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Patara Fine Thai Cuisine

Tanglin · Thai · $$$$
93 Reviews

About Patara Fine Thai Cuisine

Fine Thai cuisine is the order of the day at Patara, found in Tanglin Mall at the intersection of Grange Road, Napier Road and Tanglin Road. It’s a local hotspot for retail and restaurants, and Patara is one of the top destinations in the complex for those looking for casual Southeast Asian dining and an elegant atmosphere in equal measure. The restaurant has been refining its offering for nigh on twenty years now, and while the menu has evolved to meet the expectations of contemporary palates, the core remains the same: traditional Thai food, beautifully plated, and bursting with fresh ingredients and delicate flavour.

Check out Patara’s a la carte buffet menu here!

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Patara Fine Thai Cuisine
163 Tanglin Road, #03-14
Singapore 247933

Opening Times

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12:00 pm - 2:30 pm
6:00 pm - 9:30 pm
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Chef's Choice



Hoy Shell

Seared sea scallops on half shell with chilli lime dressing

Porpia Pak Ar

Thai tacos with minced chicken, prawns, tofu and bean sprouts

Peek Gai Yang Samoon Prai

Twice–cooked chicken wings with five–spice and black vinegar caramel


Tom Yum Goong / Talay

Authentic spicy hot and sour soup with prawns or seafood

Ka Poa Pla

Full–bodied fish maw soup with crab meat and quail eggs

Nua Toon

Braised beef soup


Yum Ma Muang Poo Nim Tod

Green mango salad with crispy soft–shell crab

Pla Muek Yang Yum Takrai

Spicy barbecued cuttlefish salad with lemongrass and fresh mint

Namtok Nua Toon

Double–boiled beef shin salad with chilli and roasted rice


Moo Ob Yod Phak

Slow–roasted pork shoulder accompanied with young vegetables and chilli–vinegar dip

Gai Yang Kamin

Grilled herb and tumeric–marinated spring chicken with chilli–coriander sauce

See Krong Kae Yang

Pan–seared lemongrass–marinated rack of lamb served with glutinous rice pancake


Pla Gao Sam Ros

Golden–fried garoupa fillet in savory three–flavoured sauce

Lobster Tail Your Way

w egg noodle and black pepper sauce/ sautéed in green curry /sautéed in yellow curry

Salmon Nung Takrai

Steamed salmon fillet with fresh lemongrass, enoki mushrooms in a spicy lime dressing


Gang Massaman Gae

New Zealand lamb massaman curry with lotus seeds

Gang Khue Poo Alaska

Phuket–styled yellow curry with Alaskan crab leg and betel nut leaves

Gang Hung Lae Moo Sam Chann

Slow–braised pork belly in Northern Thai style Hung Lay curry sauce

Rice Dishes

Khao Phad Poo

Fried rice with crab meat and spring onions

Khao Phad Saparot Talay

Pineapple fried rice with seafood


Durian Souffle’

Mamaung Cheese Cake

Flourless mango cheese cake with caramel–covered mango

Chillies Chocolate Lava

Molten chocolate chilli lava tarte


Misha’s Vineyard The Starlet Sauvignon Blanc

Cape Mentelle Cabernet Merlot

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc

Further Information

Patara’s trump card is its devotion to the traditional simplicity and subtlety of Thai cuisine. It’s for this reason that Patara has been able to survive in Singapore’s Thai restaurant scene for over two decades. That said, many make a regular thing out of dining at Patara’s Tanglin Mall restaurant for its ability to balance – balance is key in delicately-flavoured Thai food – tradition with modernity. To this end, Patara has curated, for example, a selection entitled Authentic Tastes of Thai Heritage with the help of famous Singaporean food blogger Iron Chef Chumpol Jangprai.

From this superlatively fresh selection, highlights include the koi pla tuna, a spicy tuna tartare salad with a Thai-style herb dressing, the tom sum pla krabok sweet and sour soup with mullet, the southern Thai-style grilled chicken and the baked Thai-style durian cake with coconut milk. It’s dishes like these that are typical of Patara’s exquisite offering in general, but only part of the reason that diners make a habit of reserving early for tables at this Thai restaurant’s busy Tanglin Road premises. Residents of Tanglin proper know that one of the best ways to enjoy Patara’s considered selection is to weigh in on the affordable lunchtime specials. We know you want to: book now!

93 Patara Fine Thai Cuisine Reviews

June O.20 days ago · 2 reviews

Nice place. Will return again. Nice staff. Good food. Quiet and nicely decorated. One of the best Thai food in sg. Friends all love it

Cynthia C.a month ago · 1 review

Wonderful cuisine in the finest of establishments. Cosy atmosphere & very good service. Pleasant ambience for business meetings. Will definitely return to try their buffet on another occasion.

Eng Gim T.2 months ago · 2 reviews

Very good ambience as fine dining. Would recommend to celebrate. Servers r very good. Food very well presented. Celebration would certainly impress guests. I will recommend for those who love spicy food.

Samuel L.3 months ago · 2 reviews

Good service. Pleasant ambience. We had a nice rice dinner for five adults and a toddler. Desserts (red ruby, mango sticky rice) were also quite good.

Gilbert C.9 months ago · 4 reviews

Excellent food and service in this quiet restaurant tucked away in a corner of the third floor at Tanglin Mall. The dishes we tried over two separate visits were all excellent. Unlike many Thai restaurants in Singapore which tend to offer overseasoned dishes, the flavouring here was perfectly balanced and nothing was too sweet or salty. The menu offerings are also more interesting than what's usually found at other Thai restaurants. Dishes such as "Goong Sarong" (Spice-marinated golden-fried prawns wrapped in crispy filo pastry, served with pineapple and pickled cucumber salad), Nua Yanf Jim Jaew (Grilled Australian 300 days grain-fed beef tenderloin served with spicy tamarind sauce are delicious, and the Chor Muang appetiser is another stunning dish, with dumplings crafted into flower shapes coloured blue and stuffed with caramelised chicken, sweet turnip and peanut filling, and topped with coconut cream reduction. Service is professional and very pleasant and the decor is elegant and stylish. This is a gem of a place and my only hesitation about giving them a great review is that it might make the place more crowded and harder to get reservations!

Amponn P.2 years ago · 1 review

It feels like this restaurant aspires to be the best Thai in Singapore. The prices and the ambiance tell that story; however, the service and food fall short. Now, both are quite good. It is just that they don't rise to the level of a great restaurant. The service issue was mostly related to the timing of the food presentation. We both ordered soup but they were brought out at different time. Then, the main course was brought out shortly after the appetizers. I don't think they were intending to rush us; just that they didn't plan the timing. My Thai girl friend said that some of the food was ok but lacked the usual spices for authenticity. The soups were quite good; however, the lobster in green sauce should have had more flavor and spice. I recommend this restaurant if you want to spend the money on a romantic evening. If you just want high quality, authentic Thai food, the Golden Mile Complex will serve that need.

Yuma S.a year ago · 2 reviews

Taste of food was sofisticated and well-balanced. We really enjoyed it. (If you really love spicy foods, you may as well ask them to make the taste spicier.) Servers in this restaurant were personable and solicitous. Though we were in a private dining room (without extra charges), they served dishes, plates for sharing and drinks timely except once that I needed to ask them to pour our guest more wine once. In addtion, they gave us recommendation of menu and promotion suitable for us. I personally feel that this restaurant is one of the top-notch Thai cuisine restaurants in Singapore, even though it's not located in a convenient area and we need to use rest rooms in the common area of Tanglin mall.

Hui Ling G.a month ago · 8 reviews

Dinner is a lot more expensive than lunch with mains at the high end of $20s and $30s. The atmosphere is fine dining, with table cloths and linen, with very comfortable tables and cushioned benches for 2 and the food is very nicely presented. There are enough service staff and they are well spoken and polite. The food was tasty and a cut above. The only disappointment was the dessert platter for $22 There were just 2each of 2 types of bite sized Thai desserts ( Durian cake and Red Ruby), 2 scoops of ice cream and a few pieces of melons. The desserts were not really remarkable enough to justify the high price.

Ruth T.5 months ago · 1 review

Staff were excellent especially Mary. They were attentive at all times and they gave my friends and I a very nice table at the corner. The food was flavourful and the prices were reasonable for a fine dining Thai restaurant. The only exception was the tom yum soup which at $12 for a small bowl would be considered on the pricey side. Will definitely return !

imgKian Hock T.a year ago · 2 reviews

The food was simply Aroy (delicious). Pity there was no sticky rice mango but the alternative dessert (4 different sweets in iced coconut milk) was just as good. Service was excellent. Kudos to the sweet Thai speaking manageress/captain. My guest and I agree Patara deserves a repeat visit.

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