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About Bambooze Bistro

Are we drinking or what! proclaims the motto on Bambooze’s glowing green sign, with its tropical palm motif giving you a clue as to what lies inside. Entranced by this rhetorical question, and the glowing green sign with tropical motif, you step inside Bambooze Bistro’s Changi Village Road premises and find out. You haven’t been to this Singapore watering-hole before, but you’ll be sitting amongst regulars who are here all too often, drinking international beers and indulging in Bambooze’s great bistro fare. In answer to the question, yes!

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Open now - Closes at 1:00 am
3:00 pm - 1:00 am
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Bambooze Bistro
5 Changi Village Road
Singapore 500005

More about Bambooze Bistro, Singapore

Bambooze Bistro, where everybody knows your name. It’s not Cheers bar, but it might as well be Singapore’s equivalent. Regulars from all over the world – Bambooze is famous for being an expatriate hub in Changi Village – barely have to order. Bambooze’s friendly staff know your name, and your order. And if they don’t know your name, they do know whether you’re a Becks, Heineken, or Steinlager man, and it’ll be sitting in front of you, coldly condensing the damp Singapore air, in no time. It’s a great spot down Changi Village Road to chill out, people-watch, and knock back a few cold ones with grizzled locals.

Singapore sometimes feels like it’s just too clean. Sanitised. It’s exuberance can seem forced, like its economic miracle has ushered in an era of strained joyousness in the same breath as it banished poverty and chewing gum from its streets. Where’s the little bohemia that you should be able to expect in every world city? For many, it’s in Changi Village, and down Changi Village Road you can find a totally unpretentious place to enjoy that most joyous of commodities: drink. They are drinking in Bambooze Bistro, but what? Well, a great selection of German, Belgian, Singaporean, and Mexican beers jostle, gently clinking, upon the shelves. These chilled beers are sweating a little in the damp heat, waiting to be lovingly held and drunk by a strong showing of expatriates, thankful for an escape from the endless gastroclubs and pubs, tapas bars, and marble-clad Asian-Mexican-European-Martian fusion restaurants. We don’t even know whether there’s food on offer here at Bambooze Bistro. But there certainly is a foursquare meal of beer available.

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Jasiline L.2 years ago · 6 reviews

food are good, freshly cooked and love the atmosphere and the serenity especially. service provided is prompt and prices of food is reasonable and affordable.