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The BetterField

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About The BetterField

The team at High Street’s The BetterField are a rare blend of friendly Singaporean service bods and culinary whizz kids with an eye for bold flavour, smart ingredient pairings and beautiful presentation. There are light bites and proper dinner courses aplenty here, all served in a dining space that is relaxed, chic and above all else, welcoming. Diners are invited to visit this part of Singapore’s City Hall for smart food, great service and an evening well spent.

Opening Hours

  • Monday 11:00 - 22:00
  • Tuesday 11:00 - 22:00
  • Wednesday 11:00 - 22:00
  • Thursday 11:00 - 22:00
  • Friday 11:00 - 22:00
  • Saturday 11:00 - 22:00
  • Sunday 11:00 - 22:00
The BetterField, High St, #01-03 100, 179434 Singapore

Further Information

The ambience at The BetterField, in Singapore’s City Hall district on High Street, changes depending on when you drop by. Head over in the early afternoon and you’ll find some of High Street’s best coffee and pastries being served to on-the-go types and a handful of intellectual sorts sipping a steaming mug of tea. Head over in the evening though, and you’ll see the kitchen come into its own: smart dinner dishes with a particular attention to duck. Duck, it seems, is the kitchen’s forte, meaning that whether you’re looking for a light duck sandwich or some seared, on-the-bone main course, The BetterField’s menu offers something really special.

For those accustomed to Singapore’s hyper-agile dining scene, The BetterField, with its menu riddled with luxury ingredients, might look to be much of a muchness with other City Hall restaurants. But pay closer attention and it’s clear that the markers of distinction at this Waterloo Street eatery are subtler. Find bread baked on-site, fresh pastries and coffee, as well as cooked-to-perfection steaks, risottos, and of course, duck. It’s the details that set The BetterField apart, and you’re invited to join them in the week from 11am-3pm for lunch and from 11am right through to 10pm Saturday and 8pm Sundays.

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166 Reviews

4.8 /6 Excellent 166 Reviews
Food: delicious
Noise: quiet
Atmosphere: lively
Waiting Time: short
Quality/Price: cheap
Service: friendly
42 6
71 5
36 4
8 3
7 2
2 1
2 reviews so far 6
16.06.2017 16:02

Was a really good experience. Had the angus beef steak with truffle sauce @ $22 and the mussels saffron risotto. Both were really good and value for money. Definitely coming back to try the Burnt mentaiko which I heard about haha..

7 reviews so far 6
18.04.2017 14:00

The place was a bit too quiet after working hours, I went there with few of my friends for dinner and the steak was really good!

44 reviews so far 6
11.04.2017 08:09

A place that you can get good quality food, welcoming service and quiet environment. (At least so these are what I have gotten so far).

1 review so far 6
10.04.2017 08:29

Black Angus beef is worth the shot, reasonable pricing and good quality beef. There's no where you can have get standards like this for such reasonable price.

1 review so far 5
29.12.2015 08:16

Food: Steak is excellent. Very well cooked to the level of doneness we wanted. Great cooking skills. Truffle fries are v good too. Chocolate banana cake is a little dry for my liking. Ice cream sandwich is flavourful and enjoyable. Self-service ice water is v much appreciated and leaves our wallets free for dessert. Service: Service is fantastic. Orders came fast. We ordered roasted duck fat potatoes without realising it comes with nacho cheese. We can't take cheese and it was very kind of The Betterfield to allow us to return it with no extra cost, even though it was our fault for not reading the menu closely. Thanks to The Betterfield for the kind understanding. Pricing: 200g steak costs $21 only. No additional service charge or GST - thumbs up! Desserts may look a little pricey but after some calculations, I find the price to be comparable to other restaurants who add service charge or GST to their cakes. FYI The Betterfield only accepts AMEX, nets or cash. Location: It is a little hard to find. Tucked at the side of Blk 261. Easier to come in from Queen st. We parked at Bugis+ which gives per entry parking for weekdays after 5pm. Short walk from Bugis+ to The Betterfield. We heard there is HDB parking there though. Must order: Ribeye steak. Considering the price and how well it was cooked, this is really value for money. We would return just for this. Need reservations for peak hour as it was full when we visited.

4 reviews so far 5
06.08.2016 12:21

Location is actually at "The Treasury", I wish Quandoo and Google map will give building names! It was a Sunday evening and the place was quite empty. Greeted and seated quickly with very efficient rearrangements of tables for our group of 9. Earnest waitressing from young local staff who took the orders with patience and ensuring they got everything right. Very casual dining. Plain water canteen refill canteen style (cups or carafe). Food was in good portion. - Truffles fries was good - Truffle mushroom risoto excellent (will go back for more, with 1 serving to myself instead of sharing!) - Beef (wagyu and sirloin) were flavorful and cooked according to order but had many chewy sinewy bits which marred the experience. - Pull duck burger with black bun was yummy with a tangy sauce with a hint of heat. - Duck confit was well flavored but skin was not crisp enough. - Sauteed spinach with mushroom feels more like Chinese zichar LOL. - Deserts were so so: Lava cake was more chocolate ganache then cake, ice creams flavors were very interesting but a tad too sweet, the sugar on top green tea creme bulee could have been torched for longer as the top was more sugar crystals than sugar crust. Staff were very sweet and accommodating in adding a single candle to the lava cake for kid's birthday, just don't expect them to burst into birthday song! ;) We were not aware that there is no service charged and GST levied, or would have happily left a tip. So sorry, Betterfield staff! Overall an easy meal at a simple restaurant in a central location, good price too!

1 review so far 5
27.02.2016 10:01

The Betterfield is small but very cosy. We ordered the truffle fries, angus beef and the duck confit. The truffle fries was delicious, with a strong taste of truffles. The medium rare angus beef was delicious and well-cooked so we loved it. The duck confit was a little dry but it was still good overall when paired with the raspberry sauce. A very good experience overall and there was no GST! That was a bonus :) Would love to go back again!

20 reviews so far 5
02.06.2016 23:55

With the new location, a more spacious and lively ambience! Food was really worth it for the price paid for and the quality of ingredients used! Especially enjoyed my order of scallops with cheddar and tater tots that was meant to be an appetizer for sharing but I had it as a main instead which was satisfying and filling! The scallops were fresh, juicy and chewy topped with a cheesy, crusty baked surface layer. And the crispy hashbrown tater tots, though common, was pretty much additive. Set lunches are also available during lunch hours on weekdays which is really really worth it! Imagine $17.90 for a portion of ribeye steak, soup of the day and an iced beverage?! My dining partner claimed that the steak was the best she've had and polished off the entire portion in no time! A really great place to chill and satisfy your palate with a welcoming ambience, friendly service and delectable food.

1 review so far 4
17.01.2016 07:50

I would recommend The Betterfield for a simple environment but good food. My steak was amazing, cooked perfectly for medium, melt in your mouth goodness. Unfortunately my son's steak was over-salted but nonetheless, it was tender and succulent. And the price is very reasonable for this quality of steak. Can't say how the rest of the menu is since we all tried steak, but we'll go back again to try the rest. Rating is 4 and not 5 because of the over-salted steak.

2 reviews so far 6
27.01.2016 11:56

Ordered Riverine ribeye with foie gras, 600g beef and a crispy duck salad this time. 3rd visit in 3 weeks! Awesome beef as usual, cooked to perfection (medium rare). Salad was delicious, but a tad too strongly flavoured as I had it with steak. Would be awesome if lighter sides were available on the menu (e.g. plain roast potatoes, mashed potatoes). Would pair my steaks with the garden salad next time. Salad veggies were crisp, fresh, and flavourful. Betterfield uses the nicer varieties for their salads. Definitely worth multiple visits! Going to try their pastas and risottos next time! :)

2 reviews so far 4
15.03.2017 13:02

The seating arrangement of the place was slightly off, I couldnt find a seating area that was ideal. The space is huge and is great for big groups. My friend and I had the Gold & Silver tier Steak. The presentation of the food was decent. The gold tier steak had a Blow Torch "performance" right at your table. We've ordered our steak Medium Rare, however the meat came pretty rare. We decided to continue with our meal and taste it. I really like the Silver tier steak as compared to the Gold tier. We also ordered truffle fries which was really good! and also a Supersize Mocktail which was worth the price. Overall worth the try.

1 review so far 5
06.04.2016 08:52

Ordered the duck fat potatoes, mushroom risotto and riverine steak - we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of food given the reasonable prices, as our expectations were already raised by the pleasant aroma of truffle oil from outside the place. The dishes were delicious and bursting with flavour. It was crowded but the staff were polite and friendly, especially the chef, who took time to chat with us about the cheese painting he did. If the aircon was stronger, would definitely give 6 stars.

3 reviews so far 6
10.03.2017 22:17

My wife ordered a 300g steak that was cooked to perfection and came in a very well presented plate. The meat was tender and juicy on the inside while having the right charring on the outside (had a medium well). I had a Panko Chicken burger that came in dark charcoal burger buns. The burger was not too bad but the steak was pretty amazing and value for money.

1 review so far 5
24.06.2015 16:04

Small restaurant at Waterloo Centre serves great food! Tried the sirloin steak it was delicious! Done to my request of 'medium well' the beef was juicy and succulent. The salad on the side was crisp and the dressing used goes perfectly. If it came with fries or mashed potatoes too, it would be perfect for me! The fries with truffle oil was a hit too, it was gone in minutes! Keep up the good work, chefs!

2 reviews so far 4
21.06.2016 06:42

We tried the following items: - truffle fries - brie - ribeye - salted egg yolk pasta I enjoyed the Brie! The berry compote served with it was lovely. The truffle fries and ribeye didn't stand out for me. It's my first time trying pasta with salted egg yolk, I thought it would be too heavy after a few mouthfuls. Thankfully they did it quite well, it could have a little more salt though. I hope they add desserts and drinks I.e wine or beer to the menu soon :)

1 review so far 2
04.04.2016 14:09

We ordered a mushroom truffle risotto, and 3 different cuts of steak. Initially, we were asked and was told that the steak came with some sides. However, it was not to be and we had to order a salad on top of $100 worth of steak. That's a downer. The risotto was fairly decent, though it was slightly overcooked. The steak came with the fancy "blowtorch" experience. Looks nice, but the cuts were all slightly under for medium rare. We have 3 different cuts, but could not really tell the difference. Maybe it's just our lousy palate. Apart from the food, the dining area is extremely warm even with the air conditioning on. We were basically sweating whilst trying to enjoy our meals. The floor is also tremendously oily and slippery from all the grilling. So you have been warned. Although, the owners did mention that they will be shifting to another premises, so this might change. Overall, fairly disappointed. Not a very pleasant experience and costly as well. Unfortunately, I would not recommend this place till something changes.

1 review so far 5
27.09.2015 21:08

Had the truffle fries, popcorn chicken with mentaiko sauce, Wagyu beef with foi gras, mushroom and cream spaghetti and duck confit. All are pretty decent. The duck confit has crispy skin with soft meat underneath. Neither too salty nor too oily. The Wagyu beef was also decently executed. But I would say that the foi gras, while good on its own, does not add particular value to the beef.

8 reviews so far 6
28.02.2016 11:10

Food and service is good! Tried their salted egg yolk risotto (new and limited period on the menu), very interesting dish but abit tad too salty for us (which we feedback-ed). Everything else is wonderful, and we love the choco hazel ice cream sandwich! (: their beef is still the best 😀

1 review so far 3
28.12.2015 09:11

The ambience was really cosy however the place was a tad too warm to our liking resulting in the place being too stuffy and it also need better ventilation in the restaurant. The food was really superb especially the beef but the seasonings could be tone down as I course literally eat a piece of salt off my food. Also my friend ordered the spaghetti which have really nice sauce and prawn but the spaghetti could use a little more cooking as it was rather hard as thought it was just slightly boiled in water. Overall, the food is affordable for they price paid.

10 reviews so far 4
24.12.2015 08:47

Cozy ambience in a arty farty setting. Smell of the foods are likely to stick on to your clothes if you don't mind due to the sheer size of the cafe. We ordered steak (medium) with foie gras added, considering the good reviews read before, we were a tad disappointed when both came overdone. More towards well-done. Wine is good. Service is good and reasonable waiting time for food. Was not crowded during the Sunday we went.

3 reviews so far 5
06.09.2015 20:32

We celebrated our friend's birthday there, a group of 8. The place wasn't very big but they were very accommodating. Service was fantastic! Servers were so friendly and helpful with the orders and cake. Food was great, I ordered the Fukikake and prawn spaghetti ($20), there were lots of fresh prawns, and spaghetti well cooked. No GST and service charge.

1 review so far 5
14.01.2016 15:00

The mushroom truffle risotto was awesome with a right balance of both mushroom and truffle. Pulled duck charcoal burger came with fries and salad sides. Duck confit was a tad too salty for us. Our fav was the thai chilli chicken, which packed a "crunch" with the sweet chilli sauce and hints of garlic. Definitely worth the visit!

2 reviews so far 5
28.03.2016 12:52

Good food but small place, can only accommodate up to 30 customers. Would be better if they had given us a table with better lighting. The corner seats were pretty stuffy and we all looked like we had a shower after eating the meal, but in general the steak was awesome, so were the duck confit and risotto!

2 reviews so far 6
21.01.2016 09:07

Cosy atmosphere in a small shop in Waterloo. Serves awesome steak cooked to perfection! (I ordered medium rare.) The duck fat potatoes were yummy too, but I think the cheese sauce was unnecessary, as it already comes with delicious shredded duck and truffle mayo. Definitely worth a visit!

3 reviews so far 6
25.10.2015 20:12

Food was good quality was better than expected ... One if the best places to hv truffle fries ... Steaks were value for money ... Only the ambience was lacking but hey the foods great and staff friendly so who cares ... Will come back for sure

1 review so far 5
12.12.2015 09:58

The service was fairly for a small shop like this. location was quite easy to find. The angus beef was very good and cooked till very well as what I have requested. Eating it together with the special sauce makes the beef more delicious. However the prawn risotto was a little salty.

1 review so far 5
24.04.2016 23:15

Food was good for the price. We had a ribeye, mushroom risotto and salted egg prawn risotto. However some dishes were slightly salty, once that is adjusted, all would be fine. Service was patchy - I asked for other recommendation and was told the beef is recommended which I had already ordered.

3 reviews so far 5
15.07.2015 23:49

Excellent food, great coffee! I will certainly return for another meal. Just one thing though... Maybe it was because of the crowd that night, but it felt a bit hot in the restaurant despite the aircon being on... Wish it was cooler inside! Other than that, I couldn't fault the place. Impressed!

6 reviews so far 3
07.11.2015 15:21

The steak was pretty good for an affordable price. Risotto was to my liking as well and the gentle great white beer. Roasted duck fat potatoes was a little bit disappointing tho cos its tad salty. Pretty squeezy place and i pretty much could hear all the conversations around me haha but i guessed thats why u could have decent food at an affordable price. Service lacked initiative tho most of the staffs are friendly when serving you. Would come back for a really quick dinner

8 reviews so far 6
07.03.2016 03:03

Decided to head back another round and this time for 600g of steak! The different sauces that comes with it was so satisfying as well as playful on the tastebuds. A must try! The boss is also very friendly (:

8 reviews so far 5
03.12.2016 20:09

Cosy place with consistently good quality fare. Peaceful dining ambience, but patrons tend to smell of food after coming out from the restaurant. Specialise in beef and duck dishes with plenty of cheese choices, cooked dishes are well executed. Mid ranged pricing with value for money drinks.

1 review so far 4
20.06.2016 07:07

The starters were surprisingly very good but prices are slightly steep for the portion. As for the mains, i was slightly disappointed at the Angus ribeye. Slightly tough, especially the outer pieces. The ones in the centre had a better cook on it. All in all, I think the restaurant is kinda pricey for its interior and ambience.

1 review so far 2
15.04.2016 17:32

Slow service. They had ran out of alot of drinks by the time I had gotten there, at about 8pm (i was early for my reservation). Truffle fries were not crispy, pesto was too much (too strong and thus easily sick of it), the pulled duck burger was not too bad though the sauce was overpowering. The matcha creme brulee really smelt like a fish pond with algae and the aftertaste left that smell in your mouth (my friend and i had to get a starbucks after to rinse out). The only good thing was their roasted duck fat potatoes. For the price we paid ($78) I didnt feel the meal was worth it at all.

3 reviews so far 6
31.08.2016 19:12

Enjoyed our lunch of mbs7 Wagyu, with all the juices and flavor locked into the seared meat. The fries was a little salty for us. Next time we will come after work n have the fries with beer!

1 review so far 6
28.06.2015 15:45

I was running late and the betterfield called me to confirm my reservation. Food was really good. I had the angus ribeye. It was tasty af. The ribeye was pre sliced. It was heavenly. 10/10 would come again

2 reviews so far 6
26.07.2016 08:46

Food was excellent, the ambience was great for our group with 3 kids as it was a fairly quiet weekday evening. Chef Shaun even whipped up the dishes himself and it was truly a delight!

5 reviews so far 6
09.04.2016 22:13

Cosy atmosphere, and the steak was awesome! For its price, it's one of the best I have eaten. And the cheese fries was insanely good with the very generous serving of nacho cheese. Thumbs up!

11 reviews so far 5
22.06.2016 14:27

Must order: Duck Fats Potato, Prawn Risotto, Wagyu and Ondeh Ondeh Cake. Always a great delight to have the above dishes. Sometime they have special grade beef, you have to check with the staffs. Great food, great vale! Cash Payment Only!

10 reviews so far 6
19.02.2017 11:52

First time at the new place, it's now a lot more spacious! Steak still as fantastic as before, can't beat the price for the quality of steak served here. The brie was delicious too.

2 reviews so far 6
17.02.2016 21:05

2nd visit back to the place with my grp of friends. ordered the pull duck burger, angus beef and also the duck fat potatoes. both mains are delicious, however they could have more potatoes.

9 reviews so far 4
18.01.2016 20:04

Steak was good; but order bigger portions to share as the cuts are thicker & juicier then. Truffle fries smell divine but have absolutely no truffle taste & are very salty. Don't eat the desserts, the cake was the driest cake I've tasted in my life. Space is quite cramped.

2 reviews so far 4
12.03.2016 22:40

I had high expectations because of the lunch crowd and the recommendation from my friend. The service was good although it was a full house and there were only 3 service staff. The food was above average. Missing 2 points as my prawn risotto was a bit too watery.

3 reviews so far 4
02.03.2017 16:51

The food is just as good as it was back in old location. However, I wonder the lack of wine new decision..since they serve steak. The interior design and settings are also a little awkward but again, the food is really good and I would come back again.

10 reviews so far 5
11.03.2016 17:05

The steak is AMAZING. I'm sure their other mains are great too but i always end up ordering the steak. Truffle fries and other sides are ok, but nothing to shout about. The steak is where it's at

1 review so far 5
12.02.2017 10:51

The staff were friendly. Quiet and Great ambience. The restaurant is good for couples out for dates or friends looking for a quiet place to dine and connect. Food were great just that the portion were rather small.

1 review so far 5
02.02.2016 07:36

Good Food at decent prices. I would Love to have a toilet in the shop. Steak was good quality meat, perfectly grilled. In the duck burger i felt it was a tad too much of the thai Sauce.

1 review so far 6
13.04.2016 08:45

Great food, friendly service staff and owner who explained the menu, daily specials and made recommendations when we couldn't decide what to have. Steak was tasty and accompanying sauce was well-matched

1 review so far 6
26.09.2015 00:35

Definitely a good chilling place with nice staffs and boss. The food and drinks is something you can never find anywhere outside! Will go again next time! Must try the beef!!

1 review so far 5
13.09.2015 09:28

Good honest food in a little hole in the wall location. Cafe was full even on a weekday night, testament to the good value. Service was prompt and service staff were knowledgeable about offerings. Would return soon!

20 reviews so far 4
26.06.2015 23:45

Ordered pulled duck burger, truffle mushroom risotto for the mains and thai chilli fried chicken as our entrée. I must admit the food here is really good and worth trying despite the slightly steep price. Hopefully, service can be improved as staff does not seem welcoming.