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Farrer Park
Sumbao Seafood 海鲜在三宝
Sumbao Seafood 海鲜在三宝 Menu

Sumbao Seafood 海鲜在三宝

Photo of restaurant Sumbao Seafood 海鲜在三宝 in Farrer Park, Singapore

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Menu from Sumbao Seafood 海鲜在三宝

Browse the menu highlights at Sumbao Seafood 海鲜在三宝 and explore the popular dishes people are craving! From starters to something sweet, take a look at what’s in store when you book a table at Sumbao Seafood 海鲜在三宝. Besides the flavours, you can even check out the prices at this popular spot. Mmmm, we're getting hungry already...

Menu highlights



Stir Fried Chinese Fungus with Mixed Vegetables 木耳炒杂蔬

Small 小 - $12.00 | Large 大 - $20.00

Claypot Minced Meat Cabbage 瓦煲肉香炖白菜

Small 小 - $14.00 | Large 大 - $22.00

Onion Cai Po Omelette 洋葱菜脯煎蛋

Small 小 - $10.00 | Large 大 - $15.00

Stir Fried Minced Long Beans 干炒四季豆

Small 小 - $12.00 | Large 大 - $20.00



Deep Fried Pork with Honey Sauce 蜜汁脆口肉

Small 小 - $18.00 | Large 大 - $28.00

Fried Pork Ribs with Chinese Vinegar 浙江烧汁排骨

Small 小 - $18.00 | Large 大 - $28.00

Thai Style Sweet and Sour Pork 泰式古老肉

Small 小 - $18.00 | Large 大 - $28.00

Home Town Deep Fried Pork Belly 家乡南乳炸花腩

Small 小 - $18.00 | Large 大 - $28.00



Crispy Thai Chicken Salad 枫柑沙律鸡

Small 小 - $18.00 | Large 大 - $28.00

Kung Po Chicken with Cashew Nuts 腰果宫保鸡

Small 小 - $18.00 | Large 大 - $28.00

Grilled Chicken with Ginger Sauce 香煎沙姜鸡

Small 小 - $18.00 | Large 大 - $30.00

Passionfruit Tender Chicken 百香果嫩鸡

Small 小 - $18.00 | Large 大 - $30.00



Sumbao Signature Claypot Fish Soup 三寶招牌鱼头炉

Claypot consist of fish head, yam, seaweed, tofu, tomato, Chinese cabbage, celery and choice of fish 砂锅鱼头由鱼头, 山药, 紫菜, 豆腐, 番茄, 大白菜和精选鱼组成.
Grouper 石斑鱼: Small 小 - $45.00 | Large 大 - $65.00
Red Grouper 红石斑鱼: Small 小 - $45.00 | Large 大 - $65.00
Chinese Pomfret 斗鲳雨: Ask for Availability 时价
Giant Grouper 龙胆鱼: Ask for Availability 时价

Claypot Prawns with Chinese Wine 美酒干煎虾堡

Small 小 - $19.00 | Large 大 - $33.00

Deep Fried Prawns with Spicy Milk 辣味奶油虾

Small 小 - $19.00 | Large 大 - $33.00

Hong Kong Style Steamed Fish 港式清蒸鱼

Seasonal Price 时价

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