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About Wo Peng Cantonese Cuisine - Serangoon

Singapore and Hong Kong are two of the great cities of Asia, and their cuisine is one of the aspects of their culture that keeps the visitors coming back time and again. The Cantonese food on offer at Wo Peng on Maju Avenue is inspired by the flavours of Kowloon and Central, which they lovingly recreate in Serangoon. Book yourself a table and head on over to enjoy this unique take on the cuisine of Southern China and Hong Kong.

Opening Times

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Wo Peng Cantonese Cuisine - Serangoon
1 myVillage, #02-01 Serangoon Garden, Maju Ave,
Singapore 556679

Menu Highlights



Promotion Lunch Set

Hong KOng Dim Sum (2 items), double-boiled daily soup, stir-fried Kurobuta pork with black pepper and broccoli, braised Ee Fu noodle with conpoy and enoki mushroom, and daily dessert

Promotion Lunch Set

Hong Kong Dim Sum, BBQ peking duck served with egg crepes, double-boiled daily soup, XO sauteed sole fish fillet with spicy XO sauce, sauteed green vegetable with Tibet black fungus and Chinese yam, braised Ee Fu noodle, with shredded duck in Teo Chew style, steamed sponge cake with cranberry, and chilled Osmunthus jelly with Wolfberry.

Pecking Duck Set Menu

Roasted peking duck, double-boiled MACA with fish maw soup, sauteed peach resin with crab roe and egg white, steamed dragon grouper with soya bean crumbs in superior soya sauce, stir fried iceland sea cucumber in spicy XO sauce, braised pig trotters with pattern Shiitake in oyster sauce, braised shredded duck meat with Ee Fu noodles, and daily dessert.

Set Menu

Shark's Fin & Lobster Set Menu

Special cold dish combinations, braised shark fin's soup with crab meat and crab roe, roasted chicken, sauteed green vegetable with Tibet Black Fungus and Chinese yam, steamed sole fish fillet with crispy soya bean crumbs and superior soya sauce, braised "Bai Ling" with pattern Shiitake in oyster sauce, signature braised lobster with Ee Fu noodle, and chilled mango pomelo with sago

Poon Choy Set Menu

BBQ Peking duck served with eff crepes, double-boiled sharl's cartilage with fish maw soup, sauteed green vegetable with Tibet black fungus and chinese yam, Wo Peng's "Poon Choy" braised with abalone and assorted dried seafood in casserole, steamed dragon grouper with crispy soya bean crumbs and superior soya sauce, braised Ee Fu noodle with shreded duck in Teo Chew style, chilled mango pomelo with sago, and crispy pan cake with red bean paste

Australia Abalone, Superior Shark's Fin soup Set Menu

Salad organic garden greens with crispy soft shell crab and Japanese fish roe in thousand island sauce, double-boiled superiod shark's fin soup with maca, signature roasted and smoked duck with champhor and tea leaf, braised Australia 3 head abalone with pattern Shiitake in oyster sauce, steamed marble goby fish with crispy soya bean crumbs and superior soya sauce, sauteed green vegetable with Tibet Black fungus and chinese yam, clay pot rice with preserved Chinese sausage in Hong Kong style, and double-boiled peach resin and red dates.

More about Wo Peng Cantonese Cuisine - Serangoon, Singapore

As eating in Asia goes, there are two cities that stand above all others for their diversity, their decadence and their dedication to the culinary arts. The myriad influences that come to bear on the chefs of Singapore are from all over the continent, whereas their counterparts in Hong Kong are taken by the cuisine of China, their near neighbour. If you take your lunch at Wo Peng on Maju Avenue in Serangoon, you can experience Cantonese cuisine just like you were in Kowloon.

Wo Peng offer Cantonese Hong Kong-style cooking, with all the trimmings and nothing spared. That means dim sum offerings, excellent seafood and meat dishes and plenty of vegetarian options. We recommend the Cantonese classic of Buddha Jump Over The Wall, perhaps combined with a bowl of Shark’s Fin Soup to even out all the karma you might have accumulated in the course of your day. Reserve your table at Maju Avenue in Singapore’s Serangoon.

12 Wo Peng Cantonese Cuisine - Serangoon Reviews

12 Reviews
Waiting time:Very good
Noise levels:Pleasant
Value for money:Reasonable value
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Stella A.2 years ago · 3 reviews

Unique and yummy dim sum. Excellent and friendly service. Nice ambience, not noisy like most dim sum restaurants. Great place for gathering with family and friends.

Aaron Q.2 years ago · 1 review

The food was good to eat. But the price is abit on the pricy side. Place is not crowded even on weekends so easy to find table

Caroline T.2 years ago · 1 review

Friendly service and cozy environment. There was some delay in food serving however overall experience is pleasant. Will definately recommend wo peng to other friends.

Kenneth H.2 years ago · 2 reviews

Interesting fusion of cantonese and hakka cuisine good for the familiy dinner. Service was great but the price is on the higher side but overall satisfied

Boon Hwee N.2 years ago · 1 review

We had Dim Sum mostly, as well as Fried Rice and Wolfberry and Osmanthus Cake. The latter two are very good that are tasty without being overly salty/sweet. Dim Sum taste like very good ingriendent used though mostly won't be memorable. All in all a very pleasant experience with a good customer service. The lack of parking lots around the area and in the building would probably be the only consideration when going back again!

Yvonnica W.2 years ago · 22 reviews

The place is quiet as compared to the other one at Furuma City Hotel. There isn't a wide selection for Dim Sum. However, based on what we'd ordered, we will recommend the Scallops dumplings, century egg porridge and the dumplings with Spinach. For dessert, if you like something sour and refreshing, the hawthorn jelly is great.

Shuwei O.2 years ago · 1 review

good, quite unfortunate as dim sum's off till after CNY - staff advised me beforehand so it's alright. tasty scallops and asparagus. glutinous rice was good as well. Ee-fu noodles portion like quite small but taste was good, balanced flavour.

Cyndi L.2 years ago · 2 reviews

Food is good but service is not too prompt. I went there so many times but staff are always shorthanded especially on weekends. Will still visit due to good food.

Chirley L.2 years ago · 1 review

Service was prompt. However, they overlooked my request to remove the default side dish placed on the table and I was charged for that. Food was innovative and not bad.

Cyndi L.2 years ago · 2 reviews

Food is nice but service are slow. Need to ask many things when requesting for orders. Love the fried salmon, especially when you dip it with the soup. Fantastic.