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About Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant

UE Square off Singapore’s Clemenceau Avenue is home to Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant – a traditional Japanese eatery with serious pedigree. Under the guidance of Angeline Wong (of Hanabi fame), this restaurant close to Clarke Quay serves up some of the best classic Japanese food in the city. There’s sushi and noodle dishes here, as well as a selection of tempura-led offerings – perfect for the undecided fans of Japanese food looking for a full range of delicacies from Japan.

Opening Times

Open today - Opens at 11:30 am
11:30 am - 2:30 pm
6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
11:30 am - 2:30 pm
6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
11:30 am - 2:30 pm
6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
11:30 am - 2:30 pm
6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
11:30 am - 2:30 pm
6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
11:30 am - 2:30 pm
6:00 pm - 10:30 pm
11:30 am - 2:30 pm
6:00 pm - 10:30 pm


Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant
#03-15/16 81 Clemenceau Avenue UE Square
Singapore 239917

Menu Highlights


À la carte

Buta To Garlic

Grilled Pork with Garlic Seasoning

Unagi Don

Steam Rice Topped with Grilled Eel

Korro Korro Steak

Tenderloin Beef Cubes with Special Sauce



Adult S$37++
Child S$27++

Lunch (Mon to Sun)


Adult S$39++
Child S$29++

Dinner (Mon to Sun, Eve of PH & PH)

More about Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant, Singapore

Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant (shin minori means new harvest in English) finds itself on UE Square, moments from the hustle and bustle of Robertson Quay up on Clemenceau Avenue. Offering both traditional a la carte and buffet-style options for fans of sushi and soba in Singapore, Angeline Wong’s latest venture is a must-visit. The aim here is to recreate the classic flavours of Japan in Singapore, and that means that the kitchen sources its ingredients from local Japanese suppliers as much as possible, hence the food here as authentic as it can be.

Capitalising on the success of her Hanabi restaurant in Bukit Timah and Odeon Towers, Angeline Wong’s Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant brings to this new UE Square location off Clemenceau Avenue much of what made Hanabi successful (mostly its commitment to great food in a family-friendly environment). Among the Robertson Quay area’s many great places to grab a bite to eat, Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant stands out for its family-friendly vibe and great, authentic Japanese food. Singapore is not short of Japanese restaurant, but finding somewhere that the whole family is welcome to eat in peace together is a bigger ask; in Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant the city has its answer.

272 Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant Reviews

272 Reviews
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Cheryl Y.a year ago · 15 reviews

Shin Minori has been my choice of Japanese buffet restaurant for years, like the fresh sashimi & sushi 🍣 , rich flavour noodle, grilled stuff, etc; many friends agreed with me so far 😃

Cheryl Y.a year ago · 15 reviews

Shin Minori has been my choice of Japanese buffet restaurant for years, like the fresh sashimi & sushi 🍣 , rich flavour noodle, grilled stuff, etc; many friends agreed with me so far 😃

Gabriel K.2 years ago · 1 review

Good and fast service. They improve their service 2x with the addition of the tablets. Food was still the same but it taste as good as before. All was good.

Endy C.2 years ago · 2 reviews

Nice Food and nice service they offer special makimono which is not available outside and with the UOB 1 for 1 is more worth it compare to the usual price.

BENEDICT L.2 years ago · 1 review

I don't understand why on earth people would feel annoyed by their service. Please do take comfort in knowing that they aren't exactly the high-end restaurant that you're looking for. They're an above average restaurant that serves tremendous dishes that caters to your every need. So for an establishment at that level, they're doing an excellent job. And that includes service. They made no fuss at the thought of item cancellation, extra drinks and they go the additional mile. Attitudes and tensions may seem a little high during service because it is packed with customers or simply because it is because they're probably overbooked on a daily basis. And if they're overbooked, it is a testament of their quality. So if you can't accept the idea of a decent outlet with a little bit of harmless chaos, you should probably take your expensive but overly thick mentalities some place else. Oh yes, don't forget to bring your high horses else where too!

Cheryl L.3 years ago · 3 reviews

Reservations at at this restaurant are certainly recommended especially if you are visiting in a big group of > 4 people. We arrived at 6pm for our reservations and were possibly the first dinner dining patrons. However, it took quite a while before we were attended to. We were standing up front waiting to be noticed by any one staff. Ordering is easy, with a tablet attached to the table. Find what you want, based on number or dish name and submit your orders accordingly. One thing to note though, that orders are lumped together. So say you order 3 portions of sashimi and a friend orders 2 portions, the 5 portions are served up together. Of course that is if you make the orders at about the same time. Service was fast initially but gradually slowed with the number of customers coming in. Because we were on the ala carte buffet, we soon lost track of where we were with our orders. And, there was somehow no way of figuring out what has been served, what was still pending.. especially for orders that were not so outstanding... like say, a plate of sashimi. Do note that, being on the buffet, drinks are not included in the pricing and can amount to alot (with flavoured drinks starting from S$3.50) each.

Michele L.2 years ago · 1 review

Food was very decent, and we liked the relaxing ambience. Unfortunately, we visited the day the computer systems went down. And the wait staff clearly need more training. We arrived at 6pm, were seated promptly, and placed our buffet orders shortly. We were served a delicious steamed salmon fish head on the house - loved it. The hot green tea we ordered only arrived around 6.30, after we asked and were told of the computer fault. It took the staff another 25+ minutes to start transferring orders from the iPad to paper. And so we only got our first ordered dish at 7.20. Meanwhile, we saw wait staff beckon customers into the kitchen to get their teapots refilled. Staff ran frantically to serve the customers. Some staff came out with trays of food and walked aimlessly, with no idea which tables had ordered the food. Then radio silence until I approached a wait staff at the cashier area. To be fair, I waited till other customers who arrived later got their food - clear sign of another mess up. The food came fast and furious after, but some items were missed. Dinner finally ended at 8.46 for us, when we left so hungry that the hunger pangs had subsided. The cashier waived our $4 hot green tea order, which meant we paid nearly $190 for 2 hours and 45 minutes of waiting for a buffet that left us hungry. Though the food is good, I'm not sure I'll go back.

Joel T.2 years ago · 18 reviews

We had the buffet dinner for 6 to celebrate my dad's birthday. The variety of food was quite adequate. The sashimi was fresh and came in thick slices. The tako sashimi is a little different from other places as they use baby octopus rather than slices of octopus tentacles. I prefer the latter as there is a nice chewy texture and allows you to taste the octopus more compared to using the baby octopus. The place was crowded so service was a little slow especially as we were seated behind a divider, separated from the main dining area. It was quite difficult to get the attention of the staff from there but once we managed to, they attended to our requests quite quickly. The ipad ordering system did lose our tempura order though but other than that, an enjoyable meal.

JENNIFER C.3 years ago · 1 review

5 Even though our orders went missing pretty often, the service staff were very helpful and quick to respond. Food served was generous esp the sashimi cuts. The Ika cut was so generous that each mouthful brings out the freshness and chewiness. The grills were a welcome addition to the Buffett and the grilled chicken on skewers and with black pepper were so delicious that my son had more than 10 sticks in all! This place has the feel of jap restaurants found tucked away in some small alleys in Japan but served mouth watering food. Only lament is that desserts aren't included in the Buffett. Overall a good place for family and foodies.

khaing w.3 years ago · 1 review

I celebrated my B'day with my friends at Shin Minori restaurant for Lunch Buffet. Let me share good things about this shop first. - Food quality is quiet good. Very delicious and tasty. Truly Authentic Japanese foods! - Food waiting time is acceptable, it's not too much time. Here's bad about this shop are: - Food portion is too small for 1 person. We ordered foods with the expectation with the food picture of the menu. But most of the foods are very small portion. - Food ordering application seems attractive and useful but it sometimes crash and we have to order everything before the application crash. - We didn't know that Buffets didn't include any beverages/drinks. We have to order separately for the drinks. Hence, buffet costs too expensive more than expected. For one person, Buffet for lunch starts from 34$ + tax 7% + drinks (5+) = total 40$+. Compared with other buffets, it too costly for this kind of food menu. Overall, myself & my friends didn't like the experience too much. There are many Japanese buffets available in Singapore with this kind of food quality less than this cost. Will not go this shop again in future.