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After being renovated and restyled into a charming, laidback trattoria-style Italian restaurant, La Strada is once again back on the block at the Shaw Centre serving up some of Singapore’s best Italian cuisine. Popular signature dishes (and some new additions) stand alongside Italian wines provided by La Strada’s friends at Caveau Wines & Bar, completing the picture of dining as it’s done in rural Italy. Set close to Orchard station down Scotts Road, alongside La Strada’s sibling restaurant Les Amis (the flagship for the Les Amis Group), this is an unmissable destination for fans of authentic Italian dining.

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La Strada
1 Scotts Road, Shaw centre, #01-13
Singapore 228208

Menu Highlights



affettati misti

prosciutto di parma, la rosa di norcia, mortadella, sopressa salami, gnocchi fritto

jamon de bellota

joselito iberico shoulder ham (60g)

insalata di lattuga

sucrine lettuce, avocado, lemon, dusted with nuts & nutritional yeast


soup of the day

asparagus, spring onions, fava beans, pattypan squash, green pea purée & almond cream

italian wedding soup

union of cime di rappa & pork sausage in broth, poached nz organic egg



braised dutch veal shank, tomato, pancetta, white wine, saffron risotto, gremolata

vitello alla milanese

breaded milk-fed veal chop, lemon, datterini tomato, arugula


roasted anxin chicken breast, brown butter, lemon, roasted potato


chitarra alla carbonara

truffle butter, slow-cooked nz barn egg, parmiggiano, ham crumble

linguine vongole

nz diamond shell clams, garlic white wine


porcini mushrooms, oxtail in red wine


creme brulee

caramelised mango, coconut cream


layered italian tricolore of gelato


Choice of: Traditional or Limoncello

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More about La Strada, Singapore

Please note that tables will be held foronly 15 minutes after the reservation time. Please bear this in mind when making your reservation.

For reservations of more than 6 people, please contact the restaurant directly.

Pick any restaurant in the Les Amis Group’s portfolio and you can reliably bet that it will be a superlative representative of the international cuisine its kitchen creates. La Strada is no exception, blessing Singapore’s Shaw Centre with a prime example of Italian food and hospitality. Close to Orchard station down Scotts Road, La Strada is an oasis of rural Italian peace and quiet in the middle of the city. Styled along the lines of Italian trattoria, the decor is rustic, with Tuscan wood panelling, tables, and chairs, and comfortable banquettes lining walls hung with evocative Italian curios. It’s a setting that encourages guests to engage with dining as a social experience, a short holiday, and a chance to catch up with friends and family.

La Strada’s menu has been put together by head chef Dalton Fong, a veteran of the Les Amis stable with stints at Bistro du Vin and Au Jardin under his belt. Well versed in continental European cookery, Fong’s signature dishes include a classic carbonara, crab meat pasta (sure to be a hit in seafood-mad Singapore), chicken cacciatore, and roasted veal loin. In collaboration with Caveau Wine Bar, just around the corner from La Strada’s Scotts Road restaurant, Fong’s authentic Italian recipes come complemented by a stellar range of fine Italian wines that run the gamut from whites and reds through to sweet and sparkling. Singapore city workers and visitors in the vicinity of Orchard and the Shaw Centre can also revel in La Strada’s affordable lunch set menus, with a choice of three courses and an espresso to finish.

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439 Reviews
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Keynes L.8 days ago · 1 review

Excellent food quality. Service staff were also polite and courteous. Ordered an USDA Ribeye 300gm cooked at medium rare. The steak was juicy and tasty. Order a lobster pasta which was delicious as welk. Also ordered a button mushroom as side.

Goh H.12 days ago · 1 review

Amazing service and great food ! We are there for our second year wedding anniversary! Our second time there and was delighted with the newly renovated place.

Mark L.a month ago · 7 reviews

This is top quality Italian food at a decent price.

Mark L.a month ago · 7 reviews

Thoroughly satisfied with the quality of the food I had (lunch set).

Josh L.2 years ago · 2 reviews

Restaurant was cosy and reminiscent of European restaurants. Service was warm and friendly - the youthful staff are always with a smile. We like that the staff were trained in service - could tell from the way they set the table, served the dishes (which we requested for sharing) and cleared the empty plates after. Maybe one could say that this is something expected for an Italian restaurant, but you can't really be sure in this day and age where manpower is hard to come by. Short wait for food. We thoroughly enjoyed the scallops, fancied the tasty squid ink risotto and found the lobster aglio oglio alright - a bit too oily. Initially thought that the serving was on the small side but we were very satiated by the end of the meal (1 appetiser, 2 mains) and decided to skip the dessert. Side notes: 1. If you are looking for somewhere for a quiet meal and conversation, it may be a bit difficult here as the hard finishings were conducive for loud voiced reverberating throughout the room - we had the good fortune of not meeting too noisy a crowd and it was already on the loud side, so we can't imagine if there were just 1 person who laughs a little too loud. 2. If you intend to have a surprise birthday celebration, would be good to call the restaurant directly to enquire if they can plan something. I left a note in my booking that this meal was for a birthday celebration and while I didn't expect them to sing a song or provide a cake, it would have been a nice touch to just wish the birthday girl 'Happy Birthday'.

Thiri Z.3 years ago · 1 review

Hi, I chose La Strada over the comments that I read. It was for my hubby BD dinner. The staffs welcome us warmly. And we chose the coursed according her recommendation and it was the good choice. Total we had 3 courses, White Wine and Truffle Vanilla Ice-Cream with Chocolate Coating as the dessert. We didn't have any idea how will be the food like as it was our first experience on Italian Food. But Hey it was amazing. We fell in love with the foods. OMG! Worth of money and I can say that my treat for my Hubby BD's was a total success.

Alvin N.3 years ago · 1 review

The overall experience is good. However, the oysters (2 for $14) were too salty. We made a feedback on the oysters to one of the staff, but he commented that it was due to the salt water. My partner and I have tasted many fresh oysters in several restaurants and markets and we know that the oysters and its' juices are definitely not the kind of salty as we'd tasted this time in La Strada. We had oysters as well (3 for $24) the previous time we visited La Strada and they were delicious. This time round, it's way too salty.

CARMEN N.2 months ago · 5 reviews

I used to say that La Strada had the best carbonara in town. After our visit yesterday, I’m not confident that I can say the same thing again. For a reputable restaurant, I’m quite disappointed in their dipped quality upon returning from a long renovation hiatus. The noodles were shockingly quite soggy .. Whatever happened to al dante? And it was just too cheesy, making it quite impossible to enjoy the silky smoothness I used to experience before. The texture was wrong, the flavour was wrong. Any attempt of making it fragrant with truffle oil was wasted by the excessive amount of cheese sprinkled on it. Don’t get me wrong, it was still ‘above average’ pasta. But c’mon. It’s La Strada. You don’t merely expect passable pasta. They can definitely do better than this.

Crystal C.2 months ago · 1 review

The renovation gave the restaurant a modern, cozy and vibrant feel. The menu has a slight change and the cooking has improved. However, service wasn't there for me. Our mains took quite some time to arrive. For estimation purposes, a group who had ordered their food while we were finishing our starters, were half-way through their mains by the time ours came. I wouldn't have minded the wait if we were told in advance it would take this long (may be the beef is more complex to cook compared to pasta, which was what that group were all having), assured that the food was coming or at least given more water. I felt totally ignored and had a mind to just walk out since we were invisible to the servers, who were not that busy (restaurant was not that crowded by then.) Also, since the table was small for 2 people to be sharing 2 mains and 1 side, instead of requesting or asking, the server just slide my phone away to make space for the side. (Yes, I would have take the liberty of moving my phone without asking but the waiting made my mind dull.) Also right next to my left hand was the side which was incredible uncomfortable. I would suggest if you are sharing your mains with your partner, not to have the separate plates that the server would give you since there is literally no place if you order anything more than 2 mains. I really loved this place. The food is good and the ambiance is amazing but the service has been going down for me so I won't be going back anymore.

Rama C.2 years ago · 2 reviews

Great! That was what my two sons and I felt. My older boy, especially, adores beef. And when he gives two thumbs up, that means a whole lot. My all time favourite at La Strada is the Minestrone soup. I rather reluctantly shared it with my son this time. The vegetables are wholesome and fresh and the dish gently wakes up the senses. I ordered the Chopinno and the experience was yummy, subtle blend of an array of seafood. It is a nice cosy restaurant.. important to make early reservations. My sons' only complaint was that the wait for their food was a little too long. But it was worth it!