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About Perfetto Cafe

Perfetto means ‘perfect’ in Italian, and it’s to perfection that Singapore’s Perfetto Cafe aspires. Aiming to cater to hungry, busy folk who have no time to prepare their own food, and less than ideal amounts in the bank to spend on eating out, this popular Bugis establishment offers home-cooked-style food in a relaxed and comfortable setting without skimping on a core philosophy of originality and quality. From atmosphere and service to the food itself – the imaginative minds in Perfetto’s kitchen down Bussorah Street restaurant offer a huge range of Western dishes (from European and Austrian to American-style burgers, British and fusion options), decadent desserts and snacks.Remember, sign up for Perfetto Cafe membership and you’ll receive a $10 cashback voucher when you spend $100 or more on a single bill per table!

Opening Times

Open now - Closes at 12:00 am
10:30 am - 12:00 am
10:30 am - 12:00 am
10:30 am - 12:00 am
10:30 am - 12:00 am
10:30 am - 12:00 am
10:30 am - 12:00 am
10:30 am - 12:00 am


Perfetto Cafe
11 Bussorah Street
Singapore 199432

Menu Highlights


Finger Food

Perfetto Popcorn Chicken

Breaded fried chicken fried with our homemade recipe, perfect as small bites or a mid-afternoon snack

Chicken Satay

Chicken satay served with red onion and Perfetto peanut sauce, a local delight!

Lamb Satay

Lamb satay served with red onion and Perfetto peanut sauce, a local delight!


Crusty Parmesan Baguette (veg.)

A lightly buttered baguette baked with a savoury Perfetto parmesan sauce, topped off with a fresh Sunny Side Up

Shrimp on the Boat (3pcs)

A lightly buttered baguette baked with a savoury Perfetto parmesan sauce, topped with juicy shrimp & mouth-watering cheese

Perfetto Brunch

Tuck into a hearty brunch with our signature Crusty Parmesan Baguette, smoked chicken sausages, morning must-have scrambled eggs, and vegetable sides


Ham Baked Rice (veg.)

Vegetarian Ham and Mozzarella cheese sitting atop Perfetto Rice, baked to perfection

Fish & Chips

Deep Fried Pacific Dory fish till golden brown and crispy, paired with a side of Golden Crispy Fries

Chicken Cutlet

A succulent Chicken Thigh deep fried till golden and crispy, paired with a side of Golden Crispy Fries

Shrimp Baked Rice

Let your tastebuds tingle as you bite into the juicy shrimps, made with our homemade recipe and baked with Mozzarella Cheese and rice

Lamb Baked Rice

Sink your teeth into juicy pieces of lamb, baked with Mozzarella Cheese and rice

Baked Pepper Salmon

A fresh salmon baked with fresh vegetables, and served alongside Perfetto Salad Dressing

Uptown Steak

Premium sirloin steak grilled to your liking, matched with fresh vegetables and Perfetto Salad Dressing

Rack of Lamb

Premium lamb rack grilled to your liking, set aside fresh vegetables and Perfetto Salad Dressing


Green Forest Pasta (veg.)

Our homemade Perfetto Pasta, coupled with broccoli, cauliflower, cherry tomatoes and bell pepper

Shrimp Pasta

Our homemade Perfetto Pasta, accompanied by juicy shrimps, broccoli, and cherry tomatoes


Double Rice Burger (veg.)

Dig in to two Perfetto Homemade Rice Patties, with sauce, melted cheese, fresh tomatoes and red onions

Spicy Lamb Burger

Sandwiched between a 100% Charcoal Burger Bun, a homemade lamb patty drizzled with spicy sauce, topped with melted cheese, butterhead lettuce, fresh tomatoes and served with French fries

Double Beef Burger

Two juicy beef patties layered with sauce, and stacked with cheese, fresh tomatoes, red onions. Served with French fries

Salmon Burger

A salmon patty cooked with sauce, accompanied by melted cheese, butterhead lettuce, fresh tomatoes, then sandwiched by a milk-base burger bun, and served with French fries

À la carte

Perfetto Rice

Perfetto Rice recipe topped with anchovies, a perfect accompaniment to any main course

Perfetto Mushroom Soup (veg.)

Blended Swiss Brown Mushroom Soup, a vegetarian option that goes well as an appetiser or an after-meal indulgence

Perfetto Salad (veg.)

Broccoli, Cauliflower, Baby Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes and Bell Pepper tossed with Salad Dressing

Craft Beer

Carlsberg 33cl


Hoegaarden White 33cl


Corona Extra with Lime 33cl


Knonenbourg Blanc 33cl


Somersby Apple Cider 33cl


Guinness Stout 33cl



Tiger Jug (132cl)


Heineken Jug (132cl)



Inspired Company Cabernet Merlot

Cabernet Merlot, South Eastern Australia

Inspired Company Unoaked Chardonnayc

Unoaked Chardonnay, South Eastern Australia

Little Eden Moscato

Moscato, Mount Annan, Australia

Little Eden Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir, Mount Annan, Australia

Francoise Chauvenet Lajolie Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon, Burgundy, France

Francoise Chauvenet Lajolie Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc, Burgundy, France

Francoise Chauvenet La Jolie Merlot

Merlot, Burgundy, France

Chevalier Blanc De Blanc

Blanc De Blanc, France

Chateau De La Roque

Bordeaux, France

Ramond R Collection

Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, USA


Red Romance Sparkling


Root Beer Float


Coke Float


Ice Peach Tea


Hazelnut Latte




Vanilla Latte


Caramel Latte


Ice Milo (Fresh Milk)



Apple Cocktail 33cl


Mango Cocktail 33cl


Lemon Cocktail 33cl



Affogato Dessert

A scoop of premium vanilla Ice-cream topped with a shot of espresso & whipped cream

Affogato Belgium Waffle (veg.)

Tuck into a hearty dessert of our homemade waffles, topped with a scoop of premium vanilla Ice-cream, a shot of espresso, chocolate sauce, peanut, almond flakes, whipped cream & icing sugar

Triple Scoops Belgium Waffle (veg.)

Tuck into a hearty dessert of our homemade waffles, topped with chocolate sauce, peanut, almond flakes, whipped cream, icing sugar & three scoops of gelato

More about Perfetto Cafe, Singapore

The concept behind Bugis’ Perfetto Cafe is threefold – cibo perfetto, servizio perfetto, and ambiente perfetto – perfect food, perfect service, and perfect ambience. Here, great service is so much more than just having a friendly front-of-house team. It’s also about providing top-notch food made from scratch using home-style recipes, offering enough choices for guests with health foremost in their minds and an amazing, homely setting in which to dine. They’ve been nailing it at Perfetto Cafe, and thanks to this commitment to excellence, the staff managed to take home a 2015 SG 50 Enterprise Award for their consistently high standards and top quality cuisine.

From small bites to hearty main courses, the food alone at Perfetto Cafe on Bussorah Street is worth making a special journey for, and it’s all incredibly inexpensive despite the use of premium ingredients sourced from suppliers chosen with the utmost care. Take in a delicious brunch of Belgian waffles with a latte, stop in for a snack like popcorn chicken, or get fancy with an order of the steakhouse rack of lamb alongside a draught beer, or the salmon burger with a glass of fine wine. There’s plenty more where that came from, and thankfully for you, this Singapore cafe, a comfortable zone for communal dining with friends and family, is just steps from Bugis station!

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