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Spicy Bangkok Hotpot 香曼谷小火锅
Spicy Bangkok Hotpot 香曼谷小火锅 Menu

Spicy Bangkok Hotpot 香曼谷小火锅

Thai, Chinese, Asian, Hotpot

Dishes priced aroundSGD 4


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Photo of restaurant Spicy Bangkok Hotpot 香曼谷小火锅 in Chinatown, Singapore

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Menu from Spicy Bangkok Hotpot 香曼谷小火锅

Browse the menu highlights at Spicy Bangkok Hotpot 香曼谷小火锅 and explore the popular dishes people are craving! From starters to something sweet, take a look at what’s in store when you book a table at Spicy Bangkok Hotpot 香曼谷小火锅. Besides the flavours, you can even check out the prices at this popular spot. Mmmm, we're getting hungry already...

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Menu highlights



Sliced Fish with Tofu

Pepper Flavour Soup Base

SGD 13.90
Abundance Mushroom Soup

Nutritious Mushroom Soup

SGD 13.90
Happiness Mala

Classic Mala Shiokness! Soup Base

SGD 15.90
Crispy Fish Fillet with Pickled Cabbage

Sour Shiokness! Soup Base

SGD 17.90
Tom Yum Goong

Hot & Sour Soup Base

SGD 19.90
Handmade Shrimp Slide with Golden Soup Pot

Sour Papaya with Golden Soup

SGD 19.90
Sliced Beef with Golden Soup

Sour Papaya with Golden Soup

SGD 19.90

Small Plates

Mango Sticky Rice

SGD 2.60
Lemongrass Chicken Wings

SGD 3.00
Golden Mini Buns

SGD 4.80

À la carte

Fishball with Roe

SGD 3.60
Soy Sliced Pork

SGD 3.60
Crab Fillet

SGD 4.00
Thai Tiger Prawns

SGD 4.80
Handmade Shrimp Slide

SGD 4.80

Set Menu

Sliced Beef Set Meal

Tomato Soup Base
Lijie Seasonal Vegetables x1, 30g Luncheon Meat, Pork Balls x2, 30g Lala, 60g Fish Tofu, 4x Sliced Beef

SGD 17.90
Signature Tom Yum Goong Set Meal

Lijie Seasonal Vegetables x1, Luncheon Meat 30g, Pork Balls x2 30g lala, 50g Pangasius, 2 Squid Flowers, 1 Crab Filet, 2 Tiger Prawns

SGD 19.90

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