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About Hakata Japanese Restaurant

For lovers of Japanese cuisine, Singapore is a gold mine and Hakata Japanese Restaurant serves up some of Clementi’s finest. Located on West Coast Drive close to Clementi MRT station, the restaurant is a favourite for students at Singapore Polytechnic as well as residents of nearby Pandan Gardens. Hakata Japanese Restaurant’s menu boasts everything from freshly sliced sashimi to perfectly prepared sushi and other Japanese favourites from teppanyaki to tempura. We recommend going for the matsu gozen, a combination of sashimi, tempura, unagi, tako wasabi and chawanmushi in order to taste a wide variety of the delicious dishes on offer. With its cosy and intimate setting, Hakata Japanese Restaurant has limited space so book ahead to snag a seat!

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Chef's Choice


Chef's Recommendations

Sukiyaki Gozen

Sukiyaki, Sunomono, Wafu Salad & Chawamushi

Kiku Gozen

Sashimi, Tempura, Niku Jaga, Saba Shioyaki & Chawamushi

Matsu Gozen

Sashimi, Tempura, Unagi, Tako Wasabi & Chawamushi


Sake Sushi


Tobiko Sushi

Flying Fish Roe

Ma Dai Sushi


Ikura Sushi

Salmon Roe

Ama Ebi Sushi

Sweet Prawn


Yaki Udon

Stir Fried Noodles

Chanpon Ramen

Ramen with Vegetables, Seafood, & Meat

Kyushu Special Ramen

Ramen with Fried Chicken & Prawn Fritters

Ten Zaru Soba

Cold noodles with Tempura

Set Menu

Saba Teishouku

Grilled Mackerel Pike Set

Seafood Furai Teishoku

Deep Fried Seafood Set

Unagi Teishoku

Grilled Eel set with Japanese steamed Egg

Sashimi Teishouku

Raw Fish with Japanese Steamed Egg

3 Reviews

Alison T.8 months ago · 3 reviews

Food was delicious & the staff were polite. Saw a mosquito & was worried to be bitten. However, will visit again as the set portion was at reasonable price with good portion.

Carolyn K.10 days ago · 7 reviews

Food was good, good quality. Price was reasonable, especially the lunch specials. Clean taste, quite authentic. I see Japanese customers eating there too so must be good. Friendly staff. Highly recommended

Celine Q.5 months ago · 1 review

Fresh sashimi & tempura was good. Teppanyaki beef also not bad. On the other hand, chawanmushi is "dry" and tasted abit bland and sushi rice seemed lacking.

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