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Chingu - Rochester
Chingu - Rochester Reviews

Chingu - Rochester

Korean, Asian, BBQ, Eat & Drink

Dishes priced aroundSGD 22

Photo of restaurant Chingu - Rochester in Rochester, Singapore
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Reviews of Chingu - Rochester (8)

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8 reviews

Value for money:Great value
Waiting time:Exceptionally Good
Noise levels:Very pleasant
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Clare C.7 months ago · 2 reviews

The food was good, and the environment was nice too. Pet friendly place.

James T.7 months ago · 9 reviews

Goooo oooo oooo ooooo oooo oooo oooo oooo ooo d.

James T.8 months ago · 9 reviews

Good food and good service! Frequent customer here. It’s pricey but still good.

"Not good "
Shasha D.9 months ago · 1 review

Food is not tasty and too expensive. Not worth it.

"Not good "
Chloe W.10 months ago · 1 review

I scheduled a meal at 5 pm on the 27th, and the restaurant called on the 26th to confirm whether I would go, and I confirmed. In the afternoon, they sent me another email to confirm and confirmed it for me. On the afternoon of the 27th, they called me again to confirm, isn't this sick? And I set it at 5 o'clock, basically no one has dinner at this time, is it necessary to confirm again and again? As a result, when we arrived at the restaurant, there were only one table of us outside, and three tables indoors. There were many empty seats, which was really inexplicable. The second is that the price is much more expensive than other Korean restaurants, and the barley tea is not refilled, which is the first time I have encountered such a thing in a Korean restaurant. The environment is not good, the outdoor dining environment is very simple, and I will not patronize again in the future. 我定的27日下午5点用餐,餐厅26日打电话确认我是否去,我确认了。当天下午又发邮件让我确认,为我确认了。27日下午又打电话跟我确认,这不是有病吗?而且我定的5点,这个时间基本是没有人吃晚餐的,有必要一再确认吗?结果到了餐厅,室外只有我们一桌客人,室内三桌,空了很多位置,真是莫名其妙。 其次就是价格比别家韩国料理都要贵很多,大麦茶还不给续杯,在韩国料理店第一次遇到这种事情。环境也不好,室外用餐环境很简陋,以后不会再光顾了。

James T.a year ago · 9 reviews

Really good BBQ. Friendly staff. Good value for money. Will return.

Ying Ying C.a year ago · 33 reviews

The restaurant has a nice environment in the Rochester area. The food is pricey for its quality. I enjoyed the ban chan and soup more than the meats. The Chinese lady who attended to my table was very courteous even though they were shorthanded and I like her service.

liew jia zheng j.a year ago · 4 reviews

great service with good food. had some ice cream at the end too!