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The food of Hunan is regarded very highly in China – indeed, Hunanese cuisine is one of the Eight Great Traditions of Chinese cooking – and the food of the southern province is well-represented in Singapore as well. The Chinese community of the city-state is diverse, and those with antecedents and ancestors in Hunan swear by Xiang Signature Restaurant in Bugis. The Xiang is the river that runs through the heart of Hunan, and the lifeblood of the region, providing the fresh ingredients, fish and meats that characterise the dishes at Xiang. We could spend all day going through them all, but instead we’d rather you booked a table and headed over to Xiang Signature Restaurant on Liang Seah Street in Bugis for one of the best Hunanese – and Chinese – meals in Singapore.

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Xiang Signature Restaurant
#01-12/13/14 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189035

Menu Highlights



Cumin Gongshao Noodles 铁板水晶面

Hunan Style Fried Pork 湖南农家小炒肉

Frog in Hotpot 干锅跳跳蛙

Fish Head Steamed with Chopped Chilli 招牌双色鱼头

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