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About Hook On Steamboat

Whether your water-powered boat inclinations are towards Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat, original era Steamboat Willie or something a little bit more culinary, you can find them all at Hook On Steamboat in Singapore’s Bedok district. Well, it’d be an unusual day in which a classic wrestler and a classic cartoon are joining classically Chinese cuisine at the table – though we wouldn’t rule it out – you can certainly eat your fill of food to make your journey worthwhile. The journey will take you to Kembangan train station, and you’ve only to walk over the street to Changi Road to delve into a world of Chinese-style hotpot, Mookata dishes and a few other Asian specialities to boot. Book your table now and head on over to Changi Road for a top quality meal.


Hook On Steamboat
Changi Road 389
Singapore 419838

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Chef's Choice



Mushroom Platter

- Golden Mushroom - Shitake Mushroom - Shimeji Mushroom - Abalone Mushroom - Button Mushroom - Straw Mushroom - Bai Ling Mushroom

Mixed Platter

-Thai Style Pork - HOS Boneless Chicken - Prawn - Squid - Luncheon Meat - Chicken Hotdog - Pork Ball - Fish Ball - Crab Stick

Seafood Platter

- White Pepper Dory - Prawn - Squid - Half Shell Mussel - Giant Half Shell Scallop - Fish Ball - Lobster Ball - Crab Stick - Seafood Tofu

Set A

- Thai Style Chicken Leg - Black Pepper Chicken Leg - HOS Boneless Chicken Leg - Pork Liver - Luncheon Meat - Pork Ball - Veg & Pork Dumpling - Chicken Cheesy Ball - Chicken Hotdog

Set C

- Black Pepper Beef Chuck - HOS Beef Chuck - Shabu Beef Chuck - Pork Liver - Luncheon Meat - Pork Ball - Veg & Pork Dumpling - Chicken Cheesy Ball - Chicken Hotdog


Smoked Duck (100g)


Beef Pastrami Short Plate (150g)


Black Pork, Kurobuta (150g)



Bamboo Clam (5 pcs)




Half Shell Mussel (5 pcs)


Giant Half Shell Scallop (3 pcs)


Pacific Clam (150g)


Crayfish (2 pcs)

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