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18-20 Shop 1, G/F, Car Po Commercial Building, Lyndhurst Terrace, 6F
Central, Hong Kong

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Küçük Tabaklar

Nikkei Mussels

Yellow chili butter / bacon / coriander / sourdough bread
180,00 HK$

Padron Peppers (v)

Chili pepper roulette (mild - but one in ten is a hot one!). Padron Peppers / ito togarashi
85,00 HK$

La Causa

Chef Arturo's version of Peru's traditional terrine: Beetroot causa / prawn tarter / rocoto mayo / prawn tempura / charred avocado
140,00 HK$

"Ki-mo-chi" Fried Chicken

Chicken prepared Japanese karaage-style Chicken thighs kara'age / spicy soy tare
110,00 HK$

İmzalı Yemekler

Lobster Acevichada

If you believe in our chef hands, let us take care... Grilled lobster / chili butter
360,00 HK$

Tacu Tacu (v)

Traditional Peruvian rice Stir-fried snow beans / onions / red & yellow pepper / chimichurri *Reloaded: Add deep fried banana & eggs [+30]
210,00 HK$

Nikkei Mussels

Yellow chili butter / bacon / coriander / sourdough bread
180,00 HK$

Ceviche Clasico

Seabass / tiger's milk / onions / coriander / choclo
150,00 HK$

Tuna & Watermelon Tartare

Raw tuna / fresh watermelon / soy citrus / sweet potato chips / avocado
150,00 HK$

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Tokyo Lima Menu


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178 değerlendirme
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Alyssa K.13 gün önce · 2 değerlendirme

Always a great place for creative dishes and drinks, one of the hottest places in HK.

Tina D.15 gün önce · 3 değerlendirme

Drinks, food, service and general vibe: all fun and interesting.

Ester V.21 gün önce · 1 değerlendirme

Fantastic food so many different flavors went so well together. Outstanding service, always have been looked after from Ross, he was amazing. Very good drinks. We will be back for sure! It was a great special evening.

Jacqueline T.bir ay önce · 1 değerlendirme

Yummy food. Reasonably priced. Friendly staff. Dark clubby atmosphere. Food presentation is also very good. Service charge not included so don’t forget to tip. Cheers

Darren F.bir yıl önce · 3 değerlendirme

We had an excellent night out at TokyoLima. We had booked for a table at 9.45pm as there were no earlier timeslots, but we went along to TokyoLima's happy hour at 6pm to enjoy a few drinks in the hope that an earlier table would come up. I had the drink "There's Something About Mary" is TokyoLima's take on a bloody mary with beetroot juice and a house made mix - peppery, bursting with tomato flavour and hint of beetroot sweetness. Awesome start! As was the Mrs' mocktail. We were lucky that evening, managing to get an earlier table and were seated by 6.30pm! Our table went with the omakase menu and what an experience it was! TokyoLima's signature dishes are indeed outstanding and with 9 generous courses, we were stuffed! Highlights were the S.S. salad and the prawn acevichada! The TokyoLima makis were also very well made, brimming with fresh maguro and sushi rice that delicately falls apart in the mouth. We will be back again to taste the other dishes!

Jeannie C.bir yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

We went to TokyoLima for a Sunday brunch with our children (4 and 7 years old). As soon as we sat down, the children were given a children's menu and each were given a brand new box of Crayola crayons and a coloring page. I was pleasantly surprised that the restaurant was so child-friendly. The service was fantastic. The food was brought out without too much delay between each course and timed just right so we weren't overwhelmed by so many dishes. The wait staff was attentive and checked to see if we needed a top up on our water and other drinks. The food was tasty. The presentation was nice and appetizing. Just be aware that it can get a bit loud in the restaurant, especially during brunch when unlimited brunch cocktails are offered. We would definitely go back again.

Risha S.9 ay önce · 1 değerlendirme

Our food was fantastic. We ordered the tasting menu. My only two complaints was that we were given a very boring chicken main dish which was a let down after so many delicious starters. In addition, our waitress was incredibly condescending. She made comments about my expression (I barely glanced at her and I didn't even say anything!) when the chicken was set down in front of us but then neglected to say anything when we didn't eat it. She made comments after how we barely ate our food (which wasn't true!). Then, she proceeded to be nice once she gave us the check (since tips are not included and she wanted a good one). Nevertheless, the food was delicious minus one course and the vibe wasn't great. We are always generous people so we gave a good tip, however, I've lived in HK for 9 years and I've never experienced an encounter with a more snobbish waitress. I was unpleasantly surprised.

Sandy C.bir yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

That was my second visit to TokyoLima, and we enjoyed the experience even more than the first! Food was great - we tried something new this time and everything was great. Good service and good vibe - will definitely come again! The only down side is that it's not easy to book - timing was odd, either 6:45PM or past 9PM.

Sai D.bir yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

You are in for a treat! At TokyoLima you'll be able to taste flavours and combinations you've never experienced before!! The food is fresh and delicious and the staff are super attentive but never came across as pushy!! The cocktails were fun and inventive and oh so yummy!!

Carla P.9 ay önce · 1 değerlendirme

It was our first time to dine at Tokyo Lima - it was also my husband's birthday that day. The restaurant had a great vibe, even for a Monday night! We had a great meal - the mussels were superb! And the service was excellent. The extra touches with the birthday cake, song and photo was quite memorable. I'm already planning to go back with a much bigger crowd next time with definitely much more drinking to enjoy the evening!