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About Buyan Restaurant

Singapore’s Buyan Restaurant & Caviar Bar takes its inspiration from the eponymous mythical island, whose ability to appear and disappear is the stuff of Slavic legend. But rest assured, Buyan Restaurant & Caviar Bar is here to stay, with a sustainable and socially-conscious food ethos that contributes to the conservation of the famed sturgeon – from where this Duxton Hill restaurant gets its caviar – and only the finest farmed wild boar and geese. You heard it, but do you believe it? With such exotic dishes, Buyan Restaurant & Caviar Bar offers a truly unique culinary voyage.

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Buyan Restaurant
9 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089593

Menu Highlights



Mimosa Salad

Pink salmon under layers of egg, carrot, white onion, and home-made mayo

Salted Herring

Served with potato and white onion


Dough pockets with mixed meat filling


Cossack Lamb

Oven baked tender lamb chunks with mashed potato topped with cheese

Beef Stroganov

Fine beef stripes served on bed of mashed potatoes embraced with creamy mushroom sauce

Baranya Noga

Lamb shank served with mashed potato and vegetable sauce


Buckwheat Kasha

Russian dish made from buckwheat grains cooked with pan-fried mushrooms and onions


Uzbeki lamb and rice dish with mild spices


Traditional Russian pie with layers of salmon, rice, and mushroom fillings.

More about Buyan Restaurant, Singapore

Buyan Restaurant & Caviar Bar is a unique place to eat in Singapore, creating Russian-influenced haute cuisine from sustainable sources. This ethos is a must, considering many of the delicacies on offer are endangered by irresponsible consumption and harvesting practices. Authentic sturgeon, ossetra, and beluga caviars are supplied by trusted farms that are certified sustainable. These rare foods are just the icing on the cake – Buyan Restaurant & Caviar Bar, atop Singapore’s Duxton Hill, offers a galaxy of Russian and Slavic cuisines alongside premium vodkas from Russia, Poland, Ukraine, not to mention a selection of fine wines, beer and cider.

Such a feast Singapore has never seen before – Buyan Restaurant & Caviar Bar is opening locals’ eyes to the wonders of Russian and Eastern European gastronomy. Hearty portions are tempered by an uncompromising sense of elegance, conferred upon the dishes both in terms of their fresh, handpicked ingredients and their effortless presentation. A feast fit for the Tsar rather than the Mongol hordes – but taking equal inspiration from the culinary traditions of both courts – Buyan Restaurant & Caviar Bar is a shining light atop Duxton Hill, taking a rightfully earned place amongst Singapore’s already incredibly cosmopolitan dining scene.

40 Buyan Restaurant Reviews

40 Reviews
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Quek S.a year ago · 1 review

The restaurant is great, food is nice, service is excellent. HOWEVER, Quandoo messed up my reservation! Quandoo DID NOT reserve a table for me, and I recieved call from another restaurant instead!

Angjolie M.a year ago · 1 review

We had a great experience there! The service team was very professional and knowledgeable of their menu. Great recommendation and nice ambience. Will definitely go again!

CANDY P.a year ago · 1 review

very friendly and good bar to hang out with friends, can recommend to my office co-workers especially after office hours and Friday night, with the live band and staffs that can recommend nice drinks and foods to suit our palates.

Pang Chong C.a year ago · 1 review

The overall food and service were excellent. We loved the surprise dessert provided by the restaurant, it's on the house! Thank you for the delicious food, excellent service in such a great environment.

Jacelin C.a year ago · 3 reviews

The restaurant wasn't crowded as we went on a Tuesday night. The ambience was great and the staff were very friendly and attentive. You know how some restaurants aren't packed but their staff just stand around and do nothing. This is not that kind of restaurant. They were attentive and cleared our table, filled our water without us asking. I had wanted to order a dessert cake beforehand and asked for a candle to be arranged. To my pleasant surprise, the staff told me that the restaurant provides a complimentary slice of cake for birthday celebration and that she would bring the cake out with a candle on my cue. How sweet! When we left, the staff wished my bf happy birthday again. The only issue I had was the portions were small for the price but the food were not bad for a first-timer trying Russian cuisine. Will definitely come back again, and maybe order a more expensive caviar to try.

Melissa Z.a year ago · 7 reviews

Servings looked tiny but they were rather filling. Buyan sprat bites - smoked fish on toasted rye bread - were crispy and savory, Zharkoye was a classic beef and potato stew, rich and chock full of ingredients. The pastry lid was a nice touch. The Ryba v Gorshochke, seabass and potato in cream sauce was yummy and generous with the fish but personally I would find a full serving too cloying to finish; it's good for sharing.

bryan o.a year ago · 1 review

The russian food is great. I like the salted herring is great. The dessert is great and the waitress is very helpful. The food portion for bar menu is abit too big portion . My wife and i manage to finish the food as we dont want to waste the food. Overall it is great experience for russian food.

KP T.a year ago · 2 reviews

Staff were very helpful in describing the various dishes. After we have ordered, the Indian lady suggested maybe we should share the borsch soup instead of ordering one for each, as thefood may be too much for the two of us. As it turned out, the portion was just right and we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. Great service and good food. Good nite out.

Wilson F.a year ago · 7 reviews

Friendly staff attends to you. I'm very amused by the boss/manager as he does his best to make conversation with customers yet not overdoing it that it would interrupt our meal time. Menu is on an iPad under the books App. They have a 2 page selection of Vodka if you're a fan and affordable Caviar is also on the list. I love the food but I believe dessert could be done better.

Jiali P.a year ago · 2 reviews

Interesting and unique food choices.. we have tried: - Mimosa Salad: interesting.. - Borscht: beef cubes has a mild smell.. would be perfect if there isn't.. - Shashlyk: delicious sauce.. lamb has a mild smell.. would be great if there isn't.. - Beef Stroganov: yummy sauce.. tender beef.. perfect.. loving it..