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4.9 /6 Mükemmel 38 Değerlendirme

Meat Smith

Tanjong Pagar Amerikan Mutfağı $$ +100

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  • Pazartesi 11:30 - 23:45
  • Salı 11:30 - 23:45
  • Çarşamba 11:30 - 23:45
  • Perşembe 11:30 - 23:45
  • Cuma 11:30 - 23:45
  • Cumartesi 11:30 - 23:45
  • Pazar 11:30 - 23:45
Meat Smith, Telok Ayer Street 167, 068618 Singapore

38 Değerlendirme

4.9 /6 Mükemmel 38 Değerlendirme
Servis: Samimi
Servis Hızı: Kısa zamanda geldi
Gürültü: Ortalama
Lezzet: Nefis
Ortam: Eğlenceli
Fiyat / Performans: Makul
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Sahba S.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
31.12.2016 11:09

Genuine food. Great service and atmosphere. Family friendly. We had the spare ribs, the cheeseburger, the buffalo wings and the chicken as well as some other items to share.

Rissa W.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
06.11.2016 11:51

Fantastic meat selection, done perfectly with rubs made in heaven. Something for every meat lover salivating over tender juicy deliciousness. Burnt ends are a must!

Roy W.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 6
15.10.2016 12:29

Meat is awesome. love the place. nice any time of the week

Nattana P.
Şu ana kadar 6 yorum 6
28.09.2016 15:36

Great food and atmosphere. 5 of us ordered meat paltters and sides with drinks. We spent $400 total. My favorites were briskets and pork ribs with dry rub. All sides were great too

Aimee C.
Şu ana kadar 7 yorum 5
16.01.2017 12:24

Meat Smith has a great vibe and ambiance. The service was prompt and responsive during our night. We really enjoyed the fried chicken bao - the chicken had a great flavor and crunch which paired well with the pickles and sriracha mayo. The chongqing ribs were stellar too - tender with a slight mala flavor. I'd go back for these two dishes!

Katrina S.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 4
13.10.2016 07:53

Upon making reservations, we requested a table to fit our pram, as our baby is only 3 months and cannot sit in a highchair. When we arrived, they had us seated at the bar. Once we explained that our baby would fit awkwardly (must lower than us), they switched us to a low table as long as we were out by the next reservation. Food was tasty but portions were far from generous considering the price... Also, we were surprised to see our near come with sauce (! -- we are American and like our BBQ big and saucy) - must ask for sauce ... And ask again... As they brought only a small saucer for 4 of us to share. Overall we enjoyed our experience but would try the platters next time.

alex l.
Şu ana kadar 3 yorum 6
14.08.2016 23:00

Online reservation was very convenient. Meat Smith served amazing food with excellent service! Will definitely recommend my friends to try out this restaurant in the future!

Adele C.
Şu ana kadar 7 yorum 5
25.02.2016 08:43

We came here for lunch and had the beef brisket($16) and pulled pork ($14) burgers. The burgers were on the small side, but were big on taste. Meats were nicely marinated. Great value with our entertainer app, and we would like to return to try more items on their dinner menu. Definitely a place for the carnivorous. (:

Eiliy H.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
30.01.2016 09:32

Perfectly prepared meals.. the beef brisket cooked to a nice pink colour and was just tender enough and the smoked half chicken was extremely juicy! And we were blown away by the smoked cauliflower. Sounds odd? Try it and you won't even know you are eating cauliflower!

Henry G.
Şu ana kadar 6 yorum 5
30.08.2016 11:03

The vinegar slaw and mustard sauce in the Pull Pork Sandwich were perfect match as they add flavours to the sandwich and reduce the oiliness of the pull pork. The side dish - Cauliflower & Bleu D’auvergne is also surprisingly good where the cauliflower is grilled to a deliciously brown yet retaining its juicy texture.

Bao Jia T.
Şu ana kadar 15 yorum 5
27.08.2016 14:24

We've been coming since 2015 when it opened, and the meats have not disappointed. I LOVE the cauliflower & bleu d’auvergne! Service was great, except that there was a group with a terribly screeching lady whom I wished the staff had gently remind to be quieter, but aside from that everything was fantastic as usual.

Wesley L.
Şu ana kadar 7 yorum 4
13.10.2016 07:54

The quality of food at Meat Smith was very good, but a bit pricey. However, since my group used the Entertainer app, we managed to get a little bit better value for money.

Jessica T.
Şu ana kadar 5 yorum 5
13.10.2016 07:27

Service was good, the staff knew the menu well and recommended the specials: burnt ends. It was really yummy! Chicken and ribs were both good, very tender. Pork neck was too fatty for our liking. Atmosphere was good although the place was a little noisy for conversation

bee hwa s.
Şu ana kadar 4 yorum 5
24.08.2016 08:55

We had the premium platter, food was good, plenty of delicious meat and my god I love the crispy pork rinds! my colleagues enjoyed it for the team dinner, only feedback I got was it's a bit warm inside.

Sarah R.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 5
27.07.2016 07:53

Fantastic food!! Got the platter for 3-4 and initially thought it wouldn't be enough but it was actually perfect! So good. The brisket and beef rib were cooked beautifully. Also would highly recommend the bone marrow starter! Yum

Joshua K.
Şu ana kadar 3 yorum 5
29.07.2016 13:33

The food was fantastic. I ordered the BBQ platter for 2, and portions were reasonable. The beef cheek was exceptionally tasty and melted in your mouth. Very impressive! Will certainly return for another meal!

Daphne L.
Şu ana kadar 3 yorum 5
12.01.2017 16:52

Food was great, arrived rather quickly after ordering. Only thing was the place was a bit noisy, so if you're looking for a place to bring your date - this might not be it!

Adam L.
Şu ana kadar 4 yorum 6
19.08.2016 09:12

Great food. Love the ribs. Service and atmosphere was top notch! They really know how to treat meat. The portion size is probably on the small side.

nigel p.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 5
06.09.2016 08:23

Overall a good experience if you have a large appetite and are looking for a quick but good value meal. Be warned you are unlikely to make it as far as dessert.

Tim A.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
13.04.2016 20:22

Fantastic food and great service, some of the best meat ever - really delicious. Loved the welcome drink too ! Thanks to the team who looked after our large party of guests.

Xiujun W.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 5
18.05.2016 18:00

Food is not bad but the choice eligible for entertainer apps is quite limited. Waitress wasn't clear if the bone marrow mutton, beef or pork as the menu only states "Bone Marrow".

Yijun W.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 5
23.01.2016 22:45

The beef ribs were tender and melt in your mouth. The serving was large and could be shared between two people. 1-for-1 deal with the entertainer app made it a good deal.

Chuon Yan O.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
21.07.2016 16:51

Good food, a little on the expensive side considering the portions. But good experience nonetheless. Great atmosphere and service as well. Would be back to try different items on the menu.

Tisha L.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
11.09.2016 09:51

Best ribs in town, my favourite being the dry one. Do order the corn on the cob too!! Place to chill and the surrounding area has some quirky bars and restaurants.

Danny O.
Şu ana kadar 7 yorum 6
23.01.2016 01:47

Very good food, excellent service, value for money. Place was crowded, but that's to be expected on a Friday evening. Will definitely return again soon.

Sarah Q.
Şu ana kadar 9 yorum 5
08.12.2016 14:45

The food served here is great and pretty authentic. The pork ribs and garlic cheese bread are especially delicious. My main issue with this restaurant is their small portions.

Shraddha S.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
25.10.2016 10:37

Friendly and attentive service. Food was great too. We had nachos and BBQ platter. Meat were excellent. Tender, not overly marinated yet tasty with and without the sauces

Sammi L.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
06.01.2017 00:33

Great food, good service! The meat platter for 2-3 was good for 3 pax and the smoked garlic bread was awesome! Get the lava cake too!

Gerald T.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
17.10.2016 13:10

Service was great, excellent meats and nice draft beers. Would have been slightly better if the restaurant air conditioning was colder, and the pricing more competitive.

Lim D.
Şu ana kadar 9 yorum 5
01.09.2016 10:04

best ribs in town, food came rather fast place is rather crowded for a wkday even before 7 pm, do make a reservation before going down

Janice A.
Şu ana kadar 4 yorum 5
04.03.2016 07:04

Loved this place. Friendly staff and great brisket... No, amazing brisket! Try their cauliflower side dish- delicious and the bone marrow appetizer was a generous portion.

Dennis L.
Şu ana kadar 3 yorum 5
30.03.2016 08:54

The food was good, service was moderate. Ambiance is suitable for a casual catch up with friends or colleagues. Very enjoyable experience. Portion is reasonable...

Myitzu T.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 3
10.05.2016 10:34

The ribs were a little old and stringy. The sauce could do with spice. The mud pie was delicious though. Service was a tad below average. Starters arrived before the mains and had to ask for drinks a couple of times.

Maria H.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 4
22.08.2016 15:39

The food's really good but pretty overpriced. Nice ambiance with good vibes. Indoor seating was rather warm though. Would have preferred if the air conditioning was stronger.

Bao Jia T.
Şu ana kadar 15 yorum 5
28.05.2016 11:29

excellent service and food. the brocolli was particularly good! a great choice if u r in the cbd!

Dexter S.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 1
03.12.2016 12:30

The portion served is extremely small. Had to eat another lunch after eating at meat smith. The food is decent but very pricey. Not value for money at all. Please at least improve your portions