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314 Reviews

About Beauty In The Pot - Centrepoint

Dear Diners,
Kindly take note of the following Reservation Policies:
- Your table will be held for 10 minutes.
- There is an allocated dining time of 1.5 hours for 1-4 pax and 2 hours for 5 pax and above.

Paradise Group believes that Chinese cuisine is one of the best in the world, and with their ten distinct Chinese restaurant concepts all across Singapore, it’s impossible to disagree. This particular concept is Beauty in The Pot – steaming, vibrant Chinese hotpot that promotes health and beauty, is the focus – and this particular restaurant you’ll find inside The Centrepoint on Orchard Road. Here, the freshest ingredients are used to produce nourishing soup bases that are not only exceptionally flavoursome, but very good for you as well. The food, along with the themed decor of this Orchard Road Chinese restaurant, helps diners find that perfect balance between Yin and Yang. It’s certainly popular, and absolutely worth a reservation in advance.

Opening Times

Open today - Opens at 11:30 am
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Beauty In The Pot - Centrepoint
176 Orchard Road
Singapore 238843

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Chef's Recommendations

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Crunchy Gourmet Chicken Sausage

US Wagyu Beef

Nagano Pork Belly

Assorted Balls Platter

Live Drunken Tiger Prawns

Signature Homemade Fish Tofu

Fried Beancurd Skin

Fried Fish Skin

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More about Beauty In The Pot - Centrepoint, Singapore

Beauty in The Pot experience goes way beyond the food. Here in The Centrepoint, this elegant Chinese hotpot restaurant takes all of its inspiration from Yin and Yang which, in Chinese culture, is traditionally associated with good health. Of course, Paradise Group are known all across Singapore, but this Orchard Road location is prime and particularly well-loved.
The menu at Beauty in The Pot consists of over 100 items and six famous soup bases, which includes the all-time favourite Beauty Collagen Broth and the Spicy Nourishing Broth, prepared using quality ingredients that have been specially-selected by Chef How and his team. Each of these capture and emphasise the importance of health and beauty, which are some particular elements of Chinese culture worth remembering. You can also choose between three spicy levels for your Spicy Nourishing Soup, to match seamlessly with the premium meat, seafood, vegetables and tofu selections for a divine and memorable dining experience.

314 Beauty In The Pot - Centrepoint Reviews

314 Reviews
Value for money:Good value
Noise levels:Pleasant
Waiting time:Very good
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Louis L.a day ago · 3 reviews

No complains.Enjoyed the food and price is decent. Thumbs up

HM L.2 days ago · 8 reviews

Had a great time eating in the restaurant. Soup base and food were yummy as usual. All time favourite place!

HM L.3 days ago · 8 reviews

Came at 4pm and the restaurant wasn't crowded. As usual, the soup base and food were good. All time favorite hotpot place. :)

Kelvin T.5 days ago · 3 reviews

This time round food is good and not much of waiting time!

Joanne O.8 months ago · 2 reviews

There were no problems with the reservation made through Quandoo. We were lead to our table immediately. The staff were well-mannered and do not come around the table too often. Something that I appreciated since it allowed me to dine in peace. It was also easy to get the wait staff's attention if required. The food was generally good except for the assorted balls and paste that were much too salty. It made me feel like swallowing spoonfuls of sodium. Tomato soup has an italian taste to it, and the drunken herbal chicken soup was average. The shark cartilage collagen soup was my favourite, though it can get a bit too jelat after a while. As for the spicy nourishing soup, perhaps more spice would be better. The other ingredients were of acceptable freshness but am not a fan of the rubbery red clams and the beef tripe. The sour plum juice is also more sweet than sour. Spinach taste amazing in the shark cartilage collagen soup - a must order! The shaved yuzu ice at the end is also much appreciated, totally a palate cleanser and refresher after the heavy meal.

Shirley C.10 months ago · 18 reviews

It's my first time having beauty in a pot. i thought it's somewhat similar to haidilao but personally felt their collagen beauty soup base is very nice. The service staff there wowed me with their 90 degrees bow every time they serve up something. It's a bit overwhelming after a while though we felt very pampered. The food were fresh and delicious. Crispy beancurd skin and their prawn paste is a must order.. They don't charge for wet towelettes and water or ice like some other restaurants and staff will top up tea and drinks automatically. They even peeled our drunken prawns for us . A cool green icee was served prior to our bill and we were presented with a discount voucher ($30 off $100 spent ) for our next visit . Definitely will visit again soon

Andrea D.10 months ago · 10 reviews

Their service standard is really good and I can feel the energy and happiness for other tables (those singing birthday songs). Every single time they were smiling and singing all so loudly, full of energy. Despite their busy period, our table of 6 people were served very well, from the greeter to the first waitress that took our orders, to the very alert manager that helped to mix our sauces. 3rd visit already and we will be back. :)

Mingli T.6 months ago · 1 review

i made an online request for a birthday cake (willing to pay) and the staff called to inform there will only be a muffin prepared instead of a cake. Indeed the muffin came but not after a very long wait (around half an hour) after the table was cleared. I could even hear birthday song across another table. As it was meant to be a surprise, I could not inform the staff in front of my friend so I thought to just let her know what I had initially planned. After telling her, the muffin surprise came in 5 mins with some balloons. Even though it was complimentary, I still felt that the staff could have overlook and only realise later. The food is expensive and is only worth going back with different new groups of people who have not tried.

Leanne L.4 months ago · 1 review

When making reservation, I asked abt whether theres any cake/desserts on the menu, as it was meant to be a surprise birthday celebration for my friend. Received no reply. While at the restaurant, no one asked about this request I had too. I couldn’t go to the service staff to enquire as it was meant to be a surprise. In the end, I had to buy my friend another round of desserts elsewhere after this meal, to get the birthday cake and celebration I had wanted to plan. Food wise it was ok, fresh and the soup were delicious.

Yeo J.9 months ago · 1 review

It looked like you're shortage of staff at around 4 plus 5. When I wanted to request for a bowl and ladle, I waited for quite a while and in the end, I help myself at the table beside mine. I'm not sure if I'm a member, so after telling your staff, she came back to tell me that I am not a member after checking on my handphone number and thus can't accumulate points.

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