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Hai Tien Lo
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Hai Tien Lo


Cantonese, Chinese, Asian, Singaporean

Dishes priced aroundSGD 20

Photo of restaurant Hai Tien Lo in Promenade, Singapore

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Menu from Hai Tien Lo

Check out the menu at Hai Tien Lo and explore the popular dishes people are craving! From appetizers to something sweet, take a look at what’s in store for you when you book a table at Hai Tien Lo. You can even check out the prices so you know what to expect, besides the flavours.Browse the menu highlights from Hai Tien Lo and when your mouth starts to water, so you can get in on the flavour action. Mmmm we’re getting hungry already…

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Includes dishes that are:




Chilled Marinated Whole Abalone accompanied with Boston Lobster in Sesame Sauce

SGD 32.00
Hai Tien Lo Chef's Specialty Combination

Sliced Crispy Barbecued Suckling Pig stuffed with Prawn Paste, Chilled Crab Meat in Japanese Sake, Deep-fried Crispy Prawn with Raspberry Sauce

SGD 26.00
Combination of Pan-fried Scallop and Sliced Crispy Barbecued Suckling Pig stuffed with Prawn Paste in Thai Sauce

SGD 22.00


Double-boiled Fish Maw with Bamboo Pith in Fish Bone Broth

SGD 68.00
Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Abalone, Dried Scallops, Fresh Prawn and Chinese Mushrooms served in Young Coconut

SGD 38.00
Braised Fresh and Dried Scallops with Fresh Mushrooms in Supreme Chicken Stock

SGD 18.00


Buffet Price (Start from 1st Jun 2022)

Weekday buffet
Minimum of two diners required
Adult $63++ per person
Child $31.50++ (6 to 12 year old)

Weekend buffet
Minimum of two diners required
Adult $73++ per person
Child $36.50++(6 to 12 year old)



Braised Australian Fresh Whole Abalone

Seasonal Price

Deep-fried Crispy Sea Cucumber stuffed with Minced Pork and Shrimps accompanied with Preserved Vegetables

SGD 24.00
Stir-fried Lobster with Truffle Sauce served in Whole Pumpkin

SGD 34.00


Double-boiled Vegetarian Soup with Bamboo Piths, Assorted Mushrooms, Mock Chicken and Deep-fried Yam

SGD 18.00
Double-boiled Morel Mushrooms with Bamboo Pith, Chinese Cabbage and Mushrooms in Vegetarian Stock

SGD 14.00
Vegetarian Hot and Sour Peppered Soup in Thick Broth

SGD 12.00

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