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Permata Singapore
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Permata Singapore


Indonesian, Asian, Eat & Drink

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Check out the menu at Permata Singapore and explore the popular dishes people are craving! From appetizers to something sweet, take a look at what’s in store for you when you book a table at Permata Singapore. You can even check out the prices so you know what to expect, besides the flavours.Browse the menu highlights from Permata Singapore and when your mouth starts to water, so you can get in on the flavour action. Mmmm we’re getting hungry already…

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Soto Banjar | Banjarese Chicken Consommé

[South Kalimantan] Aromatic Chicken Consommé, Rice Cakes, Potato Cutlet, Quail Egg, Vermicelli, Sambal Oelek

SGD 10.00


Kerabu Raden Ayu R | Soursop Salad

Soursop, Pomegranate, Young Mango, Young Papaya, Cucumber, Sliced Onions, Coriander, Calamansi Dressing

SGD 12.00
Kerabu Daging Sri Mersing | Beef Salad

Grilled Chateaubriand, Young Mango, King Salad, Ginger Flower Lime Dressing

SGD 18.00

Small Plates

Kekapis Merlimau | Merlimau Scallops

Pan-Seared Scallop, Pineapple Juice, Burnt Butter, Ginger, Scallion, Lemon Zest

SGD 22.00
Lemang Semerah Padi | Sambal Prawns

Glutinous Rice, Sambal Tumis Prawn, Coconut Floss

SGD 14.00
Nasi Ulam Cakerawala | Ulam Rice Balls

Herbed Rice Balls, Sambal Bajak, Salted Fish, Rice Cracker, Spicy Turmeric Gel

SGD 16.00
Permata Samudera | Nusantara Ceviche

Scallop, Black Mussel, Prawn, Salmon Ceviche, Ginger Flower Lime Dressing, Blue Pea Gel

SGD 22.00


Rawon Risotto

[East Java] Beef Stew, Buah Keluak Nut, Creamy Risotto, Ramen Egg, Tempe Chips, Sambal Belacan, Coconut Floss, Rice Cracker

SGD 28.00
Filet Mignon Lomak Cili Api

[Negeri Sembilan] Chargrilled Filet Mignon Steak, Spicy Turmeric Cream Sauce, Scalloped Potato, Asparagus, Tomato Confit

SGD 44.00
Belimbing Kambing | Belimbing Lamb Rack

Chargrilled New Zealand Lamb Rack, “Belimbing Besi”, Coconut Cream, Spices, Scalloped Potato, Asparagus, Tomato Confit

SGD 42.00
Chateaubriand Rendang [SIGNATURE]

Chargrilled Chateaubriand, Scalloped Potato, Asparagus, Tomato Confit

SGD 38.00

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