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Steamboat. Barbecue. Buffet. Put these three terms on a plate in front of diners in Singapore and a feeding frenzy begins. Chin Huat Live Seafood is one such restaurant that combines all three of these favoured ways to dine, and it’s undoubtedly a pioneer of the concept, with this seafood restaurant in the complex of eateries and wholesale food suppliers down Clementi Street off Sunset Way kicking off the craze way back in the 1980s. The offspring of the late great restaurateur Low Chin Huat, who worked his way from a pushcart-butcher to a prominent business leader in the city’s hospitality scene, to dine at Chin Huat Live Seafood is to dine at the source.

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Chef's Choice



Ginger & Spring Onion Beef or Venison


Crisp Suckling Pig

Braised Whole Boneless Spare Ribs

Served with crisp fried buns


Giant Garoupa

Fillet in Hong Kong Style

Signature Golden Sauce Prawn


Bamboo Clam

Steamed with XO sauce

Live Lobster in Pristine Sashimi Style

Live Crab

Enrobed in our signature silky golden sauce. Best savoured with Crisp Fried Buns

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Being able to press your face against the cool glass of a huge aquarium and pick your fish and seafood out wasn’t always a thing. It’s largely thanks to the canny entrepreneurship of Low Chin Huat that such a ritual is part of Singapore’s culinary culture. Recognising that, for one, Singaporeans love seafood and, two, that fresh is best and choice is better, Mr Huat launched Chin Huat Live Seafood to cater to this desire among his fellow gourmands for this participatory mode of gastronomy. Over the years, his flagship restaurant in Clementi, in the warren off Sunset Way, has built a loyal following, and if you haven’t become a Chin Huat loyalist, now’s your chance.

Legendary among Singapore’s seafood restaurant fanatics, Chin Huat Live Seafood’s menus are packed with specialties, invariably made with live fish, shellfish and seafood kept in the large tanks that front the restaurant down Clementi Street. The golden sauce crab uses Sri Lankan crabs, doused in a delicious sauce best mopped up with a side order of fried bun. Those who like their seafood spicier should try the chilli crab or the black pepper crab – both simple and simply superb. Hotpot heads will pop their lids for the braised giant grouper, steeped in broths of various flavours, while those down for some proper luxury will be keen on the Australian lobster served in Chin Huat’s signature superior broth. While there are plenty of barbecued seafood dishes on offer, there are a few meat dishes available too: the crispy Peking duck and crispy roasted suckling pig are classics that speak to Singapore’s Chinese heritage and Low Chin Huat’s humble beginnings as a streetside butcher. Our advice? Gather a crew and head to Chin Huat Live Seafood’s Clementi and Sunset Way premises to celebrate with seafood.

170 Reviews

lim j.5 days ago · 1 review

The food is tasty and the waiter/ witness are very friendly. They are always full of smiles and forthcoming in giving suggestions when dining in small or big groups.

Zhixuan Z.12 days ago · 1 review

Food was awesome, the crabs were fresh and definitely value for money. Service was prompt and staff were very helpful. Also, you get a discount when you sign up as a member. (Completely free!) Definitely the place to go for a fuss-free seafood meal.

Theresa L.14 days ago · 1 review

This was my 2nd experience dinning in Chin Huat Live Seafood. The staffs are friendly and smiled to you whenever you need their help. The boss was humorous and used his time to interact with the customers. I would recommend this place to my friends & relatives. :)

Jean L.a month ago · 1 review

All the dishes we ordered are delicious and reasonably priced. Crabs are super fresh, sweet and moist. Service was prompt given the fact that the restaurant was very crowded. .. The food was of excellent quality. The service staff were friendly and thoughtful. We will come back again

Angel P.10 months ago · 2 reviews

It is the first time for my friend to come to Chin Huat Live Seafood restaurant. Fresh bamboo cram & delicious Augus beef. Needless to say, the chili crab is above the standard & different from other restaurants.. The coconut dessert is unforgettable. All these brought an amazing dinner to my friend!

Daniel C.3 months ago · 8 reviews

Chin Huat is a true standout among the hordes of seafood restaurants in Singapore. First and most importantly, the food is really good. It has the taste of tradition mixed with a dash of modern creativity. But aside from the food, it's the extras that make the difference. The service is sincere, warm and actually homely. The outdoor veranda is classy yet laid back, reminding me of Raffles Hotel's iconic courtyard. The chairs are the most comfortable i've encountered in a local seafood restaurant and the pristine white tablecloths complete the ambiance.

jeffrey n.6 months ago · 1 review

Tip top customer service, staff (Suppose to be the owner) interact with all customer and it does make us feel welcome. Crab is good and the flesh is firm, it kind of scare us off when we saw the menu stated that they could not 100% guaranty that the crab is fleshy even thot we are not the first time visiting chin huat but it still don't give us the confident to order their crab. So far every trip we ordered is good *Cross finger*. I will recommend chin huat over turf club seafood restaurant as chin huat serve more intense taste food .

Esther W.a year ago · 2 reviews

Food is priced fairly. Cooking is good. We were late. So had some waiting time. Joyce who took our order had good recommendations. We didnt have expensive seafood stuff. Mainly zhi char style. The lady boss Amy is very friendly. Staff here are very efficient and we didnt wait long for our foofoo to arrive. Their golden sauce prawn is a must it with fried mantou! My kids love the seafood beehoon. Will definitely one back again.

Pretheep V.a year ago · 1 review

1. Waiter and waitresses were arguing and shouting at each other. Even the chef who came out was having a loud disagreement with the waitress. 2. Bill was shoved to us while we were still eating. (Spoonful of dessert was held up to our mouths when yhe waitress did that) A more couteous way would be to ask us if we are ready for the bill.) 3. Bill was presented before all the items ordered with delivered. We have dined at the restaurant at countless times amd this would be a mar on your service which I am sure can be remedied.

Vivien T.5 months ago · 2 reviews

We waited half an hour to have one of the three waiters who are ic of food ordering to attend to us. Pretty frustrating. But I guess it's due to the huge crowd on a Sat night. My family's a regular customer of Chin Huat but this was our first time visiting on a Sat night. Despite the long wait to order food, the dishes were delivered to the table really quickly. Food was good as usual!

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