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3.6 /6 Very Good 29 Reviews

Fremantle Seafood Market

River Valley Fish $$$ +100
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About Fremantle Seafood Market

One thing is for certain, Singapore has a huge number of excellent seafood restaurants to choose from. If you are looking for seafood that is guaranteed to be extremely fresh, then you must have lunch or dinner at Fremantle Seafood Market on River Valley Road. Inspired by the markets in Perth, this restaurant aims to serve only the freshest seafood possible. In fact, fresh seafood is flown in to this great eatery from Australia and Alaska three times a week!

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Opening Hours

  • Monday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Tuesday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Wednesday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Thursday 12:00 - 23:00
  • Friday 12:00 - 02:00
  • Saturday 12:00 - 02:00
  • Sunday 12:00 - 23:00
Fremantle Seafood Market, River Valley Road #01-05/06 3E, 179024 Singapore

Further Information

Are you looking for fresh seafood? How about really, really fresh seafood? If so, you’re going to find just what you need at Fremantle Seafood Market. This excellent seafood spot invites you to come in and sample the freshest possible undersea specialties available. Whether you order the King Crab or the catch of the week, it’s sure to be fresh at this Clark Quay eatery.

At Fremantle Seafood Market, you have many choices and ways to customize your own meals. Choose between three different sizes of chilled platters if you’re looking to sample and share, or order something of your own. You can even build your own pasta or risotto dish by choosing the type of seafood, type of pasta and type of sauce. There are even a number of great desserts to choose from for a perfect ending to a great meal at this Clark Quay restaurant.


29 Reviews

3.6 /6 Very Good 29 Reviews
Service: pleasant
Atmosphere: lively
Waiting Time: short
Noise: average
Quality/Price: reasonable
Food: tasty
1 6
7 5
9 4
6 3
3 2
3 1
1 review so far 6
16.09.2015 00:47

Love the ambience .. great friendly staff! Food portions were huge! Enjoyed the Alfredo Pasta, Cod fish & chips and marvellous sides! Will definitely come back to Fremantle Seafood Market again!

4 reviews so far 5
22.02.2017 08:48

Food was great but the price is on the high side. We had a seat by the river which was great! I noticed that there are more eating places that do not serve water now. While I understand that it may erode the the drinks profit, by serving water to customers is a way to show the customers that they are welcomed to the restaurant. In Japan and Korea, drinks and wet tissue paper are served to customers for free. I rather skip the drinks than paying $8++ for a can of coke.

1 review so far 5
28.05.2016 23:53

Baked Barramundi was one of the best I ever had. Sitting by the river was a very nice & enjoyable experience. Though I would have appreciated if they had lowered down the volume of the songs they were playing so people could have a decent conversation at 6pm without raising our voices. Overall, food was good.

4 reviews so far 5
30.04.2016 09:56

Good service and nice fresh food. Make sure you get a table on the waters edge. We chose Oysters, Lobster and Prawn fritters. All good quality although the preamble fritters we just battered prawns with a bit too much batter- still tasty though.

3 reviews so far 4
02.09.2015 08:36

we had a great seafood experience at Fremantle Seafood Market. Although the prices are not cheap, the freshness of the seafood was great - one of our group even tried an oyster for the first time! Extra service was provided when asked - for example for my chilli fiend friend, they were able to provide cut chilli padi. All in all, a good experience and more people should try this place out!

1 review so far 2
20.12.2016 11:09

Staff - frustrating and slow service. staff needs further training in service and product. 1) Not informed of happy hour beer 1 for 1 promo when we purchased our beer. 2) Staff do not know when the happy hour ends when asked and mentioned up to manager's decision. When we ordered our second round, staff informed happy hour ended at 7 and the time was already 7.10. no staff informed our table of happy hour ending. 3) Manager appeared biased. When asked why diners not informed of the end of happy hour promo, she said they were busy serving other tables. Rather surprising as the restaurant not crowded and only 3 other table occupied or perhaps what she meant was that they would rather serve tourists. 4) Ambience - OK good by the riverside 5) Price - too high. Bill $460 for 4 pax but not feeling satisfied/ full. 6) Food - Loster bisque soup was salty but that was the recommendation soup. Barramunda was too small for the price. Seasoning taste is ok but fish didnt taste fresh. 7) Music - the music was too loud blaring from the speakers. We have to speak in high voices but dinner conversation just stop halfway as we didnt want to compete with the speakers. Yan

1 review so far 5
07.04.2016 17:43

We arrived at 11:55 am and the reservation was made for 12 noon, The doors were closed and the staff mentioned that they only open at 12. Though we were allowed inside. For lunch, we were the only customers there. Staff can be trained to be most customer centric. Food quality was average - Risotto was oil and presentation was poor. Perhaps that place is only keen to cater to evening crowds. Not likely to return to this place.

1 review so far 4
25.06.2016 14:40

Food was very good and tasty. We had a variety of the starters and the "bundle" deal for about $48. We took both cold and hot ones. The ambience is nice and the night view was fantastic. Only thing was the service crew who weren't very attentive and always huddling. Took us a while to get their attention but maybe we were seated at a blind spot. After we requested to move to one of the side tables next to the river, service was more prompt. Overall good experience.

6 reviews so far 4
07.11.2016 01:00

in terms of scenery, it's the best. by the river yet it doesn't drift. being so, the area is always breezy and cooling. however nearby pubs are a little loud and smokers are everywhere, thus pros and cons. food wise is quite limited - fish or seafood with the few sides to go along. won't go there unless craving for the famous fish & chips from Aussie.

4 reviews so far 3
15.09.2016 14:19

Service was very attentive, earnest and polite. But unfortunately the food quality was below average. The fish and seafood they use are all frozen and not fresh and the fish and chips were too oily and lacked flavour. The French fries were really bad--greasy, tough and tasteless. I wish this place was better because the menu is promising, but it failed to deliver. But kudos to the very good service and hard working staff.

1 review so far 4
07.08.2015 02:15

Overall food are fairly good. Service could have been more prompt. However, recovery was promptly made and good ambience. It would be a tad more fantastic if a couple of service staff are better trained. Nonetheless, we will be back for their oysters and Atlantic cod for sure!

2 reviews so far 4
17.02.2016 11:56

Situated along the Singapore River, with The Central on the other end of the river, this is a very windy and nice chill out restaurant. Food was pretty standard, but was a little disappointed that they ran out of barramundi fish.

1 review so far 3
16.03.2016 01:41

Food a bit better than service. Even on a weekday, with lesser crowd. The service staffs seems to be walking around looking busy. When gesturing for service, they sure give you a miss. Luckily the food were slightly better. Definitely my first and last visit.

1 review so far 3
06.07.2015 15:21

Staff not as attentive when called out to and didn't get satisfying answer when asked on menu items. When request to refill ice water, staff came with a new set of glasses with iced water. Overall service not satisfactory but menu items were interesting.

35 reviews so far 4
08.06.2017 22:59

hmm it is seafood and as long as its not unfresh seafoods hard to go wrong. nothing super mindblowing, i think there are many options in clarke quay so prioritise your calories!

1 review so far 5
15.02.2016 00:45

The staff served us with a great smile and the food that we ordered especially fisherman platter was fabulous! Would recommend to go there again!

1 review so far 4
23.01.2017 14:12

Food was ok, service was a little slow. Overall I would be happy to eat there again though. The location and outdoor eating area are pretty good.

1 review so far 4
14.08.2016 10:12

Food is alright, ambience is great, price is acceptable for its location but service was slow. Their fish n chip is good and servings is generous

1 review so far 3
19.06.2017 18:19

The place had shortage of staff even during lunch-time. We had to walk to find the waiter a few times. Long wait for food and the food quality was so so.

1 review so far 3
16.05.2017 10:33

Quiet ambience and friendly staff. Restaurant is away from the crowd. Food is so-so and not many choices. Generous portions though. Family friendly restaurant for families dining with small kids.

1 review so far 3
12.09.2015 16:58

Food and service are moderate. Ambience is nice as we are seated by the river except the next door retardant music too loud for conversation

1 review so far 2
07.03.2016 08:34

Overpriced and service (10% charge on total bill) wasn't exactly up to expectations. Ambience was good as located right next to river. Dine there once in a blue moon when you have extra cash.

7 reviews so far 5
12.07.2015 10:18

Value for money considering the location and ambience. Good service

1 review so far 5
14.02.2015 04:18

Nice place to chill with river breeze. Food was alright.

2 reviews so far 1
02.05.2016 08:37

Never order the seafood salad n crab spaghetti too salty. Oysters n mussels disappointed. 👎👎👎 Services average. Only nice on the soup. Won't recommend friend to the place.