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09:30 - 18:00
09:30 - 18:00
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5 Little Monkeys Cafe
20 Pico Creative Centre #11-00, Kallang Avenue
Singapore 339411

Menüden Seçtiklerimiz



Beef Steak Salad

12,80 $

Küçük Tabaklar

Breaded Oyster with Salted Egg Mayo & Tartar Sauce

10,00 $

Sweet Potato Fries

6,50 $

Kueh Pie Tee

3 pcs
3,80 $

Ana Yemekler

Gourmet Hamburger

12,80 $

Chicken Chop

12,00 $

Grilled Sirloin

19,00 $

Günün Seçmeleri

Assam Fish Head Curry

35,00 $

Sambal Prawn with Petai

7,90 $

Fish Maw Soup

10,90 $

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Mei Mei L.4 ay önce · 2 değerlendirme

Enjoyed the food and the panoramic view from the top. The atmosphere was relaxing and laidback. Parking at Pico Centre was more expensive than expected though.

Shaowei F.6 ay önce · 5 değerlendirme

We redeemed two cups of coffee, one cafe latte and one cafe mocha, both of them are quite nice. The waiter and waitress are very friendly.

Shalini P.7 ay önce · 1 değerlendirme

Lovely ambiance, and food was great too. We came in a big group (about 13 of us) and the waiter had no problems taking down our orders. Would definitely come back again!

Michele L.10 ay önce · 7 değerlendirme

Had chicken chop today and it was nicely grilled; good.

Adelina T.10 ay önce · 1 değerlendirme

We were a large group of 14 pax. Staff were NOT very helpful. We ordered a few sets of peranakan dishes to share for a group of 14 pax, so obviously it would not be a single peranakan dish (like a serving bowl of ayam buah keluak) for each guest, but serving staff placed the same dish on 1 side of the table and when I told the staff to spread out the dishes, they were all sent to the other end of the table. Maybe the serving staff was expecting us to distribute the dishes ourselves.??!!) When we asked for serving spoons citing that there were not enough, the reply that was given to me (unhappily) was that we had used them all -- those that were placed at the table. Obviously they were used thus my walking to them to get more and I did not make even make a fuss to call them to bring more. It may be partial self-service café/restaurant eg selfservice for water and chillies etc. but surely there must be some level of service for the price that we are paying?. I walked away from the cafe feeling like I was working for the cafe minus the apron/uniform and standing behind counter.

Yonatan N.10 ay önce · 4 değerlendirme

Communication skills by the two waiters there could be improved. Added more oysters for oyster omelette for $3 (told us about the additional charge only after the order was taken, just before it was served). The dish served was indeed containing a number of oysters but I am not sure how much oysters were really added since the amount of oysters just seemed normal. Omelette served was a tad too salty and had egg shells in them. Gave the feedback when paying and was told that we should have told them about this at first. So that's a heads up for others who are visiting to voice out your complaints early.

Chester C.2 yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

Good value meal, nice and quiet peaceful ambience. Would definitely go again. We had several dishes - Assam pedals fish, oyster omelette, curry chicken, chap Chye, otah. The otah was a set meal costing $6.50 for the otah and tea/coffee/juice(packet kind). The taste of otah wasn't really special, so I wouldn't recommend it. The oyster omelette was something new on their menu, and it was very, I mean extremely oily! Another no-no for me. The rest of the dishes were superb as always.

Lean Phing O.8 ay önce · 1 değerlendirme

5 Little Monkeys Cafe is a unique place that family and friends can spend time bonding. The food is very nice and well presented. Besides, there is also beautiful sunset view from the building

celine h.2 gün önce · 1 değerlendirme

the food was tasty and the staff were friendly. very kid friendly environment too. would recommend mommy with kids to organise gathering here with their friends. as the kids can play while mommy chitchat and watch over them. however, i think the menu shd include some kiddy meal too to make it more complete.

Wendy W.2 yıl önce · 1 değerlendirme

Ambience was good as we had good city view. Food was disappointing though. Tried Peranakan dishes, spaghetti, pizza and chicken rice. The chicken curry still had some curds of excess coconut milk not mixed well. Chap Chye and Ayam Buah Keluak were ok. Spaghetti was chocolate colour. Pizza crust was pale yellow, instead of golden brown. Well, we were too hungry to bother much. Too out of the way and opening hours are limited, and food ain't anything to crow about. Don't think I'll patronise again.