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About Suki-Ya - Tampines Mall

Three cheers for shabu shabu, one of the hottest food trends on the scene! Synonymous with the best shabu shabu offerings in the city, Suki-Ya at Tampines Mall on Tampines Central 5 is a legend in the city’s Japanese hot pot dining scene. You control your dining destiny at Singapore’s Suki-Ya – the Tampines restaurant lets you choose your own hot pot ingredients, buffet-style. There’s no limit to how much you can eat (as long as you don’t take longer than 80 minutes)!

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Just ask any local where to find the best Japanese hot pots, and we guarantee they’ll tell you to visit Suki-Ya inside Singapore’s Tampines Mall on Tampines Central 5. This is one Japanese hot pot restaurant we can’t get enough of – plus, it’s all you can eat, and that’s never a bad thing! Suki-Ya in Tampines also offers free flow beverages (soft drinks and green tea only) so make sure to load up on as much sugary caffeinated goodness as your body can handle.

Loosen up your belt a couple of notches, it’s going to be an intense dining experience at Suki-Yai inside of Singapore’s Tampines Mall. You’re the one in charge at this Japanese hot pot restaurant, and you can load up on as much or as little of the delicious meats, seafoods and veggies on offer as you can handle. With five different soup bases to choose from, you’ll have plenty of excuses to get back to this Tampines restaurant often to try new flavour combinations – the possibilities are endless! Book in advance to snag the best table.

64 Reviews

Hermia L.24 days ago · 1 review

Service was good! Waitress and waiter are friendly and good customer service! Great place to hang out. The food was quite pleasure. The ice cream was good!

imgRachel L.3 months ago · 3 reviews

The visit to Suki-ya Tampines was good - as usual. Please keep up with the good work and launch more promotions, especially the buy 1 free 1 promo!

wei loon n.4 months ago · 1 review

Nice and friendly staff. Food was great. Great add-on value for wagyu and iberico sets. Will definitely come back. Highly recommended. It's quite understaff especially during peak hour

Jaime W.a year ago · 1 review

the staffs are attentive in helping to assist us, from ordering to refilling the soup base. it was a fuss free experience at sukiya, will patronize again.

imgApphia N.10 months ago · 6 reviews

The food variety is little but the broth selection and the taste is rich. Even my baby loves it. However, you might have to bring more water for your child as there is a lot of msg added and will be very thirsty. They do not have a water dispenser there, when I try to get it from the kitchen the bowl they gave me has a layer of oil in it. My spouse had to go to Watsons to buy water for our baby. Felt lack of staff at times, so you might have to order all the meat you want at the start of the order first so you do not face the problem of finding staff later on during your meal. I have reserved a place via quandoo so we got a place pretty fast, otherwise you might not have a seat at all if you came as a walk in at 8.30am. (the staff wanted to turn me away before I said I have a reservation)

Nina N.7 months ago · 1 review

Coke zero was FLAT and cold green tea was very diluted (tasted more like water), but overall a good experience. Beef shabu-shabu meat was lean but pork and chicken meat could be leaner (according to customer preference). Have more variety of food, vegetables and fruits available.

imgGeraldine T.a year ago · 1 review

My first time dining in sukiya. We get to select 4 soup base as we had 7 people. The kimchi, sukiya was the top2 choices for us. After you order the meats, they were quickly delivered. However, empty plates were not collected unless prompting for a server. Overall, not that bad for a buffet steamboat.

Jun Guan T.5 months ago · 1 review

Overall experience is up to the standard we expected. I will like to thank the staff for providing a great dinner for us . I also hope that the staff will be able perform well next time we dine in sukiya

imgJAYXEN O.9 months ago · 16 reviews

Was a little disappointed with the spread. A lot of the items were replaced with varieties of noodles - which I can't take a lot. Most service staff were friendly but a few need to buck up a little.

Irene S.8 months ago · 2 reviews

The environment is comfortable as the staff has segregated customers evenly and not too crowded. Staff service is not bad. Food wise good and if more choices of ingredients added will be plus mark. Will consider to go back.

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