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Nyonya & Baba Peranakan Cuisine

Harbourfront · Asian, Peranakan · $$$$
Very Good
5 Reviews

About Nyonya & Baba Peranakan Cuisine

Offering a dining experience unlike any other in Singapore, Nyonya & Baba Peranakan Cuisine serves traditional delicacies that can’t be found just anywhere. Located at VivoCity in HarbourFront, one of Singapore’s most popular shopping centres, this Peranakan restaurant serves dishes that are about as traditional as they come amid all the nearby international eateries. Embark on a culinary adventure without ever stepping foot away from Harbourfront Walk at Nyonya & Baba!


Nyonya & Baba Peranakan Cuisine
1 Habourfront walk
Singapore 098585

Opening Times

Closed today

Chef's Choice



Lemak Puteh

Tauhu Titek

The fish stock is specially prepared by extracting the sweetness from the bones of salted ikan kurau

Bakwang Kepeting

Seasoned meat-balls made with minced pork, crab meat & prawns simmered in a specially prepared broth


Beef Rendang

Marinated beef stewed in a rich gravy of coconut milk spiced with chili paste and ginger.

Ayam Buah Keluah

Pieces of juicy chicken stewed with black nut gravy.

Babi Pongteh

Lean pork stewed in a gravy of preserved bean paste (Tau Cheow) flavored with cinnamon bark



Puloh Hitam

Black glutinous rice pudding with fresh coconut milk

Sago Gula Melaka

Sago pearls mixed with freshly squeezed coconut milk under shaven ice

Further Information

The Peranakans are the descendents of the Chinese pioneers who settled across Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia as early as the 15th century. Fusing Chinese cuisine with the indigenous cuisines of the settled lands, the Peranakans developed flavourful dishes all their own, which, luckily for you, are available to try at Singapore’s Nyonya & Baba Peranakan Cuisine inside of HarbourFront’s VivoCity. This is one restaurant that stands out from the other restaurants on HarbourFront Walk.

Chances are, there’s likely to be a few dishes on Singapore’s Nyonya & Baba Peranakan Cuisine’s menu that you’re unfamiliar with. If you love seafood, you can’t go wrong with the Assam curry fish head, a flavour-packed dish consisting of an ikan head slowly cooked in a spicy curry with hints of tamarind. Another popular option on Nyonya & Baba’s extensive menu is the ayam buah keluah, chicken stewed with black nut gravy. Vegetarians are encouraged to try the nyonya chap chye a speciality made with cabbage, dried bean curd, glass noodles, cabbage, black fungus, mushrooms and bean paste. Try these dishes, plus an array of other mains, soups, starters and desserts when you book a table at HarbourFront’s Nyonya & Baba Peranakan Cuisine.

5 Nyonya & Baba Peranakan Cuisine Reviews

Janette K.a year ago · 1 review

Food was great and yummy. Friendly serving staff. However, the deserts was a let-down - tapioca was blend and the chendol was too sweet. Also the meat from the babi pongteh was mostly fats.

imgDinyar G.2 years ago · 20 reviews

The service was average. The staff seemed nonchalant. But it wasn't bad in any way. The food was pretty good. Well cooked. The beef rending was tender. The unlimited rice is a nice touch.

Yan Poh L.a year ago · 1 review

Food was average despite friends' raves. Satay chicken cubes were rather boney. And they ran out of desserts...imagine no chendol or gula malaka at a nyonya restaurant. Fortunately many nice dessert places at Vivocity, we enjoyed the sweet concoctions at Honeymoon Desserts.

ann l.a year ago · 1 review

a bit disappointing; as i expected to savour more of ayam buah keluak paste and the bakwan soup too no real taste of crab meat.

imgSharon L.a year ago · 148 reviews

Nice ambience. Easy to locate, food not bad. Reasonable price

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