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Wan Chai · Fransız Mutfağı · $$$$
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Açılış Saatleri

Şimdi açık - Kapanış saati 22:30
10:30 - 22:30
10:30 - 22:30
10:30 - 22:30
09:00 - 22:30
09:00 - 22:30
10:30 - 22:30
10:30 - 22:30


2 2 landale street, G/F, Shop 9, Wan Chai
Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Şefin Seçimi



Mixed Tartines Platter

Salmon & country cream cheese, bresaola beef & guacamole, Parma ham & herbed chees spread
HK$ 158.00

Fresh Tuna Salad

HK$ 118.00

Buffalo Mozzarella taritnes

premium mozzarella, tomato confit, kalamato olives, basil pesto
HK$ 128.00

Smoked salmon carpaccio

HK$ 128.00

Şef'in Spesyali

Grilled Iberico Pork Pluma Loin

served with homemade mashed potato & tomato confit
HK$ 158.00

Sweet crêpe & waffles - Nutella & pan-fried banana

HK$ 55.00

French crêpe - Parma ham galette

mozzarella, egg, tomato confit, fresh basil
gluten free
HK$ 98.00

Grilled Iberico Pork Pluma Loin

Homemade mashed potato & tomato confit
HK$ 158.00

Mixed Tartines Platter

Salmon & country cream cheese, bresaola beef & guacamole, Parma ham & herbed chees spread
HK$ 158.00

Ana Yemekler

Fresh mussels in white wine sauce (500g) - origin France

served with French fries, aioli, fresh corriander
HK$ 168.00

Smoked salmon spaghetti with rocket leaves in black truffle sauce

HK$ 118.00

U.S. sirloin steak fettuccine with grilled asparagus in tomato sauce

HK$ 145.00

French roasted spring chicken in rosemary gravy

HK$ 148.00

Fresh mussels in white wine sauce (500g) - origin France

served with French fries, aioli, fresh corriander
HK$ 168.00


Smoked salmon Galette

with egg, spinach, basil pesto, tomato confit, tartare sauce
HK$ 105.00

French crêpe - Vegetarian galette

Asparagus, homemade ratatouille, tomato confit, microgreens
HK$ 88.00

French crêpe - Smoked salmon Galette

egg, spinach, basil pesto, tomato confit, tartare sauce
HK$ 105.00

French crêpe - French foie gras galette

pan-seared foie gras, caramelized onion, tomato confit, French fig jam
HK$ 115.00


Cinnamon apple, caramel sauce, Ice cream Crepe

HK$ 65.00

Sweet crêpe & waffles - Chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, caramelised almonds, Ice cream

HK$ 58.00

Sweet crêpe & waffles - Cinnamon apple, caramel sauce, Ice cream

HK$ 65.00

Sweet crêpe & waffles - Pineapple infused with rosemary syrup & Ice cream

HK$ 68.00
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16 Odelice! Değerlendirme

Melville L.bir yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

Nice food and service. Visited for few times already and will definitely go again. Like galettes w salmon , mussels & mushroom spaghetti, wanna order dessert but already full. Will try mext time.

Mark R.2 yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

Excellent meal. Everything super fresh , especially liked the modules frite. Great value house wines, punched well above their weight. Great banana crepe to end it all.

Selwyn F.3 yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

Go there to eat with a colleague, the main dish was great the Galette, was rich but light, both the pasta with Australian Beef as well as the iberico pork was cook to perfection...then the highlight of the day! the Maple cream waffle, the waffle was super light, while the cream was rich. Overall very happy and definitely will come back again :)

Leo L.3 yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

Odelice! is a absolutely dream place for french meal. My girlfriend and I were happy with the atmosphere and the food. We had two spaghetti to share; the Australian Beef Fillet Spaghetti was really delicious. You should definitely try their desserts, especially the chocolate premium crepes and strawberry waffles. We were impressed by the service. Even if the restaurant was busy, the attitude of the waitress was still extraordinary. Will definitely go back again! Highly Recommended!

imgAndrew L.2 yıl önce · 7 değerlendirme

Prior to this first visit to Odelice!, I have ordered takeouts and enjoyed the food which is why I dined in this time. The menu is uncomplicated and the food is well cooked. I enjoyed the simplicity of the dishes and freshness of the ingredients. I would have given this place a higher rating if not for the `inflexibility' of the waitress who served me. For example, a request to cut the waffle into half by the kitchen was declined.

Macline C.bir yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

The mushroom soup was very good. croquet with corn beef was very good . The fries that came with the croque was so much that we couldn't finished it all. The spagetti with mixed mushroom was delicious. Last time we had this, the spagetti was a bit hard, but it was just right this time. We ordered the crepe with cinnamon and ice cream to share among the three of us. I wanted to order a second one. But I managed to stop myself from gaining extra weight.

Natalie N.8 ay önce · 2 değerlendirme

Food was good. Price reasonable though slightly on the high side. Nice ambience. Waiter was very eager to promote their dishes and explain how to enjoy them. A bit too eager for me but other customers might like it. No waiting needed as reservation was made. Staff a bit grumpy(?) when i changed booking time.

Sabrina L.bir yıl önce · 5 değerlendirme

Couldn't bother mentioning the actual price on menu was different from that acknowledged by a staff through confirmation phone call, food tasted just alright except they actually did a great job on their side dishes. It's my first time dining in Odelice, having their Christmas menu which I'd rather not recommend. Puff pastry of the beef wellington was too soggy and the filet steak was too well-done that it could hardly be sliced open. The duck leg was also, said to be over-cooked. I was also surprised by staff's serving etiquette, don't think there was a dining time limit but staff tried to clear the plates and started serving dessert while I was still eating the main course...um-hum imagine how that could have happened...

Ella K.3 ay önce · 5 değerlendirme

Cosy ambience and friendly staff. Happy hour is good value. Recommend the duck confit and tuna salad which was well prepared and delicious. Make sure to book a table as it’s quite a small place.

Jennie M.bir yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

Very nice staff and nice food!! We really enjoyed the time and thanks the boss' friendly confirmation of booking via wahtsapp ~~^^ thanks very much for serving :))

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