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Little India
Kolkata Beckons
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Kolkata Beckons

Asian, Indian, Vegetarian, Drinks

Dishes priced aroundSGD 17

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Menu from Kolkata Beckons

Check out the menu at Kolkata Beckons and explore the popular dishes people are craving! From appetizers to something sweet, take a look at what’s in store for you when you book a table at Kolkata Beckons. You can even check out the prices so you know what to expect, besides the flavours.Browse the menu highlights from Kolkata Beckons and when your mouth starts to water, so you can get in on the flavour action. Mmmm we’re getting hungry already…

Menu highlights

Includes dishes that are:




Mutton Chop

Minced mutton mixed with Bengali spices dipped in gram flour, crumb-fried served with mustard dip. Kashundi and mint tamarind. A special recommendation.

SGD 15.90
Kolkata Chicken Cutlet

Kolkata style chicken cutlet from minced chicken with home made spices, coriander and chillies 1pc - $9.90 2pc - $16.90

KB Special Fish Roll

Sea Bass Fillet marinated in mustard stuffed with roasted fish with herbs, rolled in our flaky bread, crumb-fried served with mango mustard sauce - Kashundi ( Bengal's famous pickled mustard sauce) with Salad specially made for dine in guests

SGD 18.90
Plater Of Bengal Starters

2 pcs of Vegetable chop, 2 pcs of Mochar chop and 2 pcs Shingara with Kashundi ( Bengal's famous pickled mustard sauce ) with Salad specially made for dine in guests

SGD 23.90


Ful Kopir Daina

Fundamental Bengali dish of cauliflower cooked with peas and potato in very flavourful gravy. The dish goes best with Luchi, bengali popular bread.

SGD 15.90
Chanar Paturi

Homemade fresh cottage cheese, fresh coconut, cashew raisin, mustard and seasoning steamed inside banana leaf.

SGD 16.90
Potoler Dolma With Fish

This is unique delicacy of Bengal with an elaborate preparation. Stuffed with boneless fish , is roasted and slow cooked in mild gravy of rich herbs. 2 to 4 pcs depending on size of vegetables.

SGD 19.90
Bhetki Macher Koptar Curry

Exotic and rare delicacy of round balls made from sea bass or baramundi fillet with special herbs in curry. The perfection in making this curry comes from grandma's tips.

SGD 20.90

Rice Dishes

Bengali Steam Rice - Ghee Bhat

Special aromatic baby basmati pulao rice from Bengal steamed and served with lime and chilli.

SGD 8.90
Basanti Pulao

Fragrant Baby Basmati (gobindo bhog rice flown in from Kolkata) baked in slow heat with herbs and clarified butter.

SGD 9.90
Khichuri (no onion, no garlic)

Healthy and nutritious. Bengal version of Khichri has full of aromas. Cooked using mustard oil, this Khichri is accompanied with all kinds of vegetable fries.

SGD 19.90
Veg Exotic Briyani

This Kolkata style veg briyani is made painstakingly with raw jackfruit, the taste in which can give mutton run for its flavours and experience. Must try item even for vegetarians.

SGD 19.90

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