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4.4 /6 Çok Güzel 28 Değerlendirme

Dulukala Peranakan Restaurant

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  • Pazartesi 11:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 22:00
  • Salı 11:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 22:00
  • Çarşamba 11:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 22:00
  • Perşembe 11:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 22:00
  • Cuma 11:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 22:00
  • Cumartesi 11:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 22:00
  • Pazar 11:30 - 15:00, 18:00 - 22:00
Dulukala Peranakan Restaurant, Beauty World Centre #04-04, Upper Bukit Timah Road 144, 588177 Singapore

28 Değerlendirme

4.4 /6 Çok Güzel 28 Değerlendirme
Gürültü: Ortalama
Lezzet: Nefis
Ortam: Canlı
Servis Hızı: Ortalama
Fiyat / Performans: Ucuz
Servis: Hoş
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Anna H.
Şu ana kadar 3 yorum 6
07.06.2017 19:17

Come here for Authentic peranakan food. Enjoyed the chendol! Setting is very homely too. Location is very accessible now with the new downtown line. Worth a visit!

Yuki Y.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
22.05.2017 06:19

Very nice Peranakan food. For people who love the eating the Peranakan way, or people who wants to try authentic Peranakan food. The fish otah will leave you wanting for more.

Sean C.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 6
22.05.2017 00:43

Great food. Decent portion and well priced. Will surely visit again. Located at the hawker level of beauty world. Surely well situated and easy to find.

Joan L.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 6
07.12.2016 22:37

had the lunch set with buak keluak, and the set meal with assam fish. all the food tasted so good! I brought two friends along and we all came away satisfied with the meal!

sandra C.
Şu ana kadar 8 yorum 5
03.04.2017 18:19

The four of us agreed that all the dishes were authentic and tasty. However, a few things to note: - There were only 3 small keluaks in the serving (only one size for all dishes). Next time we'll ask if we can pay for extra. - Chapchye was a little sweet. - Otak-otak at $5.90 measured about 10cmx7cm and though palatable, tasted exactly like those sold frozen in supermarts. - The sotong and the petai dishes were superb but small. - The Hee Peow Soup was ok, made better by the sambal blachan. - The dishes came out one at a time so that made it a bit difficult to "regulate" the intake of rice. We said we would call and order ahead next time so we can have all the dishes on the table at the same time! Dishes were mostly reasonably priced and worth a visit!

Cindy W.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
31.01.2017 09:41

Full marks for the food, which was stellar. We especially loved the beef rendang, assam fishhead and Ayam Buah Keluak. Service was patchy, probably due to the crowd. Then again, that's no excuse for a restaurant that's been around for ages and seen plenty busy days. My group of 6 were left standing awkwardly in the cramped restaurant for a good 3 minutes while the waiter rushed around looking for a table (we had made reservations days before) and offered no apology whatsoever. This is not a place to linger after a meal. It was noisy, chaotic and cramped, and we were constantly bumping chairs with the next table. We will return for the food, which impressed even the pickiest eaters in our group. But probably not during peak hours.

Christopher L.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 4
12.09.2016 15:32

Food was good! However the restaurant suffered from a lack of service staff both in the kitchen (food was slow) and waiters were stressed. Also, there were 2 short circuits though the electricity was very quickly turned back on again. But the air-conditioners had switched themselves off and it took awhile before they reset them on.

jerry T.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 4
15.12.2015 11:24

On the positive side, the servings are very generous. Prices are reasonable. The food quality is average. Service is prompt. On the negative side - the service staff should be taught the proper way to clear the dishes. Specifically, scraping leftover food from dishes onto to other dishes at the table is a disgusting practice.

Anna H.
Şu ana kadar 3 yorum 4
17.01.2016 22:03

Food was great. Especially loved Babi ponteh. Dessert was sub par though. Chendol was not up to standard compared to a previous visit. Too little gula melaka and coconut milk. Green stuff was much too mushy. Would visit again. Only for the food and will look for dessert options elsewhere.

Jiehuai F.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 4
16.05.2017 10:53

The foods and service were generally good except they seem to have missed my order of the beef rendang. After checking with the staff, it take an additional 15 minutes before the dish was served while we have already finished all the other dishes that we have ordered.

Cheng Kim y.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
10.11.2016 17:14

The food was reasonably good, Some of the dishes were quite authentic. The service provided was also generally good. We enjoyed our food and would probably go there again. Will likely recommend the place to our friends.

Deborah T.
Şu ana kadar 3 yorum 4
06.09.2016 09:19

Homey food, one of the few places to get Peranakan food in the West. The Ngoh Hiang was very good, buah keluak curry wasn't very spicy but was quite tasty. The keluak were creamy and flavourful though chicken was a bit on the dry side.

Sam W.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 4
17.04.2017 09:01

Firmly above average food quality and service from a family-style restaurant. However seem to remember food at previous visit had more robust flavour. This time the balance of food flavours and spice seems to be on the salty side. Otherwise pleasant experience nd location.

Pan J.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
20.09.2016 00:14

The Assam fish head is excellent, very appetizing, the Otah however was mushy and soft. Priced reasonably. Squid ink squid was deemed too dry, my friend was expecting to be inky, instead of stir fried.

Henry L.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 5
23.10.2016 21:24

very comforting dishes, simply tasty, but as all peranakan food goes, preparation is never simple. restaurant is cosy and fuss-free, tables are easily rearranged to fit parties of all sizes.

Rebekah Y.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
24.05.2017 07:39

The reservation abd confirmation was promot. Most importantly the Food were delicious. However, the service was a slow. it's rightly recommended to try if you are looking for paranakan food.

Wang S.
Şu ana kadar 7 yorum 5
16.02.2016 10:31

Great food, but different portion sizes can be offered as some plates are too small for sharing :/ service is quite pleasant even though it can get busy

Josephine Y.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 4
30.04.2017 19:08

Food is good but the environment in the restaurant can be better. The power went off 4 times while we were there. A pity about the ambience cause the food is definitely commendable!

Boon Hup W.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 4
02.01.2017 21:05

On the whole the food was average. Not exceptional. The traditional Peranakan dishes tasted sweeter than those I have had elsewhere. Service was a tad slow even though it was not crowded.

Lena F.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 5
04.01.2017 10:01

Service was prompt and food did not take long to arrive on a weekday night. My family enjoyed its chicken with buah keloh very much!

Z L.
Şu ana kadar 2 yorum 4
15.10.2016 11:27

Dependable. But the fried chicken used to be better. Full of breast meat now, and very small portion. I always like the sambal fried rice with prawns.

Boon Kwang Gilbert E.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 4
15.03.2017 11:49

Great beef rendang and babi pongteh. The assam fish head curry was passable. It's has a homely environment and can get a bit nosy at times.

Helen V.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 3
12.05.2017 10:07

The food was great but the air was too stale with the cooking fumes. Hence your clothes and hair is full of food molecules when you leave the restaurant. Improve the ventilation.

Marcus H.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 3
10.05.2017 23:47

Bad service. Staff are very slow. Main course took at least 20mins to come. Ordered dessert after the meal but waited 20minutes and decided to cancel the order

Alfred T.
Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 3
05.11.2016 00:38

Restaurant business was relatively slow. Only two service staff (including the cashier). Food was okay. Prices reasonable. Need all round improvement if it is to do better

Şu ana kadar 1 yorum 3
27.05.2017 08:48

From 1st course of good to the last course took more than 1.25hours. Our curry fish was served to the wrong table. Food was tasteful though.

Sharon L.
Şu ana kadar 148 yorum 5
14.08.2016 23:36

Nice ambience, not bad food. Easy to spot location. Great