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About Souper Tang

There’s nothing better than a big, soothing bowl of homemade soup, and Souper Tang is the place to go when your body and soul is crying out for some. Situated on Orchard Road, Souper Tang serve up nourishing soups packed full of herbs with restorative and rejuvenating powers. Drawing in health conscious foodies from all over Singapore to its Orchard location, spaces at Souper Tang are known to fill up fast – so book ahead to avoid missing out!

See below for Souper Tang's special menus!

Opening Times

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11:00 am - 10:00 pm
11:00 am - 10:00 pm
11:00 am - 10:00 pm
11:00 am - 10:00 pm
11:00 am - 10:00 pm
11:00 am - 10:00 pm
11:00 am - 10:00 pm


Souper Tang
176A Orchard Road #02-52
Singapore 238844

Menu Highlights



Souper Tang Signature Soup

Our Signature Soup is a clever presentation which sums up the best of Souper Tang, as the Master of Soup. Carefully double boiled to perfection, our signature soup helps to revive vitality, boost energy & mind concentration, and has anti-aging effect.

Chinese Cabbage Spare Rib Soup with Shimeji Mushroom

Beneficial in supporting healthy brain function, relieve hypertension and regulate blood sugar with its high level of potassium minerals. It also helps to relieve constant fatigue due to stress.

Mountain Pepper Pork Tripe Soup with Spare Rib

Deliciously classic! This soup is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and it warms up the body from inside out while providing the body with gelatin, iron, calcium and collagen from the pork knuckle. Collagen helps our skin to stretch and rebound into shape.

Shi Quan - The 10 Herbs Soup

One of the most commonly used herbal formulas today. Used to warm qi and blood accompanied by yang deficiency and cold manifestations. It can help to relieve low appetite, pale face, palpitations, insomnia, dizziness and intolerance to cold.

Tian Qi Nourishing Soup

Enhances blood circulation to prevent blood stasis promoting the flow of nutrients to improve bone growth. Helps to lower cholesterol. Regular consumption of Notoginseng can aid prevention of coronary diseases. Strictly not recommended for pregnant women

Gelatin Ba Zhen Nourishing Soup

A centuries-old women's herbal tonic formulation - Ba Zhen Tang nourishes the blood, 'replenish' all the lost blood, helps with the qi and balances the hormonal system. Helps to improve blood circulation & regulate menstruation

Signature Souper Pesto Pot

First ever pesto soup, our self-made pesto soup helps to protect the heart and can lower the risks of chronic diseases


Home Braised Pork Belly in Rich Dark Sauce

Braised patiently over slow fire, our popular braised pork belly is extraordinary for its hint of Angelica Root that is not only savory but also beneficial for blood circulation. A definite must-try!

Sesame Drunken Chicken with Ginger Paste

Infused in Chinese wine till it is cooked, this drunken chicken is served cold with special sauce and ginger paste. It helps to lower blood sugars and decreases the risk of heart diseases.

Claypot Alantic Cod Fish Maw

A great combination braised to perfection, this dish is particularly beneficial for people with diabetes. It is rich in protein, vitamin B6 and Omega-3 fatty acid. Helps to lower cholesterol levels

Sauteed Sliced Pork with Fried Egg & Ginger

Traditionally a confinement for ladies to protect the body's 'exposure to wind' after child birth, we make it readily available to all, to enjoy and to remember those joyous and unforgettable days. It also revitalizes blood cells production.

Simmered Chinese Spinach with Wolfberry

Simmered in our superior dried scallop broth, this dish can help to calm minds, enhances the body's ability to adapt to a variety of noxious stimuli and improves eyesight

Steamed Tofu in Petite Abalone Stew

Enhances skin complexion and strengthens spleen

Rice Dishes

Souper Braised Pork Rice

Braised patiently over slow fire, our signature braised pork rice is famous for its hint of Angelica Root that is not only savory but also beneficial to our blood circulation. A definite must try.

Simmered Sesame Chicken Pot served with rice

One of our best sellers, our variant of the traditional sesame chicken contains a hint of herbs. Helps to lower blood sugar and relieves nausea

Main Menu

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More about Souper Tang, Singapore

Check out Souper Tang's a la carte menus!

The perfect place for when you’re feeling a bit under the weather, are looking to catch up with friends over some healthy and comforting cuisine or for a working lunch, Souper Tang on Orchard Road specialises in nutrition and herbal Malaysian soups. Try some of Souper Tang’s signature soup loaded with fish maw, chicken, conpoy, mushrooms, American ginseng and ginseng root. Other delicious options on the menu at Souper Tang include the Shi Quan soup filed with ten different herbs, as well as some non-soup options like the claypot bean curd with sliced dory fish and pickled olive, and the stir-fried French beans with pu er.

No matter if you’re meat and seafood lover or are vegetarian, you’ll find plenty of choices on the menu at Souper Tang that are not only delicious but packed full of nutrients to restore and rebalance the body and boost your strength, complexion and vitality. To guarantee a table at Souper Tang in Singapore's Orchard area, making a reservation in advance is recommended!

9 Souper Tang Reviews

9 Reviews
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Waiting time:Very good
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Xinni Cindy T.2 years ago · 1 review

Yummy new individual set lunch at very afforadable pricing. Do check it out. Food is delicious and service is good. The mee sua and soup is nice. She

Wee X.2 years ago · 3 reviews

It was very easy to book using the app. The food at souper tang was very nice although it is relatively expensive compared to other Chinese resturants

kelly G.a year ago · 38 reviews

Brought my mum to Souper Tang and she loves it. The mee suah with herbs and ginger wine was very good. Cod fish was very fresh .

kelly G.a year ago · 38 reviews

Love the Souper Tang in Malaysia so decide to try when i found they open in Singapore!! the food is as good and the pricing was reasonable. Love the Plum drink and i can finish a whole jug by myself. Their Mee sua with XO sauce was fantastic. and i love the soups.

Peggy P.a year ago · 12 reviews

Went to Souper Tang for lunch and ordered the 10 Herbs Soup (portion was quite small for the price and soup was very oily), Mee Suah Tossed In Abalone Sauce (the noodles tasted great with the sauce) and Ginger Beancurd (beancurd was very smooth and the ginger caramel with real ginger pieces was a nice touch).

Selene S.2 years ago · 1 review

Service was very good. Thoughtful gift hamper of the soupbowl and packet of herbs was a lovely surprise! Went back the next day for takeaways.

Min Ting L.2 years ago · 5 reviews

Ordered the signature soup and stir fried french beans with pu er and food were delicious. Great place to visit if craving for homemade soup and healthy dishes.