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About Ayam Penyet President – Lucky Plaza

Ayam Penyet President have popular spots all over Singapore, so the fact they dish up some of the city’s most authentic and tastiest Indonesian food is no secret. That’s why this prime spot in Kallang Wave, right by Singapore National Stadium at Stadium Place, is always busy. It’s a good sign, and you’ll soon see why, with plate after plate of delicious, genuine Indonesian food true to traditional techniques and bursting with fresh ingredients. If Indonesian is unfamiliar to your palate, we recommend their exquisite potato frikkadel or signature ayam bakar (grilled chicken) for a soft start, until you’re ready for the main event – grilled fish dishes are the star here, and the lele pesmol (catfish swimming in rich Sundanese-style sauce) is particularly memorable. Whatever you do, it’s wise to book a table given the stunning waterfront location and even more stunning food.


Ayam Penyet President – Lucky Plaza
304 Orchard Road, #03-36/37
Singapore 238863

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Chef's Choice



Crispy Fried Beef (Empal Kriuk)

The fried beef is rich in spices, long marinated with coriander, tamarind, palm sugar, among others. Served with fried tofu, beancake, crispy bits, and our signature chili paste.

Grilled Beef (Empal Bakar)

The grilled version of tender beef long marinated with spices with a hint of sweetness. Served with grilled tofu, beancake and black sauce. One serving is never enough!

Smashed Fried Beef Ribs (Iga Penyet)

Fried beef ribs served with fried tofu, beancake, crispy bits, and our signature chili paste. (Only at Lucky Plaza and NEX outlet)


Smashed Fried Chicken (Ayam Penyet)

Signature smashed fried chicken. Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside! Served with tofu, tempeh, crispy bits, and signature chilli paste.

Grilled Chicken (Ayam Bakar)

Grilled to Perfection! Signature grilled tender chicken with a hint of sweetness served with grilled tofu, tempeh and cut chili in black sauce.

Fried Chicken in Green Chili (Ayam Cabe Ijo)

Signature fried chicken topped with addictive green chilli mixed with anchovy (ikan bilis). Served with tofu and tempeh.


Fried Catfish

Fried catfish served with fried tofu, beancake, crispy bits, and our signature chili paste.

Grilled Tilapia Fish (Ikan Bakar)

Grilled fresh water Tilapia fish served with black sauce.

Crispy Dancing Fried Fish (Ikan Joget)

Fried Tilapia fish served with our signature chili paste.
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