16:45

We love the mushroom lava baos and mango snow moshi. The xiao long bao and cod porridge were tasty too. The radish cake and beef brisket noodle were disappointing. Will return to try their ala carte - peking duck looks good. Booking by Quandoo was easy peasy.

1 review so far 5
30.05.2017 12:54

We were pleasantly surprised that it was less crowded than the last few times when we happened to walk past the place. However, the food was great and service was prompt. we will definitely go back, perhaps to also try out the dim sum.

5 reviews so far 4
21.08.2016 21:30

Food was pretty decent and since the place wasnt too crowded, food came promptly. Came too promptly in fact thus the dim sum were all cold by the time we could eat all dishes. Service was good and prompt as well. Worth a return visit for all-day dim sum.

1 review so far 6
02.11.2016 08:29

Food is tasty. The place is too quiet compared to a normal restaurant serving dim sum. The variety of foods can be further improved. Recommend to small group or up to 8pax.

3 reviews so far 6
10.02.2017 08:35

Good meal, worth the money. Will try their dim sum Morning one day! Great service too! Mango duck was interested, roast crispy chicken's meat was moist. Dishes looked simple but taste great!

1 review so far 5
11.04.2017 11:36

Food was nice but service was lacking on this occasion. Normally everything is impeccable... But will be back. A must try is the mushroom buns and the noodles dishes are done very well & a favorite of mine...

3 reviews so far 5
15.10.2016 13:41

This is an unique offering in the east. Nice ambience with decent dim sum from 8am onwards. Some of the food are not Instagram worthy but your taste buds will tell you you have made the right choice.

2 reviews so far 5
09.04.2017 10:00

Service was good and food was alright. The mango duck was a little dry but the pork knuckle was excellent. Dum Sim variety and taste is average for the price paid. Still prefer THW's siao Long buns.

1 review so far 5
13.11.2016 19:28

Pleasant dining experience. Nice comfortable ambience, reasonably wide selection of dishes, high quality food and good service. The only flaw is that the aircon is rather strong so food turns cold very quickly. Will certainly go again.

3 reviews so far 2
23.10.2016 22:12

Service was not very ideal. Ordered the mushroom liu sha pau but was not told it was sold out until when we asked for it when we wanted to order more food. Would be nice to be informed asap rather than having to wait. Was quite disappointed since I visit the restaurant with the sole purpose of trying out that dish. Our reservation was 1230 so I think there should be more than enough of your signature paus considering its lunch time. Messed up our order with another table as well.

1 review so far 5
06.02.2017 07:42

Quality food, my first visit was disappointed cause most of the food are available as I was there about 1.30pm. Book your food in advance if you are going during late lunch time to avoid disappointment.

1 review so far 5
31.03.2017 07:43

Ambience was nice when we entered, service staffs greeted us with great smile :) As for the food, it was delicious except that some of the dishes was a bit over on the salty side.

1 review so far 4
24.11.2016 17:52

The sequence of serving can be better. We have ordered dim sum and few dishes, the dim sum served after the 2 to 3 dishes served. The taste of dim sum will be discounted as the taste of the dishes have overtake it.

2 reviews so far 4
18.03.2017 12:42

The food was nice, especially "UDON" wan tasty. We booked this restaurant at Tuesday just before dinner, but we could make a reservation for three people. I think the place of there is little inconvenient, so a reservation may not necessary at weekday.

1 review so far 5
30.01.2017 13:06

Food was superb. Service needs some improvement but staff went out of their way to help. Careful about the door - heavy and slams hard - child got hurt when it slammed on him.

1 review so far 5
11.02.2017 10:37

Great food and service!!! The Peking Duck, Fish Maw Soup with Crab Meat & Mushroom, Xiao Long Bao & Mushroom Lava Bao rock. The service crew was friendly, personable and attentive. Nice cozy ambience.

1 review so far 5
11.05.2017 07:38

The service is good. Food is generally not bad love the truffles prawn roll and other truffles dishes. However, the recommended lava bun is abit too dry and overall the price is abit pricey.

2 reviews so far 5
13.03.2017 07:14

Nice choice of good quality food. Peking duck was very nice and so was the bork belly. Bean curd was the highlight. Enjoyed the Gewürztraminer wine that was on the menu. Service was friendly

1 review so far 4
15.05.2017 09:40

I went during a Saturday night for dinner, the atmosphere is good. In general, the food is not bad though it can be improved on some dishes which they charge for a more premium pricung. But the place can be quite squeezy.

2 reviews so far 5
03.03.2017 12:42

Did enjoy the tim sum however the Peking duck was not up to my expectation..Maybe it's because I ordered in during lunch and the bulk of the customers go there for tim sum

1 review so far 6
20.02.2017 09:17

Food is tasty with great ambience ! Suitable place to hang out with friends and families, clean environment & the staff is very polite, service is great!

1 review so far 6
06.02.2017 13:05

Food was great and service was really good. Want to go back when the dim sum menu is available. Hoping the quality will always stay this good

1 review so far 6
19.03.2017 14:57

Delicious food, attentive waiters. Love the ambience which is slightly western, not too Chinese. They have wine bar too. Definitely coming back cos the food was awesome.

8 reviews so far 6
09.06.2016 13:29

This is an amazing and authentic Chinese restaurant - perfect to enjoy your lunch with colleagues. The dim sum is a must-try and the service especially caring.

1 review so far 6
24.11.2016 07:59

Truly a hidden gem in the East. :) Good food at good prices. Liked the Peking Duck the most and the Foie Gras was not bad either.

4 reviews so far 4
13.11.2016 22:33

A very different and exquisite environment to enjoy dim sum. The team was very welcoming. Loved the chilli crab puffs and would be great if they could add more items to the dim sum menu~ . Would definitely return!

1 review so far 6
27.04.2017 09:10

Nice unusual tim sum range. Lovely food and environment. Highly raved udon was average though. The service was excellent. Hidden gem that's very near my place.

1 review so far 6
03.04.2017 09:05

i was greeted with the staffs and great service provided. quandoo is excellent reservation system which ishassle free and i have wonderful experience at lan ting

4 reviews so far 4
11.03.2017 07:34

Food quality is good. Service was generally good, though the pace that dishes are served can be improved. 2-3 dishes were served at about the same time, causing some dishes to be cold by the time we ate it.

1 review so far 6
15.02.2017 11:22

I went To Lan Ting with 2 girlfriends for CNY dinner. We enjoyed the dishes which we ordered especially the orange duck. Service was good too.

1 review so far 5
05.02.2017 14:14

Good customer service and food, but a bit on the pricey side. Would come back again next time to hopefully try the dim sum which they didn't have because of cny