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About BBQ Specialist

If you want to know what makes a barbecue special in Singapore, head to BBQ Specialist and fire up the charcoal under a range of products such as fish, seafood, sea shell, beef, pork, mutton, chicken, mushroom, sausages, yong tao fu, green food, utensil and kits, and assorted drinks. Basically, if it can be barbecued, BBQ Specialist on Serangoon’s Rangoon Road, not far from Farrer Park station, is the guy in the apron with the tongs you’ll want to embrace.

Opening Times

Open now - Closes at 11:00 pm
12:30 pm - 11:00 pm
11:00 am - 12:30 am
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BBQ Specialist
88 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218374

Menu Highlights


Set Menu

Combo Set B Value

Seafood - 海鲜
Prawn / 虾
Cuttle Fish /墨鱼
Cray Fish / 虾婆

Bacon Meat /培根肉
Pork Belly /五花肉
Pork Slice /猪 肉 片 -冬荫味
Beef Slice / 牛肉片 - 黑胡椒
Luncheon Meat /午餐肉
Chicken Tight /鸡大腿

Mixed Vegetable
Chinese Cabbage / 白菜
Cabbage /小白菜
Young Corn /小玉米
Enoki Mushroom /金针菇

General Items
Fresh Fish Ball /鱼丸
Chicken Cheese Ball / 鸡起司肉丸
Crab Meat Stick / 蟹肉棒
Vermicelli 佟粉丝

Combo Seafood Set BB Value

Seafood - 海鲜
Prawn / 虾
Scallop with Shell /扇贝
Cuttle Fish /墨鱼
White Fish / 白鱼
Oyster /生蚝
Mussel / 贻贝
Bamboo Clamp /笋壳
Cray Fish /虾婆

Meat - 肉类
Pork Slice /五花肉 -冬荫味
Luncheon Meat /午餐肉

Mixed Vegetable - 蔬菜
Cabbage /小白菜
Chinese Cabbage / 白菜
Enoki Mushroom /金针菇
Mushroom – Canned / 蘑菇

General Items 其他
Fuzhou Fish Ball / 福州鱼丸
Cuttle Fish Ball / 墨鱼丸
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More about BBQ Specialist, Singapore

BBQ Specialist encourages diners who arrive at its Rangoon Road premises to make their own cooking. This is hot hotpot territory and we all know how Singaporeans like to fire up a hot pot plopped atop their tabletop and get the broth boiling and meat and green food going shabu shabu. Try the pomfret or seafood mee hoon soup in Serangoon at the one and only BBQ Specialist, or go for a range of porridges like the seafood porridge, pre-cooked porridge so you don’t have to, pomfret or mackerel porridge, all served in a clay pot.

BBQ Specialist’s menus offer you useful information about the recommended cooking times for each type of porridge, and every variation is available for a fixed price per person. Eat yourself silly, Serangoon locals and Singapore residents from Farrer Park and far and wide away! After the porridge comes pudding, with soya puddings ranging in heft from a mere 80g (with the option to top up with mango delight) up to a whopping 260g. Watch out, this is an all you can eat restaurant that can turn the tables on you in an instant!

1 BBQ Specialist Review

1 Review
Noise levels:Very pleasant
Waiting time:Exceptionally good
Value for money:Great value
Zhong Qing W.a year ago · 80 reviews

I love their food and I also love their drinks.