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Yaowarat Seafood
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Yaowarat Seafood

Asian, Seafood, Fusion, Drinks

Dishes priced aroundSGD 34

Photo of restaurant Yaowarat Seafood in Serangoon, Singapore

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Menu from Yaowarat Seafood

Browse the menu highlights at Yaowarat Seafood and explore the popular dishes people are craving! From starters to something sweet, take a look at what’s in store when you book a table at Yaowarat Seafood. Besides the flavours, you can even check out the prices at this popular spot. Mmmm, we're getting hungry already...

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A5. Deep Fried Garlic Pork 蒜蓉炒猪肉

SGD 12.90
A2. Yaowarat TomYum Mama Seafood Pot (Spicy) 海鲜妈妈锅

Crab (600g)
Includes Mussels, Fresh Squid, Mama Noodles`

SGD 78.00
A3. Yaowarat Seafood Combo 海鲜拼盘

Crab (600g)
Includes Fresh Prawns, Venus Clams, Mussels, Fresh Squid
Choice of Flavours: Steamed Only / Grilles (Add $5) / Singapore Chilli Sauce / Steamed with Hong Kong Sauce / Thai Vermicelli

SGD 78.00
A1. Yaowarat XO Treasure Pot XO海鲜锅

Crab (600g)
Includes Fresh Prawns, Venus Clams, Fresh Squid, Thick Vermicelli and shot of XO

SGD 78.00


K8. Ginger Scallion Chicken 姜葱炒鸡肉

SGD 9.90
K2. Prawn Paste Chicken 8 Pcs 虾酱鸡

SGD 9.90
K6. Kung Po Chicken 宫保鸡肉

SGD 9.90
K3. BBQ Pork Neck 泰式烤猪肉

SGD 12.90


Squid 苏东

Choice of: H1. Grilled 烧烤 / H2. Steamed Thai Style 泰式蒸 / H3. Sambal Chili 三巴 / H4. Thai Basil Chili 九层塔 / H5. Garlic Butter 蒜蓉牛油 / H6. Fragrant Spices 甘香 (Add $3) / H7. Salted Egg' 咸蛋 (Add $3)

SGD 15.90
XL Prawns 鲜虾

Choice of: E1. Herbal Prawns 药材虾 / E2. Steamed Hong Kong Style 港菜 / E3. Steamed Thai Style 泰式蒸 / E4. Grilled 烧烤 / E5. Fried with Fragrant Spices 甘香 / E6. Salted Egg 咸蛋 (Add $5)
$7 per 100g (Minimum 500g)

Venus Clams 啦啦

Choice of: G1. Sambal Chilli 三巴辣椒 / G2. Thai Basil Chilli 九层塔 / G3. Garlic Butter 蒜蓉牛油 / G4. Grilled 烤烧 / G5. Steam Thai Style 泰式蒸 / G6. Fragrant Spices 甘香
$4 Per 100g (Minimum 400g)

XL Lobsters 龙虾

Choice of: D1. Steamed HK Style 港蒸 / D2. Grilled 烧烤 / D3. Steamed Garlic Puree 蒜蓉蒸 / D4. Braised Yee Mee 焖伊面 / D5. Braised Thick Vermicelli 焖粗米粉 / D6. Thai Vermicelli 泰式冬粉
$9 per 100g

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