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Pasir Ris
Hei Sushi (Downtown East)
Hei Sushi (Downtown East) Menu

Hei Sushi (Downtown East)

Pasir Ris

Japanese, Asian, Sushi

Dishes priced aroundSGD 11



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Photo of restaurant Hei Sushi (Downtown East) in Pasir Ris, Singapore

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Menu from Hei Sushi (Downtown East)

Check out the menu at Hei Sushi (Downtown East) and explore the popular dishes people are craving! From appetizers to something sweet, take a look at what’s in store for you when you book a table at Hei Sushi (Downtown East). You can even check out the prices so you know what to expect, besides the flavours.Browse the menu highlights from Hei Sushi (Downtown East) and when your mouth starts to water, so you can get in on the flavour action. Mmmm we’re getting hungry already…

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Includes dishes that are:


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Cheesy Beef Neta

Beef and cheese

SGD 4.50
Hana Maki

Salmon sushi rice roll topped with mayo and flying fish roe

SGD 7.50
Hei Shake

Breaded prawn sushi rice roll layered with salmon slices, flying fish roe and cheese sauce

SGD 9.00


Tori Nabemono

Chicken cubes and assorted vegetables

SGD 16.00
Gyu Nabemono

Beef and assorted vegetables

SGD 19.00
Kaisen Nabemono

Assorted seafood and vegetables

SGD 20.00


Hei Salad

Mixed greens with seasoned seaweed, seasoned jellyfish, tobiko, snow crabstick, salmon, avocado, corn and cherry tomatoes along with signature sauce

SGD 10.00
Sashimi Salad

Mixed greens with assorted sashimi slices and flying fish roe, topped with signature sauce.

SGD 11.00
Shake Carpaccio

Fresh salmon sashimi slices and flying fish roe in tangy sauce

SGD 14.00


Mozzarella Murukai Yaki

Mussels grilled with mozzarella cheese

SGD 9.00
Hotate Tobimayo

Scallop drizzled with tobimayo sauce

SGD 11.00
Shake Tobimayo

Salmon drizzled with tobimayo sauce

SGD 14.00

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