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Ju Hua Tai 菊花台
Ju Hua Tai 菊花台 Menu

Ju Hua Tai 菊花台

Asian, Chinese

Dishes priced aroundSGD 3


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Photo of restaurant Ju Hua Tai 菊花台 in Duxton, Singapore

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Menu from Ju Hua Tai 菊花台

Browse the menu highlights at Ju Hua Tai 菊花台 and explore the popular dishes people are craving! From starters to something sweet, take a look at what’s in store when you book a table at Ju Hua Tai 菊花台. Besides the flavours, you can even check out the prices at this popular spot. Mmmm, we're getting hungry already...

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Oriental Fries 东方薯条

Chinese Cheese Sauce and Furikake

SGD 12.00
Puffed Pork Skin 膨化猪皮

Ginger Flower Vinaigrette

SGD 12.00
Golden Prawn Cake 黄金虾饼

Sweet Chilli Mayo

SGD 15.00

Light Bites

Crispy Chicken Bao 脆皮鸡包

Steamed Sesame Bun, Fried Chicken and Lao Gan Ma Mayo

SGD 8.80
Beef Rendang Bao 乾咖喱牛肉包

Fried Golden Bun, Slow Cooked Shredded Beef and Pickled Cabbage

SGD 8.80
Soft Shell Crab Bao 软壳蟹包

Steamed Charcoal Bun, Fried Soft Shell Crab and Sweet Curry Sauce

SGD 9.80

Grilled Skewers

Taiwanese Cocktail Sausage 台湾鸡尾酒香肠

SGD 3.00
Pork Belly 五花肉

SGD 3.00
Lamb 羊肉 (Australia 澳洲)

SGD 3.50


Cordyceps 虫草花

Dry Vermouth Infused with Cordyceps Flower, Benedictine Dom, Green Chatteuse

SGD 21.00
Chrysanthemum's Secret 菊花的秘密

Chrysanthemum Infused 135 East Hyogo Gin, Lychee, Raspberry, Elderflower Liqueur, Co2 Charged

SGD 22.00
Bitter Bouldevadier 良药苦口

Wild Turkey 81, Campari Infused with Goji Berries, Rosso Infused with Oolong Tea, Coral Tuile

SGD 23.00

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