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Among the many great restaurants along Singapore’s Mohamed Sultan Road, Table at 7 raises the bar for exquisite, locally-minded European and Indonesian delights that tantalise both the body and soul. A labour of love for executive chefs and restaurateurs Karl Dobler and Eugenia Ong, the restaurant aims to merge East and West with its innovative menu items. Found in the heart of Singapore’s River Valley area, Table at 7 is a dream come true for the city-state’s discerning gourmands.

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Open today - Opens at 6:30 pm
6:30 pm - 11:00 pm
6:30 pm - 11:00 pm
6:30 pm - 11:00 pm
6:30 pm - 11:00 pm
6:30 pm - 11:00 pm
6:30 pm - 11:00 pm


Table at 7
7 Mohamed Sultan Road
Singapore 238957

Menu Highlights



Pan–Seared 5 Spice Quail with Aromatic Spice Reduction and Kaffir Lime, Rocket and Pine nuts

Eugenia’s Entrée

Char Grilled Seafood with Special Shrimp Sambal, Mesclun Salad and Kaffir Lime

Eugenia’s Entrée

Salad of grilled tender Octopus, Avocado, Chorizo, roasted Peppers, Black Olives, Lemon Garlic and Herb Dressing

Karl’s Entrée

Crispy Pan Seared Foie Gras on Sweet Corn Blinis, Rosella Flower Confit And Raspberry Vinegar Glaze

Karl’s Entrée

Small Plates

Butter-whipped Mash Potatoes


Truffle Fries


Assorted Fresh Forest Mushrooms


Crisp Garden Mesclun Salad



Pepes: Fillet Of Black Cod, Char grilled in Banana Leaf, Salad of Urap Urap and Garlic Rice

Eugenia’s Mains

Authentic Indonesian Yellow Rice Platter of Beef Shin Rendang, Crispy fried Chicken, Anchovy, Chunky Chicken Sate and Acar

Eugenia’s Mains

Blue Swimmer Crab Linguini with Grilled Ocean Prawn, Cherry Tomatoes, White Wine, Garlic and Chilli

Karl’s Mains

Pan Roasted Canadian Cod Fillet Served with Jerusalem Artichoke and Seaweed Puree, Steamed Asparagus and Scallop-Miso Beurre Blanc

Karl’s Mains


Traditional Balinese Babi Guling Platter

(Only available 2 days in advance order and minimum of 8 sets at $38. - per Person)

Main Menu

Ala Carte Menu


Set Lunch Menu


More about Table at 7, Singapore

At Table at 7 on River Valley’s Mohamed Sultan Road, diners are treated to a world of exotic flavours. Serving up a wide variety of European and Indonesian dishes, the Singapore restaurant features dishes that are suitable for a multitude of taste palates. Australian-born Karl and Indonesian-born Eugenia run a tight ship in the kitchen, utilising only the best ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to give diners an unforgettable dining experience.

For a modern European dining experience that’s second to none in Singapore’s River Valley, take one of Karl’s mains such as the crispy roasted suckling pig with a side of smoked bacon sauerkraut, star anise jus and rosemary potatoes, the blue swimmer crab linguini, or the traditional duck cassoulet served in a clay pot. Eugenia’s Indonesian-inspired mains are innovative and incredibly bold – try the slow-roasted pork belly in a red Manado sauce or the slow-braised Wagyu oxtail rendang alongside acar vegetables and shallot-scented rice for an unforgettable Southeast Asian experience. Table at 7 provides a dining experience unlike any other – reserve ahead to ensure a table.

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34 Reviews
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Dagmar L.8 days ago · 1 review

Grossartige Küche und exzellente Weine mit hervorragendem Service. Der Gastronom ist Österreicher, fragen Sie doch nach den Marillenknödeln! Selten so gut und in so angenehmer Atmosphäre gespeist. Ein Must have in Singapur

Shawn T.25 days ago · 1 review

Food was fantastic and service was impeccable. Really love the personal service of the staff. Friends and I enjoyed our evening at Table at 7. Will strongly recommend to others.

Yong L.3 months ago · 1 review

Out of the world dining experience, food was fantastic. Excellent service. Marvellous ambience and environment. Definitely a place to visit again and again and again.

Anna K.3 months ago · 1 review

Lovely food and very pleasant service. Trouble taken to give us a portable air cooler due to air conditioning malfunction on the evening of our visit.

Wilert G.4 months ago · 1 review

Had one of the most memorable and impressive dinners here The restaurant was easy to locate - 7 Mohd Sultan Road, conveniently established beside roadside parking lots. We were given free reign on choosing our table since there was no diners in sight at 7.45pm. We took the 2-seater nearest to the door but it was actually pretty cosy due to the decor in the warm lighting. Shortly after we were seated, the Captain brought 1 more chair over for the bag and my tablet, he then served a bottle of sparkling Pellegrino because we opted not to have wine. It was accompanied by a little serving of sliced bread(I'm sure they were baked in-house; it was aromatic and soft with bits of sun-dried tomato) and a mixture of olive oil and really delicious vinegar which, holy moly was sweet! We were so surprised and it tasted heavenly with the lovely bread. Seeing we totally enjoyed the bread, the Captain asked if he could get us another portion. Unabashedly I said yes! I also asked about the possibility of purchasing a bottle of the never-seen-before sweet vinegar. The Captain returned with another portion of bread and the heavenly dip, and also the bottle of sweet vinegar to show us. It was a 16.9oz bottle! We decided against buying it though Shortly after, the 2 entrees(hokkaido scallops with ikura, charred black shrimps and squid platter; both not pictured) were served one after another according to the Captain's suggestion just so we could taste the freshness of the seafood in the first serving of Hokkaido scallops and ikura(pretty big salmon egg orbs) before we tuck into the grilled shrimp and squid platter. The scallop was skilfully sliced in a lateral manner and laid in a ring on the plate and dressed in a beautiful sauce with sprinkling of the fresh juicy orange roe. The shrimp and the baby squid were grilled to just the right degree and I, being a BBQ lover, couldn't stop sniffing at the smokiness of the aroma. The mains were also superbly delicious food which are packed with surprising flavours and texture(suckling pig with rosemary potatoes and sauerkraut, capellini pasta with sea urchin and Iwate ikura & seaweed) It is not the usual suckling pig fare I used to see in Chinese restaurant but this one comes with a layer of skin that tasted almost like it has been deep fried but you know that is impossible, because the meat under that thin wafer of a skin is incredibly tender and juicy! It slid off the crispy skin under the most gentle of cut with the fork and knife. It is like having a slab of braised Dong Bo Pork under a layer of super crispy skin without the fats. Both of us were totally blown away by this dish which happen to be a best seller too. Lastly we opted for another top seller on the dessert menu - banana crumble with kaya, and coconut ice cream On a side note - when I was 15 I visited Java island with my school on a Geography trip. We tasted awesome Javanese food and of course we learn about many things. I am not too concerned about forgetting what I learned over there but something that has been bugging me was this banana dessert, which the Javanese people sliced the banana in small pieces, wrapped in a banana leaf with pandan leaves and coconut cream, and then steamed. At that age, desserts usually mean sweet cold stuff like an ice cream but I kid you not - that banana thingy has always been on my mind since and I could never replicate it. But today, this banana dessert was reincarnated in the form of tart, with a scoop of coconut ice cream on the side! Now this tart is close to a banned item - it is very addictive. It may not sound like a fantastic combination to us locals, who see bananas and coconuts on a regular basis. But under the banana slices on that wafer thin crust(which the Capt told us many customers thought it was paper, and didn't eat it. We didn't care if it chokes us, we are not leaving anything on that plate) is a sea of home made kaya in the most beautiful green you have seen all week. The banana slices were actually hidden under a coating of caramelised crispy coconut bits. Combine all the food names in this paragraph, put them in your mouth and close your eyes. 'Nuff said. The service and attention is also another very impressive facet of the restaurant. The banter we had with the Captain(shame I forgot his name) was lighthearted yet enlightening in some aspects, definitely appreciated in the otherwise quiet Friday evening - we didn't know they actually would have a 2-piece band performing numbers from the 70s today have it not been for one of them to be under the weather... But as promised we'd be back to hear them and of course savour the food again!

Tham S.a year ago · 2 reviews

We were there for a casual dinner on a Saturday night, and we pretty much enjoyed it. The place is decorated quite nicely in a sleek and simple manner, and I like how the tables aren't set too near to each other, which allows for privacy in having conversations. As for the food, we ordered everything from Karl's European menu - carpaccio scallop, cheese soufflé, grilled hamachi, cappellini in sea urchin sauce, and yoghurt ice cream. I wouldn't say that the dishes were perfect as I didn't like the heavy taste of the cheese soufflé. I also thought that the sea urchin pasta base for the capellini to be lacking in depth. However with that said, my Girlfriend and I concluded that we will return again in future. Don't take my word for it because food preference is subjective. So Just give it a shot and make the reservation for a Table at 7.

Daniel W.4 months ago · 1 review

Went on Valentine's day. Food was excellent. Service on that day however, was not really up to standard. The wait staff (part timers) seemed to not be able to keep track of what courses were being served. (Asked for butter for the bread, and it never arrived). (Asked for a waiter to take our order of coffee or tea, and it took him nearly 10 minutes to return to take our order) Wait times were also questionably long, with some tables getting served their food first despite coming later, and some tables not getting served at all. Food is good enough to warrant another visit, perhaps on another day when the restaurant is not at full capacity as it was that day.

Jilian H.9 months ago · 1 review

Have the whole restaurant "by ourselves" as there was no other patrons. Probably because it was raining quite heavily. The ambience was very good and the waiter was prompt in serving and clearing our plates. However, not sure if the waiter or the kitchen has overlooked one of our orders. The dish did not come (it was actually a side dish and when we finished our mains, it was still not served) till we asked about the status and that was when the kitchen started preparing the dish. it was a disappointment not to know what caused the miscommunication. Food was good but pricey. good for special occasion. 2 mains, half wine bottle and 1 side = total bill was $190.

Leila N.a year ago · 4 reviews

Nossa experiencia no Table at 7 foi muito boa. No inicio nos deram uma mesa, onde estava meio quente, mas logo q pedimos, nos trocaram de mesa. A comida era excelente e o vinho também. So achei um pouco caro. Mas no geral foi tudo muito bom!

Shu Fen O.4 months ago · 1 review

Food is really great, thoroughlt enjoyed it. The chef is a v friendly man who walks aroind and comes often to ask if everything is good. A small mishap when we foind a piece of sharp plastic in oir lamb rack - no one got hurt thankfully, and it seems it's not the first time! The restaurant was super apologetic abt it tho, and gave a free dessert as an apology. Overall a good experience.