Fancy or Froggy?

­čŹ× The Best French Restaurants in Hong Kong

From bread to br├╗l├ęe, the French have taught us a lot about how to eat well. Be a good student and get a masterclass at Hong Kong's best French restaurants.

Haute cuisine, gourmet and restaurant are French words for a reason. Few other culinary cultures are as celebrated as that of France, and whatever your views on foie gras and veal, it's hard to argue against how the French eat. Luckily, cosmopolitan Hong Kong boasts some of the most authentic French eateries in Asia. Whether looking forward to discovering the tastes of Alsace at this year's spectacular Le French Gour May event, or simply hunting for a delicious meal, use Quandoo to find Hong Kong's best French eateries then put on your beret, grab a garlic-scented breath-freshener and look forward to an unforgettable French meal.
  • Maison ES

    Wan Chai
    4.6 /6 M├╝kemmel 39 De─čerlendirme
  • Beet

    5.0 /6 M├╝kemmel 15 De─čerlendirme
  • Bistro du Vin

    Kennedy Town
    4.9 /6 M├╝kemmel 21 De─čerlendirme
  • 4.9 /6 M├╝kemmel 7 De─čerlendirme
  • Odelice!

    Wan Chai
    4.8 /6 M├╝kemmel 17 De─čerlendirme
  • 4.5 /6 M├╝kemmel 17 De─čerlendirme
  • AnOther Place

    Tin Hau
    5.2 /6 M├╝kemmel 5 De─čerlendirme
  • Le R├¬ve

    Causeway Bay
    4.5 /6 M├╝kemmel 6 De─čerlendirme
  • 4.5 /6 M├╝kemmel 2 De─čerlendirme
  • Sky726

    Mong Kok
    4.0 /6 ├çok G├╝zel 5 De─čerlendirme
  • BriKetenia

    Kwun Tong
    4.0 /6 ├çok G├╝zel 5 De─čerlendirme
  • Cozy Corner

    Tsim Sha Tsui
    1.0 /6 ├žok k├Ât├╝ 2 De─čerlendirme
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