It's called haute cuisine for a reason...

­čŹ× French Dining in Singapore ­čŹĚ

Baguette yourself a reservation at these gorgeous French restaurants and look forward to a memorable meal bound to stEiffel your hunger

The French have had a stranglehold on the unofficial World's Best Cuisine trophy for over a century, and Gallic gastronomic guidance has fuelled the finest restaurants around the globe. There are now plenty of contenders to challenge the place of French cuisine atop the global standings, but a meal at one of Singapore's best French eateries will quickly remind you what that reputation was built on ÔÇô rich flavours, exquisite service, first-class wines and a dining experience greater than the sum of its parts. They aren't all flash and fancy, but this Quandoo collection of Singapore's best French restaurants all showcase the quality, breadth and depth of French food, from dainty desserts to hearty peasant stews, freshly shucked oysters to fresh flaky pastries. As they say in France: l'escar-go!
  • Saveur - The Cathay

    Dhoby Ghaut
    4.7 /6 M├╝kemmel 55 De─čerlendirme
  • Merci Marcel

    Tiong Bahru
    5.1 /6 M├╝kemmel 58 De─čerlendirme
  • ├ö Comptoir

    Clarke Quay
    5.2 /6 M├╝kemmel 41 De─čerlendirme
  • O Batignolles

    Club Street
    5.3 /6 M├╝kemmel 24 De─čerlendirme
  • 4.9 /6 M├╝kemmel 58 De─čerlendirme
  • Bar A Thym

    Club Street
    5.3 /6 M├╝kemmel 107 De─čerlendirme
  • Bar-Roque Grill

    Tanjong Pagar
    5.0 /6 M├╝kemmel 45 De─čerlendirme
  • Mag's Wine Kitchen

    Boat Quay
    5.4 /6 M├╝kemmel 35 De─čerlendirme
  • 4.6 /6 M├╝kemmel 67 De─čerlendirme
  • La Brasserie

    Raffles Place
    5.4 /6 M├╝kemmel 11 De─čerlendirme
  • Mad About Sucre

    5.5 /6 Benzersiz 31 De─čerlendirme
  • Au Petit Salut

    5.1 /6 M├╝kemmel 655 De─čerlendirme
  • Lewin Terrace

    City Hall
    5.3 /6 M├╝kemmel 89 De─čerlendirme
  • Les Patisseries

    Upper Thomson
    5.3 /6 M├╝kemmel 20 De─čerlendirme
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