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Suki-Ya - Kallang Wave Mall

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About Suki-Ya - Kallang Wave Mall

Shabu shabu, or Japanese hot pot dining, has become increasingly popular throughout Singapore in the last years. Nobody knows shabu shabu better than Suki-Ya, where guests are invited to peruse the restaurant’s all-you-can-eat buffet for their favourite meats, seafoods, vegetables and accompaniments, all served up fresh and at an excellent price. One of several outlets in the city, the Kallang Wave Mall location is a reliable spot for lunch and dinner on Kallang’s Stadium Place.

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Suki-Ya - Kallang Wave Mall
1 Stadium Place, #01-35
Singapore 397628

Opening Times

Closed today
11:30 am - 10:00 pm
11:30 am - 10:00 pm
11:30 am - 10:00 pm
11:30 am - 10:00 pm
11:30 am - 10:00 pm
11:30 am - 10:00 pm
11:30 am - 10:00 pm

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Shabu Shabu



Tonyu Miso








Further Information

Shabu shabu is all the rage right now, and why shouldn’t it be? What could possibly be better than cooking your own selection of meats and vegetables right at your very own table? Hardly anything beats hearing that sizzle, but with so many hot pot restaurants in Singapore nowadays, it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. We’ve found the wheat – Suki-Ya in Kallang Wave Mall on Stadium Place takes Japanese hot pot dining to unforeseen heights, and it’s all you can eat, too!

Perhaps the best part about visiting Suki-Ya inside of Singapore’s Kallang Wave Mall is the fact that you can be the mastermind behind your dining experience. Decide from five different soup bases – shabu shabu, tonyu miso, kimuchi, butaniku, and sukiyaki – then head up to the food bar and take your pick from a huge array of meats, seafood and fresh vegetables. Be sure to try the classic ponzu sauce (shoyu with vinegar) alongside your cooked selection for the ultimate flavour experience at this Kallang Japanese hot pot restaurant. Book in advance!

78 Suki-Ya - Kallang Wave Mall Reviews

imgKathleen H.2 months ago · 1 review

Fresh ingredients; sufficient ingredients; friendly and polite wait staff; i personally feel that more meat could be placed on each tray so that there will be more table space.

Valencia P.10 months ago · 1 review

Good variety of food, fast replenishment, quality of meat is good. Chicken is tender too. A good gathering experience with family or friends. Staff are friendly.

Chong E.10 months ago · 1 review

Good customer service by restaurant staff. Food was good too! Even though there was a 80 minutes limit but the staff were not pushy and provide courteous prompt reminders.

wai yiu m.a year ago · 1 review

Great for meat eaters, free flow of pork, chicken and beef. Queue was short even on a weekend. Service was decent but they seemed a little short handed.

Siew Hon Y.a year ago · 1 review

1) They called to confirm my reservation which is good. The only bad thing is they informed me they can only hold my reservation for 5 minutes. Lucky for me, we were at the restaurant early. 2) Airconditioning not strong enough. Perspiring halfway while having my meal. Find it difficult to continue my meal cause feeling very warm. 3) Sesame sauce not available. How can it be?!?! Peanut sauce also very watery. Like soup. How to be a sauce. And it had been mixed with the chili sauce placed next to it, so it is now spicy.

imgGideon L.2 years ago · 1 review

Absolutely horrible service. We made a reservation for 1.30pm for a party of 3. As I was arriving late, I got my friends to get seated first, however, he was informed by the manager that there was no such reservation. Later on when I arrived, I told one of the waiters that I had made a reservation, and was seated immediately without question. The lack of communication between members of the staff is absolutely appalling. Furthermore, the staff member who told my friend that there was no such reservation was the manager. Nonetheless, my friends and I proceeded to get seated, whereupon we tried to order beef, chicken and pork, but were informed that we had to wait 10 minutes for the Beef and Pork. We had no issue with waiting, but even after 15 minutes, neither had arrived. We had to ask the staff a second time to be served, and from the staff's reaction, it was obvious that the beef and pork had already been ready for quite some time. I don't believe that the restaurant was understaffed, after all, it was only half full and there were some 4 waiters and/or waitresses. Our bad experience did not end there. When I purchased the Groupon vouchers, it was mentioned that there would be a free flow of drinks and dessert along with the main food items. However, the ice cream freezer was locked and it was labelled that ice cream was only for the dinner service. This was not pointed out in the terms and conditions of the Groupon voucher. The ice also ran out nearing the end of the lunch service, and it took the staff a full 30 minutes to refill it. Later on, when we tried to use the Groupon voucher, we were instructed by the waiter that we had to wait for the manager. It took 5 minutes before the manager appeared, reeking of cigarette smoke. The payment process was one of the longest I have experienced, and it took the manager a full 10 minutes to scan my 2 Groupon vouchers. After which, when I asked for a receipt, she only gave me a receipt for half the bill, and I had to ask again for the receipt of the full bill. All in all, I am extremely disappointed by the irresponsible and extremely rude manager. It surprises me that someone so curt would have been promoted to the position of manager instead of all the other way more courteous and helpful staff. The service was also extremely slow and inefficient for the prices they charge.

Charlene L.a year ago · 1 review

Food is of reasonable quality. Some vegetables were a little dirty, but you're going to have to cook it anyway. You have to bring the bowls and plates from your table to take the food from the counter. Plates and bowls on your table are wet. Not enough tongs at the counter to take the food. 2 tongs for the whole stretch. Service is great. Staff are polite and will get you what you request for promptly. It's just very busy. Hard to find staff sometimes as they're busy running up and down to replenish items running out.

Cheryl C.2 years ago · 1 review

It was good, I liked having free flow of meat but some things in the buffet started running and was not restocked, like cheese tofu and green tea ice cream. Would prefer if the chicken was not served so much on one plate as at the start, ordering 3 of each made us think the three would be equal amounts but in fact the chicken was a lot of more and we had trouble finishing it

Xingxia C.a year ago · 2 reviews

Soup base was nice and the raw food were promptly top up. However, due to the lack of service crews, the meats were served late. As such, I suggest to order meats in bulk if you're extremely hungry! Or, visit the fridge to take the meats (we did). Overall, was a good experience! Personally, preferred Suki-Ya over those steamboats in bugis area! Oh yes, Suki-Ya ought to ensure sufficient supply of ice-cream during buffet period since it ran out of stock pretty early! A gimmick to save cost? Decide for yourself if it's worth going!

Wilson L.2 years ago · 1 review

Had an enjoyable time there because of how the staff have served us. They have served us with smiles and service of excellent. The staff have made my time there enjoyable by their initiatives by asking us about our needs. I will definitely return back to Kallang Wave Mall's Suki Ya outlet for the food and their service.

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