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About The Seasons - Coconut Chicken Steamboat

The Seasons - Coconut Chicken Steamboat is not only a unique Singapore dining experience, it’s a healthy one, too. At this fantastic little restaurant in Holland Village you can expect Chinese cuisine that’s been steamed to perfection using a coconut steamboat. Simply put, that means every dish is enriched with wonderful coconutty goodness. You can find The Seasons - Coconut Chicken Steamboat nestled on Holland Avenue and, believe us, it’s one you’ll be glad you didn’t miss. Reserve a table now!

Chef's Choice



Bamboo Fungus coconut Chicken Pot


Nourishing Coconut Chicken Pot


Signature Lapmei Rice


Sweet and Sour Pork Rib


Spicy Chicken Wings



Grapefruit Shochu


Further Information

In the heart of Singapore’s Holland Village, The Seasons - Coconut Chicken Steamboat is a Chinese steamboat restaurant with health in mind. Food is steamed using coconut water as the soup base, thus enhancing the flavour of your food whilst also proving all those skin-loving, extra-hydrating qualities that coconuts are so well-loved for. On Holland Avenue, The Seasons - Coconut Chicken Steamboat is intimate, dimly lit and contemporary, making it a great spot for cocktails as well as fine Chinese-inspired food.

Diners of Singapore can look forward to signature dishes in the way of bamboo fungus coconut chicken pot, lapmei rice, sweet and sour pork ribs that are something pretty special, as well as curious grapefruit shochu. Quality is of the utmost importance at The Seasons, meaning all dishes are prepared using premium ingredients to deliver some of the freshest Chinese tastes in all of Holland Village.

7 Reviews

May L.3 months ago · 2 reviews

The chicken hotpot is really good. ingredients were very fresh too. ordered the small set with half chicken and other ala carte ingredients to add on. will definitely revisit.

Rena M.3 months ago · 1 review

Good and yummy.. I travel from Seng Kang to Holland v just to eat. Addictive and healthy good to bring the old folk to have it.

Lynn T.6 months ago · 7 reviews

For my birthday I decided to go for a steamboat lunch with my mom, sister and my 2.5 year-old niece. I was recommended this steamboat restaurant for its light but tasty coconut chicken soup and fresh ingredients. It was a good decision. The coconut chicken soup was surprisingly delicious with the use of coconut water, herbs and kampong chicken. We ordered Wagyu beef slices, a seafood platter with scallops, abalone, prawns, mussels as well as a vegetable platter. The portion was generous and the ingredients were all very fresh and good quality. We enjoyed the food and were impressed. I'll definitely visit again!

James L.7 months ago · 8 reviews

Very special steamboat concept. Overall food is fresh and tasty. Love the industrial restaurant design. A new dining spot in Holland Village that you would not want to miss! Will surely return!

Y H T.2 months ago · 15 reviews

Very extraordinary steamboat experience with a unique sauce with sand ginger giving it a herbal taste. Overall the service was friendly and the food was fresh. The restaurant did not serve wine but does charge a $30 corkage if you bring your own.

George K.2 months ago · 14 reviews

First time at this restaurant, and i liked it. Cosy setting and food was good. It would be most worth it if you are in a group of 4 or more in order to order more ingredients.

Adelyn Q.3 months ago · 2 reviews

The manager was kind enough to tell me that I had over ordered & recommended an appropriate set to order. In this way, I saved money.

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